A “Tuned” power cord, Huh?

I've heard of a tuned turban, a tuned tuba, a tuned tuna, etc...

Please, anyone, is the above “mumbo” or “jumbo”...or...is there an actual scientific explanation for tuning a power cord?

Thank you.
See what note it hums when plugged in. Then lengthen it or shorten it to lower or raise that note.
I've been told that my power cords (Harmonix XD-C Studio Master) is a tuned cord. Nothing about the "tuning" thing motivated me to buy these babies. The fact that a golden earred buddy of mine, traded in his Elrods for these, was enough incentive for me. They are absolutely amazing as is their Golden Performance IC, which may be tuned as well. Their website might offer more info about this. Me? Don't give a ______. It's the sound that matters. My tunes, certainly sound better with these cords and ICs. peace, warren
Much of the audio world is still discussing whether or not anyone can hear a meaningful difference, and if so why. Yet we have a manufacturer with such advanced knowledge that they can actually "tune" a PC, whatever that means. Verrrrry interesting! I must wonder what they tune it with, a tuning fork? Caveat emptor for sure.
All/most reputable components are "voiced". "Tune"/"voice" would seem to mean the same.
You can tuna Steinway but you can't tuna fish. I have a tunable power cord on my preamp. It is a Vans Evers "Double Pandora" and uses two sliders on the outside of the cord to tune it. Comes with very detailed instructions on where to put the sliders to acheive tighter bass, more extended highs, etc. WORKS!
Elgordo, what exactly are those two sliders “tuning?” Meaning, is there a change of pitch or how do you tune electricity? The electric pulse, wave, what?

Warrenh, I was in no way implying that the Harmonix X brand PC is a bad (or good) power cord. But, when addressing a link for it in an advertisement here on Audiogon, the site offered no explanation about the so-claimed tuning. Hence, my question above. I am glad to hear the Harmonix is working for you and appreciate your mention of that fact.
Santiago, you're right on that: the website that is. If you're interested, or anyone else for that fact, I can email you the guy I bought my cords from. He'll explain it to you. Or try to, at the least.
Thank you, Warren, I would be interested to know more. (Does this guy belong to our dear Audiogon family?)

Looking in the Combak Corporation's website:
I noticed that they offer “Tuning Feet”, a “CD Tuning Sheet”, a “Tuning Record Clamp”, a “Tuning Record Matte”, and “Room Tuning Devices”, interestingly enough, “tuning” is not mentioned anywhere in any of the PC, IC, or speaker cable descriptions. (?) Well, except on the box of the PC.
The word “resonances” does appear quite often, though, so I am assuming that “tuning” is some sort of manufacturing technique (of a proprietary scientific development) they employ which manipulates...electrical resonances?

From many accounts, these products are making folks very happy. Is this “tuning” the reason? Do other manufacturers “tune”?

(The “Tuned Tuna” was a local band in New Orleans back in the 60s. Fame, alas, was not their fortune.)
I had the optional (read, more expensive) TUNED tuna the other night at the local sushi bar and doing a direct a/b comparison with the "regular" tuna, I noticed an IMMEDIATE difference in......ahh......well, let's just say I'm now "singing a different tune!"
Hi All,

It is important to remember that the individual components that comprise our audio and video systems ARE NOT musical instruments. They reproduce the sound of the original musical instrument as it has been captured in the recording. If an audio or video component has its own sonic signature it will color every instrument it reproduces with that sonic signature. Excess vibrations and resonances that are allowed to be present in an audio system which alter the signal in the recording TAKES US FURTHER AWAY from being able to faithfully reproduce the sound of the original instrument.


Barry Kohan

Disclaimer: I am a manufacturer of vibration control products.
Psychicanimal says you can tune a PC by using the Highwire Audio Power Wrap! He says it works.
Check out Vansevers website, www.vansevers.com. He not only offers a tunable PC, but also offers Grip Tone Reasonators for PC's.

Mike knows his stuff.


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