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very detailed bookshelf monitor around $700 used
The Usher speaker line is excellent-good efficiency, great imaging and nearly full range sound that does not require a sub. Try the X718. 
Grateful Dead Mars Hotel
Awesome record-I have the MFSL LP version, the regular version and MFSL silver d/c version. In all honesty, I like the c/d version better (typically I prefer the sound of LP). However, the silver c/d version is very rare-if you can find it it will... 
Integrated w/phono: Musical Fidelity or NAD or MH?
Im going w NAD 355BEE integrated w NAD pre phono. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
The Arcade Fire! 
Integrated w/phono: Musical Fidelity or NAD or MH?
What about Arcam? I see DiVa A80 in my price range? 
Which cartridge best for RB300
Hi-I have an Ortofon 2M Bronze ($400) and it works well with the RB301. 
cheap/decent speaker cable and interconnect advice
Hi-yes, you can put pin connectors on your speaker cables. Check with Radioshack for inexpensive option. However, if you can use the bare wire-it might give you the best performance. If you want new inexpensive cables/interconnects-try bluejeansca... 
Which songs/albums take you back to college?
Violent Fems, U2 Joshua Tree, Talking Heads Stop Making Sence, The Cult. I was young and foolish... 
Speakers....Epos and up
I like the Epos-perhaps get a sub. But if you want to change, I have Ushers 718 and really like them. 
Where are you buying new vinyl?
Online-ebay is a great source. Classic reords. Elusive disk. In the sacramento area Dimple Records carries new vinyl. 
which budget integrated amp Rotel, NAD or other
Perhaps an intergrated from Musical Fidelity? The A3.2 has 115 watts per and phono. Any comments on this? 
Best used analog receiver under $150?
A vintage Marantz or NAD is a good bet. 
which budget integrated amp Rotel, NAD or other
The Rega might be a good choice. Does anyone know what type of binding posts come standard-I hate those cheap plastic ones-thats whats nice about the Rotel-it has WBT posts. Also, NAD int. dont have built in phono. Im leaning to Rotel or Rega. Eac... 
My "Most Under-Appreciated Album": Cheri Knight
My most underappreciated LP is Talk Talk's Spirit of Eden-a reord my wife recently turned me on to. It is not the kiddie pop you might think of when recalling this band. Rather this album reminds me of Roxy Music's Avalon-very smooth. The album ha... 
which budget integrated amp Rotel, NAD or other
I mean Rotel RA 1062 Intergrated amp-not 1072. Thanks