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McCormack DNA 750, anyone audition or heard?
Not the 750-bet its awesome. I have owned DNA .5 and DNA 1, and was very impressed with the sound. I suspect the 750 is another great amp. 
Portishead on vinyl
Hi-I recently pruchased Dummy on heavy vinyl and it sounds very very good-highly recommended! 
Van Halen on 200 gram vinyl?
Hi SR-Well, it is my post and I can pontificate on just about anything I want. But, you might have a point, I dont want to dis music others might like, even if it is crap. Perhaps I am jaded by the last 20 years or so when vinyl was harder and har... 
Van Halen on 200 gram vinyl?
Yes-Synthfreek you are correct, Lil Dick has some merit. But not enough to be reissued on heavy virgin vinyl, etc. Cheers. 
Van Halen on 200 gram vinyl?
Srwooten-you must be a Twister Sister fan...you are rude too. 
Anti Cables to join my system, are they enough?
I did not care for how stiff the cables are. Like they are made from the hangers at the dry cleaner. 
Speaker cables from Asia
If its coming from China, assume its a knock-off. 
Van Halen on 200 gram vinyl?
Is it really debatable that Twisted Sister is a crap glam-band from the early 80's, who's music was aimed at adolesent teenage boys? It was recorded and mixed on a crappy first generation digital playback system and compressed? What I was really t... 
New favorite VINYL Album?
Van Halen on 200 gram vinyl?
I dont mean to be sanctimonious about what deserves a reissue and what doesn't, and I am very happy vinyl is being pressed again, but I would rather the execs who do the selecting of what gets reissued would use a little more discretion. There are... 
Total spent on music vs equipment?
about 10k gear v. 15k music 
Van Halen on 200 gram vinyl?
Has2be is correct, its the choice of the reissue I dont understand. Twisted sister was lame when it first came out, as if it needs to be reissued. 
Van Halen on 200 gram vinyl?
180g, 200g, its still silly 
Favorite Female vocals that give you goose bumps
Norah Jones 
Turntable recommendations under $1500
Sota Comet III w/RB301 arm