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Krell vs. Simaudio when powering Totem?
In the end it's what sounds best to you. But having owned two Sim I-5s, (yes I had sellers remorse and had to try again) I used the I-5 to drive a pair of Hales Rev 3s and was very satisfied. While I heard the Krell 400 far less than the 300, I ca... 
Speaker Recommendations
Hales. There's a pair of Rev 2's out there now that might just fit you. I've got the Rev 3's and love em'. 
Value Powerhouse SS amp
What type of preamp
You might try to find an Audio Electric Supply AES 3 tubbed pre made by Cary. Find one used and be sure not to use the original Chinese tubes (I like my Sylvanias) and if you don't like it resell it and you shouldn't be out much if any. 
Integrated to replace krell 300i
Sim I-5. 
Covers of Woody Guthie - "this Land is Your Land"
"Folkways ... A Vision Shared," is a great album. Just go get it.... 
Classe Cap-151, Drug on the market?
DG Contrary to what you may believe, there is really only one. It is an excellent unit, which can drive just about any speaker. I had very favorable results driving both my Hales Rev 3¬ís as well as a pair of Krix Equinox. But, as the audio communi... 
12yr old NAD receiver or new?
NAD C320bee used. you won't be sorry. Or simpler and less money the Creek 4330 again used. I think you'd be happy with either. 
Unintended lyrics
John Prine "it's a half an inch of water and I think I'm gonna drown" some thought it was "it's a half an enchilada and I think I'm gonna drown". Oh and Louie Louie was of course be the Kingsmen. hey we gotta go. 
Naim or Rogue?
As an avid listener of Singer Songwriter music, I would go with the Rogue. While I've heard both brands months appart, neither is bad. As always it's your ears. I was at a now former dealer in Fort Worth awhile back listening to several pieces of ... 
What music would you like at your funeral?
"Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream" Ed McCurdy"Imagine" John Lennon"The Messanger" Ray Wiley Hubbard (hopefully live by Ray)"11 Easy Steps" and "We Live Just a Little While" both Trout Fishing in America (again live would be good)"Three Bells f... 
More personal effort in audiogon or our jobs?
Hi, my name's Woody and I'm an audioholic. 
Best cheap integrated for Ascend CBM-170's.
I use an NAD C320bee and love it. I had a C340 prior to that and thought highly of that as well. I also have a Creek 4330 which is very simple, but easy to listen to. Much of my gear was purchased here on the Gon. Just do not be in a hurry and you... 
What is a "SHOTGUN" speaker cable??
Jig has it right. The mad milkman has it wrong. Example: Kimber 8tc has eight wires in the cable and a pair is two eight wire cables. A regular pair has eight wires with pos. and neg. at each end, thus four for pos. and four for neg. Shotgun wire ... 
stacked equipment isolation?
Hockey pucks. Don't laugh. And, they're cheap.