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My most memorable ROCK moment
Most recent was LOW shows in Duluth. 7 Thursdays in a row, the last one Feb 27. All at Fitgers brewhouse, A small brewpub. In the course of 7 weeks they played every song in their catalog of 20 years. A Duluth band that gave the hometown folks a t... 
Which artists' music do you buy without audition
Richard Thompson. His worst is better than most artists best. 
Where is All the DSD?
Im thinking the people running the recording business these days are incompetent fools. 
Sony - What were you thinking?
Well it sure isn't a "game changer" like one of the prominent audio mags said on it's cover. 
Marantz SA8005
I've got the SA8004 and really like that. I didn't know their was a 2005? What's the difference if you know? 
My most memorable ROCK moment
The Rolling Stones, "Some Girls" tour live in Minneapolis. Peter Tosh was the opening act. 1975 I think. We had great seats because my friends uncle was a big shot DJ in the Twin Cites back then. About 20 feet from stage.2nd would be Led Zeppelin,... 
Beatles Tribute Tv special....
Of course McCartney is still good, he's a great musical artist. One of the greatest ever. No one can take that away from him. At some point he won't be able to sing or perform anymore but when should be left up to him. By the way, has anyone heard... 
Ripping w/dbpoweramp or JRiver
Not to argue which is better, but if it's simplicity you want then Windows media player is really simple. I just wanted to get into computer audio to get my feet wet. I ripped all my cd's to WMP on my computer. Unbelievably simple, it sounds great... 
classical newbie
Thanks to you all. I think I'm going to buy a 15 cd Colin Davis collection I just read about in sterophile. Also a 55 cd collection from Decca that was on Amazon. Then some from your suggestions, which i think will be a good start. Thanks again. 
Rock bands should be loud. It's not supposed to be mellow. If they play in a bigger arena the sound has to carry to the back. So, if you are way up front it's going to be really loud. Those seats are mostly coveted for that very reason, those peop... 
David Bromberg -- Any fans?
I saw Dave Bromberg, John Prine and Sea Level (Jai Johnny, Chuck Leavall etc) AT Elko Speedway in MPLS I think in the late 70's. Great show. 
Power Cables diminishing returns
Maybe with a blindfold on you can't tell whether you are riding down the road in a Ferrari or a Toyota? That doesn't mean the guy who bought the Ferrari was wrong or stupid. 
"NEWEST'" Favorite album
Nikki Hill, "Here's Nikki Hill." Roots rock with some sax soul thrown in. Great live performer too. The cd sounds live in the studio to me. Kind of compressed but not as bad as a lot of others. 
Creedence Clearwater Revival - John Foggarty
sacd hybrids. you can get them all and they sound great. 
I think it really depends on the venue. I recently went to the Bayfront Blues Festival in Duluth (outside) and thought the sound was fine. Especially if you sat more towards the middle. The acoustic tent was very good too. Richard Thompson outside...