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Kondo DAC : Why no reviews ??
Well you know it's nice to have a good car instead of a budget beater and it's nice to have a good digital player instead of a $180 OPPO or NAD but I can't afford a Lamborghini or a Kondo nor can most people on the planet. Now a fairly new Caddie ... 
Have digital players improved
As usual those who prefer vinyl will defend it as best and then act offended as if their opinion is what counts and is the only legitimate position. It is like how dare you even question the supremacy of vinyl, it's like questioning evolution. Vin... 
Marantz SA-8400
1st impressions very positive. Non-fatiguing and musical. Vocals sound great. Sounded good cold out of the box and i live in Minnesota. 
Marantz SA-8400
Thanks guys. I'm going to get one. You get a 30 day trial period too, so what the hey. 
Bah Humbug-Bad Christmas Music
I don't listen to Christmas music unless I have too. I'm happy on January 2nd. 
CD/SACD Player with direct iPod/iPad connection
This player sounds like the ticket to me. Inputs and sacd. How does it compare to to others like the W4S -2, OPPO 95, Burson etc? 
Lou Reed/Metallica "Lulu" just awful
ROCK N ROLL ANIMAL, NEW YORK, MISTRIALS to name a few are great albums. 
It's all local now
One other plus sign I guess about the music business today at least for people who love music. Only musicians who really love music and love to play it are really out there now. You can't be in it because you really expect fame or fortune. 
It's all local now
Well, my point was that it is mostly local now. of course a small venue is best. There certainly are great musicians and bands out there. I don't regard the artists who the teenyboppers buy into for a year or two then we never hear about them agai... 
Cambridge Audio 740C
hey Mg, I live in PS now too. Where do you go to buy music or equipment? 
Some girls Deluxe
Well, not much info to go on as far as compression. I've heard many rock cd's that aren't heavily compressed, especially older cd's. With new technology to clean up and clarify recordings it seems a shame we can't get clarity and dynamics. 
Some girls Deluxe
Jaybo, when you say it sounded great do you know if it was compressed or not? Not trying to criticize but clear and compressed to me is not great. 
40th Anniversary Aqualung is KILLER
I just want to know if it's overly compressed or not? I've heard both yes and no. Guess I'll buy it anyway. 
How old is too old?
57 and learning to play the guitar. I'm getting alright too. Then there are the younger musicians I'm getting to know and going to their live shows. Plus I've been jamming with them lately and they say I sing pretty good too. Now I'm looking for a... 
non redbook CD's
Gee, CD-R's are cheap. Buy a 100 and burn away. I've never hear a player that wouldn't play them.