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As file resolution goes up sound level goes down?
Different volume levels are probably due to lack of compression. I've had uncompressed cd's in the car and you can't hear the quieter parts at the usual volume you listen at, while the cd sounds great on my main system. That is one reason why so m... 
R.I.P. Levon Helm
"Levon helm and the RCO-All stars" and "American Son." I think these are his first two, but they are on the same cd. 
Marantz SA8004 is fundamentally musical
I have to agree, my Marantz is great. I'm looking forward to listening again, Ive been gone for the winter and my house sitter has been really breaking it in. Should be even sweeter ( he loves it). 
R.I.P. Levon Helm
I thought his older solo stuff was really great too. there's a two cd set of his first two solo albums. 
Recommend some Blues music to a newbie
Stevie Ray Vaughan, the best of the modern blues players, unfortunately and sadly gone. Hendrix, Blues album for a start. Eric Clapton, blues collection, Crossroads box, Layla and other love songs, or Journeyman. Allman Brothers, Live at the Fillm... 
anybody into 60s garage comps?
Nuggets is great and actually the sound is not bad. 
Thrift Store Vinyl Finds
Good one Qdrone. 
Alt Country/Folk, American roots
The "Boomchucks" out of Duluth, MN. Alt-country duo, drum and guitar. Jamie Ness writes weird fun cool country/punk songs with a good backbeat from "smokin" Brad Nelson of The "Black Eyed Snakes on drums. 
bob marley songs of freedom box set
I think Songs of freedom is really good, not too compressed. His remasters are also quite good I think. I have Rastaman Vibrations and Exodus and think they are both very good. I think you have to go with the official releases like the two above p... 
CD Player Recommendation
SACD is very good usually and the redbook layers are usually the best version too. I myself only buy hybrid sacd because you can burn the cd layer. The OPPO's are really good sacd players, even the cheap ones ($150 - $500). But, not as good cd pla... 
Digital Abbey Road fails for me
Um, totally disagree. I think Abbey Road sounds great. It is less compressed than many re-masters but more than the mono versions of the Beatle re-masters (though Abby never came out on mono). The Beatle re-masters are among the best and used the ... 
Audiophile grade country
A lot of country is starting to succumb to the loudness wars though. Dwight Yoachams Best from Rhino is horribly compressed to where you have to turn the volume almost off and then it doesn't sound good either. 
best cd player to get??
When someone says a cd player or dac of the same or close to same price range slaughters others you should take that with a grain of salt. My experience is there is a difference but not that great of similar priced players. It comes down to the op... 
best cd player to get??
Yes, a dac takes the signal from your cd player (or computer) and improves the digital to analog conversion if the dac is better than the one in the cd player. The cd player must have digital inputs to be used as a dac. A standalone dac does of co... 
Top Ten Speakers of All Time?
Tubegroover, I have had the Nestorovic 5AS for 20 years. I love them.