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Who are your favorite A'gon posters?
Loudness Button
I use the loudness button on my McIntosh preamp at night while listening with headphones. Love it. However, I don't use it otherwise. If you want/need one, then find a piece of gear that has it. YOUR ears are all that matters! 
Disappointing On
Bring up the word "McIntosh" and suddenly the vultures descend! Seems like the ones who've never owned it are the worst.   
McIntosh C45 - A truly hidden gem?
I've been considering this one myself. I had a C48, but didn't like it, thought about the C46, but don't like the eq high-end centered on 4k instead of 10k like the older units. I'm currently using a C15, which I keep coming back to, but sometimes... 
How about the Mcintosh C50 preamp
The price you mention for the C50 is about what the C48 is going for now. I had a C48 and liked it a lot, but had to sell it for financial reasons. So if you like it, I'd go for it. It should match up well with the 402. 
This new McIntosh integrated looks like a winner
+1 for Manishe! Too many products! 
Why No McIntosh Recommendations?
+1 for "wlutke"This site is not the place for Mac gear unfortunately. Check out "McIntosh Audio" on and enjoy all the Mac comments you care to indulge in. I do agree however on the dislike of the Autoformers, which is why my Ma... 
Mcintosh MA6600
kfz03110, what is the "updated 7200" which you mention? What updated did you do?Al 
What were the best years for McIntosh power amps...
I agree with TLONG. You might check with Audio Classics, they do have the "narrow" version, which had a 16" wide face plate. The wider version, 17.5" is harder to find. I bought the narrow version and put the wider face on it. It's been a splendid... 
What were the best years for McIntosh power amps...
So what speakers do you have? Have you thought about the MC7200, which has twice the power of the 7100? This amp is also direct-coupled, so you don't have the autoformers to get in the way. The 7200 might be a bit hard to find, as most guys hang o... 
Some components too old now?
A/D/S Fans: help me find a center channel
ADS produced great speakers! Back in the day when I thought I needed a center channel speaker, I used a pair of L400's laid on their side, woofer-to-woofer, with the tweeters at each end. They worked out great. Since I watch a lot of older movies,... 
Macintosh C 27 or something newer?
I too have a C15 Pre, and heartily recommend it. It's more basic than most of their preamps, but has just what I need, plus has remote control. I had one of their newer pre's, the C48, but went back to the C15. These can be had for around $1000. I... 
Newer cars without cd players-what now?
Thanks to all of you, responses were great. I'm in the gathering information stage now and appreciate your ideas. Phil, what cd ripping program do you recommend? 
how to connect yamaha rx-a3050 to a mcintosh mc206 amp.
Your manual shows you how to do it. Go from the "Pre Out" to the input of the amp.