2k to 4k Streaming DAC

I have a Anthem STR Integrated amp with floor standing Focal Aria 936 speakers. I have been using a Oppo BD-105 for streaming Tidal via XLR. I had a Pro-Ject Pre Box 2 Digital that I hooked up to the Anthem via RCA out and used a laptop to stream Tidal Masters and it sounded a whole lot better. I want to use an ipad to stream Tidal MQA files and think a new DAC with streaming would do that. I have read about Mytek and Element X.Are there others I should look at.
Are you dead set on MQA? If not, I’d also consider Qobuz. I have the STR integrated and my streaming setup consists of a Bel Canto e.One Stream feeding a W4S DAC. While the Anthem’s internal DAC is no slouch, stepping up to a good external DAC was a nice improvement. As an aside, do some research on the Anthem’s XLR inputs. Turns out they are not truly balanced and depending on the source can actually sound worse than RCA.
Gold Note’s DS-10 is a compact DAC/streamer/headphone amplifier/preamp. Does MQA/DSD/Roon/Bluetooth/Ethernet/Wifi and has balanced + single ended output. There is a new review by Jason Victor Serinus in the August 2020 issue of Stereophile you may find interesting:

Sitting on a single shelf, powered by a single power cable, Gold Note's DS-10/PSU-10 EVO has potential to fulfill and heal in ways that extend far beyond words. It's a stellar achievement from engineers who understand what musical deliverance is all about.

Review in Mono & Stereo.
Review in Positive Feedback.

disclaimer: I’m a Gold Note dealer
Digital is perfect, so anything more than $200 is a waste of money. They’re all alike.
Digital is not perfect, but it’s very very good when you have the right equipment. $200 will get you a low-fi dac at best, good for background music, but that’s it.
I prefer network attached dacs based on FPGA with dsd/mqa capability
Lumin T2 is an excellent choice for MQA/Tidal/Qobuz/NAS/DSD/Roon with very user friendly iPad application.
what’s your budget for the DAC?  
New or used?  
Is MQA a requirement?
Teac NT-505 is highly recommend ! I have one for about six months with V1.22 firmware update Installed from Japanese website. The new (White) control App from Linn is just excellent with it. 
I have been using Tidal for about 3 years now. MQA files do sound better to me when I use them. I want to find a very good DAC that has a really good sounding Streamer built in to use as a one box solution. I have not really tried other streaming services yet. I do know I don't want to use my laptop going into USB. My only experience so far is with Pro-Ject  Pre Box 2. To me it sounds better than the Oppo Bd-105. Again I have a budget between 2k to 4k. Thanks for all the replies.
I purchased an Innuos Zen Mini with the optional LPS about a year ago. It is the first streamer and DAC I have ever owned. It sounds pretty darned good, but this is my n=1. Innuos does not have its own streamer software, so I first used iPENG, and now I use Roon. 
I just got my LUMIN T2 - if you look you can get one under the list price so it fits in your budget. The streamer / Sabre DAC is amazing for it’s sound stage and vocal clarity, and instrument separation.

it replaced my LUMIN  D1 which ran great for 5 years. You will love the software interface - runs great on my I pad mini. You get autosoftware upgrades via the internet. I stream TidalHiFi with MQA. This caused me to retire my TT.

Happy Listening
I’m new to streaming just learning but I have to say that I do really like my Linn Malik DSM For streaming great sound for me into a peach tree nova 300 and Martin Logan ESL impressions
I would start with a good DAC that has all the inputs that you will need. You can connect a tv with an optical input and you may also need an analog input (for ota) into your preamp, a coax from your Oppo, etc. This will improve audio a lot once you bypass the pre and Oppo DACs. The prices of good sounding DACs has come down in the last couple of years. I use an LKS which I like and is now at $1100 but there are many others. Good luck and have fun.
Running preamp/streamer NAD658 to Focal 1038Be w/ Carver 275. NAD has Dirac correction, MQA, NAS, aptX HD, Bluos.
You mentioned you were already aware of / looking at Mytek. Just to reinforce that idea I recently upgraded from a Blusound Node 2 to the Mytek Manhattan with internal network (streaming) card and I couldn’t be happier.  This option is a little above your proposed price point so maybe it’s not for you. It is currently on sale through Mytek for $300 off list with a free network card thrown in so $5700 for what would normally cost $7300. I can’t fully describe the increase in SQ other than to say it is immense. 
Buying a separate streamer and DAC opens up a ton more choices on both fronts and increases flexibility going forward as tech evolves.  Personally, I’d have to be extremely space constrained to even entertain limiting my options so severely.  My $0.02 and fwiw.  Best of luck in your search. 
I'm thinking that is what I want to do. I'm thinking about the Auralic Aries G2.1 and seeing how it first sounds through my Anthem STR Integrated amp. I can always add a DAC later. Any other streamers I should look at. 4k to 5k would be my limit. I like that I can rip all my CD to the Auralic.