432 EVO

Thought I would start this thread to gauge interest in this network streamer. I have been following it for a little while now. Just wondered if anyone else had this on their radar. Any comments from current owners would be great.

The only person I know who owns this is a dealer. AudioTroy or Doctor. Sorry cannot help.

If you want a truly SOTA Server / Streamer, this is it! https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisa5239-innuos-statement-2tb-media-servers
Do you have experience with both? Curious why you would recommend the Innuos here?
It’s a server. No wonder I’ve never heard of it. Try it and get back to us.
Lots of luck finding a current owner.
The ad copy looks to be written by g string Sam.

I give it an A flat.
Hmmm, so the server of choice is of no consequence and the fact that it can play music at 432hz doesn’t matter? I see. As the thread indicates, just trying to gauge interest.
No listed dealers in the USA? 

One review had comments with concern about the wiring?

Where do you get this serviced?

Just thinking out loud...
As with any product from Europe that makes it's way to the U.S., I'm sure that will be worked out just like Sonus Faber, ATC speakers or Dartzeel amps etc. I would like to see the review that mentioned a wiring concern. I'm all for learning as much as I can about a product. Can you post a link?
I have seen some brief postings on this on What's Best and Audiophile Style forums as well as AudioTroy here.    I admit I am curious, and do intend to uptdate my server as probable next major purchase.  I would need to know USA service posture and more in depth comparisons and reviews and would hope to go audition.  If there is a single dealer/distributor, then a home audition program would need to be available.   I suspect we will see several new servers in the Statement price range in next 6-9 months and most probably more in the $7000 and below range too.  The lack of audio shows during COVID has depressed the new equipment releases and associated forum and review chumming of the audio waters.
There are a bunch of east European products that are getting real attention. Places like Poland and Romania, etc. That is all great.

But some of these brands might only have one online dealer in the USA? So, Americans who buy this stuff are early adopters. This can work out well. But such companies can fade away leaving service options in doubt? It can take a long time and many happy customers to reach the import status that Sonus Faber, ATC, etc have achieved. 
I don’t want to be a downer on 432 Evo here! I actually fowarded  the link to this company to a friend who is considering an Innuos server option earlier this evening. He highlighted that a previous $5k transport from a small bespoke company left him out in the cold due to lack of service options. 
But I hope you might get responses from actual owners here...
You can get converters to change the Hertz to 432. Unless the music was played and recorded at 432 it's going to sound off. Anyway it's much ado about nothing. 
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I haven’t looked at the videos yet, not accessible at the moment, and all the comments about product availability distracted me, but what does this thing do?  Does it store files at a different tuning than what they were recorded at?
I believe it stores at the native format and changes the Hertz during playback. Seems like a niche product for the 432hz conspiracy folks.
Conspiracy? What conspiracy? 432hz tuning is real just as any other form of tuning. What is your issue djones? I started a thread to share information and you're acting like it's some nefarious plot. If you're not interested in this streamer that seems to be very popular in Europe then move on. I don't know why you're here. Remember, what would Almarg do?
falconquest OP724 posts
 I don't know why you're here.

Yeah, hopefully you figured it out why he is in every single Agon thread on anything he has zero interest trying. It's his/her hobby
If you've never heard of the 432hz conspiracy hoax then I don't know what to tell you. I don't even know where to start with 432hz tuning as it's so nonsensical. Yes at one time 432hz was used of course so was a dozen other Hertz. It was changed so many times because different societies couldn't agree even on 432 some claimed that the temperature was wrong when they tuned so it wasn't true 432. Temperature does make a big difference which is why an orchestra could tune to A4 at 432 but if the temperature varies during the concert it will change the Hertz or the Hertz could be different depending on what instrument was used to tune the others to. There is this new age gobbledygook going around that 432 is more natural and healing, it's more popular in Europe. 
Like I said if the original music was played in 432 when it was recorded then you're hearing true 432 music. You can download 432hz converters you can change it in Windows player or Audicity as well as others. But you're not getting a true 432hz recording and this niche product is marketed for that niche crowd of 432hz nuts. 
Evo’s web page clearly points out details ,  Djones51 you should read the information on their site before posting any kind of comment though the information just may trigger you once again.

Having read your other past criticisms of other digital brands i find it very curious and laughable you never actually went out to listen for yourself to any said components in any system including your own .

I wonder with all your self proclaimed knowledge your not a manufacturer yourself showing up the audio on how to do it right ,..
I did read their website and the "details" they point out are mostly twaddle. I have listened to a number of digital components. I have no idea what you’re talking about. Now I might not agree with you or with the opinion of a lot of these subjective reviewers but this item is clearly marketed to the 432hz crowd 
HIPP Orchestras get a lot of mileage touting different tunings.  Some of them even have their preferred tuning listed in the name of their ensemble, although I hadn’t encountered this love for 432 before.
Tunings have evolved for a variety of reasons, one of which is thermal stability, another is humidity...I have a friend who plays in an HIPP Orchestra that was complaining bitterly after a Florida tour.
   On a music server, these factors won’t matter, so perhaps there is some logic to it. And digital restorations of historic recordings will frequently correct tuning and pitch errors that they claim were incorporated at the source...check out the work of Andrew Rose and Mark Obert-Thorn, among others.  So I guess a server that digitally adjusts pitch and tuning is the next logical progression.   I would try to keep an one mind until I get to hear it, but I admit that I am biased against the concept of reproducing music recorded at a different tuning than playback.  Call me a Luddite 
"I did read their website and the "details" they point out are mostly twaddle. "
That's what I have been seeking in my system design is twaddle. The more twaddle you can get in your system the better I hear.
Djones51 our last exchange we had was on the Innuos Phoenix thread where an opertunity was handed to you to express your technical prowness and displeasure directly to the lead director of Innuos in one of John Darko’s blogs directly below the interview,...

 I periodically checked the blog and there was no sign of you , what happened ? 
You had a chance to rub John Darko’s nose in it by telling him how wrong he is about the Innuos Phoenix including setting his guess technical representative from Innuos straight on digital technical design.

I then directed you to another technical site where you passed on a second opportunity over at AudioPhileStyle forums technical review of AustonPops of the Innuos Phoenix.

, I visited the site periodically to see if you showed up to set member AustonPops straight on his findings though once again you failed to show up , what happened ? 
Djones51 perhaps three times a charm with the 432 Evo servers , please log onto their Facebook page , there you can correct this manufacturer with their flawed technical designs . LOL 😂 

For those who prefer 440hz over 432 reading the information on their site the Evo is easily adjusted on the fly .

Why 432hz? Why can't it be switched to 435hz or 430.5hz? I have no interest in conversing with conspiracy theorists on the merits of 432hz. If it was something more than twaddle then this device would be able to switch to any preferred Hertz instead of 432 only. The fact this Hertz was chosen isn't by accident but a continuation of the nonsense surrounding it. It would be no more productive than discussing the spherical shape of the earth with flat earthers. 
I am not a member of those other forums or FB. The only other forum I use is ASR.
I sincerely wish you participated in ASR exclusively!! But it gets boring doesn’t it? Everyone being in full agreement about “audio bullschiit”
Thank you so much for hijaking this thread and making it all about you. You must be pleased to have so much attention. Were it not about attention you could have simply stated "I don't see the significance of 432hz so I don't get the relevance of the product" and that would have sufficed. The reality is, this streamer allows one the ability to operate within a range of selected tunings. However, that is just one aspect of the device. It is also getting very favorable reviews. Add to that the ability to rip a disc by simply inserting it into the slot and (which I know you can also do with Innuos) that makes for a pretty slick package. Since the mid-level unit can be upgraded in the future to the top level there are additional advantages. Is it the absolute best streamer in the world? Well, that would be a subjective point of view wouldn't it?

So going forward we get your point all too well. I will not address you again and ask that you kindly keep your comments more product focused or move on.
Hi @falconquest : you probably haven’t got the Memo on Dow Jones. He is not here to discuss how any product brings something to the table. He is here to proclaim that NO product brings anything to the table. It’s all Snake Oil, a China anything works just as well, etc. etc. Literally ALL his posts about how something possibly do anything, everyone is being duped, a fool and his money. Typical anti Audio crowd, who detest Audiophiles with all their cheap hearts 
Guys dave lalin owner audio intellect here we are the us importer of432 evo servers we will be doing all service here in our Nj offices

So no shipping to europe just a quick return to nj

We have a very liberal home trial

Thyname in Europe every innous distributor is Droping innous and picking up 432 evo

The 432 evo master is even better designed then a statementand it costs less 

Dave and troy
Audio intellect Nj
Us importers 432 evo servers

@audiotroy Do you have any statistics, news, studies, etc. to show that Innuous distributors are dropping Innuous? And why?
Hey @arafiq    It’s whatever Dr. Dave is selling right now. Likely terminated Innuos dealership, so.... you get the gist
arafiq it is comming from europe

thyname why would we continue to 
work with innous when 
432 evo offers so much more:

 advantages over innous

432evo makes up gradeable products at any time the consumer can upgrade to an even higher level of audio performanance

432 evo is tuneable 

we give you 2tb standard no extracharge vs innous 1TB

the 6k aeon competes with a 14k statement or a zenith plus phoenix

all service done direcctly in the usa no shipping back to spain

a greater range of models  to better accomodate clents: 3k, 4k,6k,15k

we sold innous for years because their products were and are excellent 

we pursued 432 evo because the word in europe was 432evo was an even better ptroduct so we jumped at the chance to become their us distributor

hope that helps thyname

dave and troy
audio intellect NJ
usa distributor 432evo servers, mj acoustics subwoofers and jern monitors
@audiotroy I personally don't have an issue with you pitching your products here. This is your livelihood so I understand. But if you're going to put a brand down like this, I think it's fair to ask for some proof. Can you share the names of the European distributors who are dropping Innuous? 
I would like everyone to know that I started this thread based on my research into this streamer and wanted to get an idea if there was anyone else out there that had heard of it or had one to offer information. I knew that audiotroy would be the U.S. importer of this product but that's of no consequence to me. I have no skin in the game one way or another. I was just interested in hearing feedback from others about the product, not the distribution chain. It seems to be quite a popular streamer in Europe and my guess is, it will take the USA by storm as well. I could be wrong, who knows? So if we could keep the conversation focused more on the product as opposed to the distribution, I would certainly appreciate it. Thank you.
You know what they say... there is only one way to know: try for yourself 😉
I was watching this thread with interest. Hoping someone would chime in with direct experience. 
Yes, I too have been waiting. Hey @audiotroy anything new going on with the Evo? It's been pretty quiet.
For those of you that have been waiting, I am the happy owner of the Evo 432 High End.  I don't have any experience with streamers, but I do own a very well thought of server.  I was happily surprised at how much better the Evo was than my previous server.  Yes, its a little more expensive, but I believe it to be good value.  I expected the streaming to be significantly worse than my carefully ripped cds, but the difference is quite small, depending on the recording.  The 432hz tuning does make a subtle improvement, and you have a wide choice of tunings from 444hz to 415hz.  The bottom line is that it sounds great.  
Congratulations! Glad to hear from someone that has one. Please keep us updated on your impressions.
At this point we have a good number of us clients with units and they are all thrilled and they are all reliable

As per service the major parts are from a few very large industrial suppliers so parts are easy to source also the servers are totally modular seperate main.cpu board outboard linear power supplies seperate sound card and clock

The modular nature of the servers allow for easy upgrades from model to model which means you can easily increase sound quality by by improving the sophistication of the isolation of the data as you move up to the higher end models

Dave and troy
Audio intellect nj

Us importer 442 Evo music servers

I heard HQPlayer cannot be loaded in ROON core residing in 432 Evo Music Servers to upsample to DSD. Is this true? 
As someone who has built a lot of computers, it's really hard to match up the price of these servers with what they actually offer. This 432 EVO for example is a PC with a $160 MSRP CPU, a $135 MSRP motherboard, $80 worth of 8gb DDR4 ram, a free open source operating system and...a USB card with clock along with a linear power supply, and it's stilling for $6000 to $13000...where does the money go?

@divertiti I'd gladly buy a chassis and hire you to build a DIY version if you were so inclined?

@djones51 Satanic tuning is the one that always gives me a chuckle.

Divertiti is correct, but then there is a whole lot of equipment where price of components doesn't come close to adding up retail price. And so diy route is the value route, especially if we don't pay ourselves for time spent researching, procuring, assembling projects. Then take marketing, distribution costs into account, I assume most know what they're paying for.

@divertiti you got the facts wrong:

"This 432 EVO for example is a PC with a $160 MSRP CPU, a $135 MSRP motherboard, $80 worth of 8gb DDR4 ram, ..."

ASRock J5040-ITX SoC motherboard comes with Intel Gemini Lake Refresh SoC already soldered and passive heatsink included for about $150.  Availability is a problem though.

I am a DIY builder too.  While I agree that DIY is a cheaper option, do not forget to include the cost of Streacom or HDPLEX casings (HDPLEX more expensive), external LPSU, cabling, and special tools to crimp Molex connectors used by motherboard, SSDs, LP4 connector in USB card, plus ATX power supply tester to ensure we don't blow motherboard when first time powering up.