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Anyone tried military grade anti vibration feet ?
If your equipment has cone feet and isn't too heavy, you might try some anti-vibration pads for telescopes. I haven't tried them myself but a friend of mine swears by them. They are inexpensive but they only come in a pack of 3. You can get them f... 
Newbie needs advice
I agree with vicdamone. If you don't have a collection of vinyls already, don't get involved. There are a lot of hidden costs associated with vinyls. It can get expensive quite fast. 
I’m looking for suggestions for a tube Pre Amp
@Slappyjam: The preamp in the DAC-1 is very good. I actually like it better than going through my BAT VK-51SE. Why don't you give it a try. It doesn't cost you anything. 
Which Speakers would you buy
I have heard The Avanti 3 a few times in different settings. My impression is that it sounds fast and immediate, particularly in bass. Musicians sounded like they had put in extra effort in playing. Drummers seemed like a 300 pounder and hitting w... 
I’m looking for suggestions for a tube Pre Amp
Have you tried to use the DAC1 as preamp to drive the NAD? Adding an unnecessary component in the middle, be it tube or otherwise, may not be a good idea. 
How do I smooth out violins?
Mass string is very difficult to reproduce well with digital source. I suggest you start with the CD player. But if you want silky strings, I am afraid you might have to change over to vinyl. IMHO of course. 
What is the best....?
The best is what makes you happy. 
all i want in a processor... does it exist?
Room correction is a form of processing. I guess you mean you don't want video to be processed but you do want to process audio.If my guess is right, the solution is simple. Oppo has two hdmi outputs. You can just connect hdmi1 directly to the TV ... 
UPS Air- Worth it?
If they can't meet their guaranteed date due to weight they should have told you at the beginning. The delay wasn't caused by something they can't control. You definitely should get a refund. 
How is a stores inventory logged and accounted for
If you are asking about inventory control of retail store. Each unique model should have an unique identifier called SKU number assigned to it. SKU stands for Stock Keep Unit. For example, if you have two Brand A model Super100 100Wx2 amps, and fo... 
Audirvana Plus Upgrade Problem
If the one in the install dmg is newer, you need to drag the one from the install dmg to the Application folder. It will ask you if you want to replace the one already there. Just click Replace. This is the way to install many simple apps on Mac. ... 
Audirvana Plus Upgrade Problem
Are you sure you are launching the one in the Application Folder? Is it possible that you are launching the one in the install dmg instead? I know I had made that mistake before. You might want to double check. 
Amarra a worthy investment?
I remember before digital was invented, vinyls were criticized for being "colored". In fact all audio reproductions are colored in one way or the other. The essence of this hobby is to pursue the kind of coloration that one enjoys most. It is 100%... 
mac mini questions
It is much more difficult to open up the 2009 mini so if you want to upgrade memory yourself, get the 2012 model. 
Thoughts on very cheap speaker cables
Agree with RW. After you are done, with all the time and labor invested, the cable you created won't be cheap anymore. Also the result isn't guaranteed. I don't know how many people here are expert cable engineers. I know I am not and I doubt you ...