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Magnepan MMG or MG12?
MG12 smokes the MMG, regarding the trade in program its only applicable to the 1.6's and up. Raising the MG12 6 inches with aftermarket stands also increases the performance. 
nagamichi dragon instruction manual
I have a spare original manual, will send it to you if you like. 
Which Shunyata Hydra is best sounding?
If surge protection is not a concern there are a couple of Original hydras with python cords listed on agon right now. They are at a bargain price, killer looks too! 
Speaker suggestions for less than ideal accoustics
1000 to 3000 range, try the full range Apogee Centaur Majors. 4 foot long ribbon with a 10 inch woofer has plenty of slam for the buck. 
Mcintosh C-2200 or Aesthetix Calypso?
Ive owned the C2200 twice and curently own a MA2275, dont base your decision on tone control for the C2200...they are useless and dont give you any range. I think I know where your headed with the 800N, Ive been down that exact road and the C2200 ... 
s.s.amp recommendations.
Used Conrad Johnson Sonographe for 400 to 500 on the SA250. Killer amp for the money. 
Which player has all this????
Change the 800N, they are the weak link and will always sound grainy with weak bass. 
Speaker suggestions for less than ideal accoustics
Gotta go for the big boys to try and take the room out of the equation...Used Pipedreams with 4 Sat subs would fill that room nicely. Silk dome tweeters are softer on the ears than horns plus they are pretty easy to drive at a db rating of over 90... 
Speakers to mate with Mac MC402 under $5k
Might take some heat here but Ive never liked any mac preamps...always sound veiled to me and the C2200 was no exception. Ive owned the MC402 and tried the Supratek, Cary slp90,94, 98, a CJ 18ls, bat vk50se and an Audio Research LS25 mk1. The Ls25... 
Good workout music for baby boomers
New Order, Substance the double white CD. 
is it sacrilege?
Buy pointed speakers! 
Big beautilful tube amp
If you could squeeze another 500.00 and go to 3500.00 I cant think of anything more stunning than an Art Audio Jota. 
Great music but poor recording recommendations.
U2 the Joshua tree, love every track but sounds like a wet blanket is covering my speakers. 
VTL IT-85 or Mcintosh MA6500
Apples and oranges here, your comparing a tube integrated to a SS. If a Mac integrated is what your interested in then listen to the MA2275 if its within your budget. This unit comes with 4 12ax7's ( 2 for tone and 2 for phono ) a pair of at7's an... 
Life beyond Jolida?
Jadis DA60, Pathos and Mcintosh MA2275 come to mind to mention a few. My 2275 arrives tomorrow!