A Serious Subwoofer

A nice listening room for those who like bass.   Scroll down this page. 


That's not a subwoofer that's a room that is a subwoofer! Awesome to see thanks for the heads up steakster!

You don't need to know Italian to understand all this. I thought I paid attention to details in the building of my house of stereo. Boy, I completely missed the boat lol.


I was working in Italy when I learned about this. I am sorry I never tried to get a listen.

For those that don’t know open the URL in Chrome and it will translate.

Next time I get the urge for a paltry $10K upgrade I'll show my wife this.


The Eminent Technology TRW-17 Rotary Woofer is a much more elegant solution, and takes up far less space. $23,000 buys you 130dB response down to 1Hz. 

Having heard most everything through our beast audio club 

for same $$ theJL Audio fathom 10 or 12 is the best with true bass room correction 

, then for accuracy sealed always more accurate then ported ,Rel is vented from the bottom their $2500 model is pretty good 

SVS has the best quality value  ultra 16 ,SB then the 4000 Sb sealed box 

Well, that's a first. Better than live. Must be the quantum accelerators he got from the starship Enterprise. 

Pretty good example of obsession with gear over music. He must have some "family" money to finance that massive an undertaking.

Monoprice monolith 10”,12”,and 15” for the money.Check them out after you check out svs.I have both and for the money you can’t beat monolith.

Wow that is quite the engineering project, not sure I could stand an hour or 2 in that room. Would be fascinating to see and hear though. 

"6400 electrical watts" driving 22.3 sq. ft. of woofer surface....*yawn*

*L*  And you thought Your neighbors got cranky... ;) ...as the lights in the 'hood dim with the bassline..

I guess at those levels, phase linearity becomes a non-issue, what with particle accelerators pinning you to the back wall....a remote of any sort in hand....

".....must....reach...volume....control....." as our hero slowly becomes a large blot of protoplasm on the wall....


(The celebrated 'Mr. k' leaves the continent in a fast plane...."My Work here is done...")

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