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Ever Bought an Audio Product that was Stupid Good for the Money?
I must share a couple more...McIntosh MC2105 in very good shape, with the wooden case for $390 including shipping, here on Audiogon. It was open for bids with no reserve and slipped through the cracks.Pioneer Elite CLD-79 Laserdisc in mint conditi... 
Ever Bought an Audio Product that was Stupid Good for the Money?
Oppo UDP-203 Blu Ray player.I read the reviews and was wondering - how good could it be? Well - it is. Beautiful sound on CDs and SACDs, not as harsh as my previous middle of the road SONY player. Fast operation and load times on Blu Rays and DVDs... 
Denon DP-60L vs Technics 1200 MK III
Thank you for your helpful information everyone. I pulled the trigger on the Technics, but then decided I'm keeping the Denon :-)So, the Technics is going to end at my dad's house and I'm keeping the Denon. When it comes down to it - I did like th... 
Denon DP-60L vs Technics 1200 MK III
Thank you Sfall, I misread my own thread :-) 
Denon DP-60L vs Technics 1200 MK III
sfall,I'm not necessarily looking for that type of turntable (the DJ type) I just happen to like the looks of the Technics 1200. What I'm looking for is quality at a budget, from a vintage looking table. 
What Will Happen to Your Music Collection and Equipment When You.......
Oh, just the thought of someone messing with my system and my music collection (even after I'm dead) makes me want to die... 
To monoblock or not to monoblock McIntosh MC275's
Yeah, I should have tried it on my system, and I was a bit silly not to even open the box because I wanted to keep its value. It's a McIntosh. It doesn't matter!Luck has it that I may be able to get another MK IV and put an end to this and see for... 
To monoblock or not to monoblock McIntosh MC275's
Thank you everyone. These are some good tips. However, someone offered me a really good price for the second one and apparently it was a MK V, not a MK IV, so I decided to sell it. 
Resale value
I never buy with "resale value" being the top priority - but I do keep in mind that I may upgrade one day and I'd like to have some value left in te equipment I buy. When buying a processor for example, I'm aware that with technological upgrades t... 
Top five live Rock And Roll Albums
Queen - Live KillersDire Straits - AlchemyU2 - U22Concert for George HarrisonEagles - Hell Freezes Over 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
"Like a desert needs rain, like s town needs a name, I need your love.""Like black coffee, like nicotine, I need your love"- Hawkmoon 269, U2. 
You can only take 5 albums to a deserted Island...
Dylan - Blood On The TracksQueen - The WorksU2 - Achtung BabyRolling Stones - Exile On Main StreetTraveling Willbury's - Volume 1 
McIntosh MC275 MK IV vs. MC402 / MC352
Beewax - I think that's a great direction. I can keep my eyes out for another MC275, and eventually (once I get a bigger house) move to two MC501's or MC602. Do you run the same speakers with your setup, just switching between the amps? 
McIntosh MC275 MK IV vs. MC402 / MC352
Thank you, I'm leaning towards not making the trade, and just keeping my current setup. My MC275 is in beautiful condition and I'm completely in love with the mids and highs. tls49 - That's a great recommendation, and I'll look into it though I'm ... 
Can too many components on one outlet affect the sound of an amp?
Thank you guys, I'll give that all these a try for sure and see if I can detect any differences. Stringsteen - I love the pictures of our system, where in AZ are you located? (I'm in Tucson)