Another Speaker Recommendation Request

Greetings Goners,
Just retired and have my new dedicated listening room. Bonus room above garage; 15' wide, 24' deep, 8' ceiling, drywall and carpeted. No WAF to consider. I am all digital with PS Audio kit: BHK stereo 250 amp, BHK pre-amp, Direct Stream DAC and Direct Stream Media Player. Also have Cambridge Audio CXN for streaming and NAS.
Current speakers are Wharfedale Jade 3 stand mounts with HSU subwoofer. Worked well in the previous home, but looking to upgrade. I don't need concert hall performance. I will crank it up on occasion, but mostly solo mid and low level listening. Would like full range floor standers and possibly loss the subwoofer.
Most important attributes for me would be non-fatiguing and imaging. Looking in the $10k range and prefer new vs used. Have considered Spendor D7, PSB Imagine T3 and Focal Electra 1028BE. And shops to demo in Tampa St. Pete area would be appreciated. Thanks!
Most important attributes for me would be non-fatiguing and imaging
Spendor D9 or Classic100s. The latter will be warmer and less fatiguing.

Look into Tannoy Ardens also.
Since you’re into a full PS Audio system, maybe wait for their upcoming “IRS Killer” speakers? Might be worth contacting them...
I heard the Chapman T-5 at the RMAF. I wasn't the only one to be sucked in to the music. Speakers you can love.....
Seems like you're looking around the $7k price range.  I'd add to your list:
Used Revel F228be, if you can find a setLegacy Audio Signature SEUsed Paradigm Persona 3F

You can’t go wrong with Spendors. I owned many and never had one that did not sound great!
Skip the PSB T3's; they sound terrible.  Muddy bass, but you can pay for the 3 woofers and disconnect one, if that works for you.  The notion of that did not work for me.  I am a huge fan of the old PSB's; and have a pair of the Stratus Gold I's in my B system and a pair of XB's in my shop.  So, I am not anti PSB, just anti new PSB because of the poor sound.

At the listening levels you are describing, have you thought about Martin Logan Summit X's or the newer ML 13's or 15's?  I have seen new old stock summit x's for $5,700 and nominally used 13's for under $10,000 and 15's for $12,000 or so right here on Audiogon.

I like fuller, loud and clean sound, so I went with the EgglestonWorks Viginti's.  A lot more money than what you are considering, but I could not be happier.  A great company building great speakers right here in the U.S.

Trust your ears :)
+1 liamowen! The ML Summit X's NOS at that price ($5700) are a real good deal! I prefer and own ESL's! 
Consider the Goldenear triton 2+ which was used at Axpona this year with PS Audio Stellar line series. 
Also consider KEF reference 3’s, or hold out for the new KEF R series range (cheaper then current reference) with good amplification they are great esp lower level listening Providing they get the current 
With George Liu closing Audio Visions South you probably know that Sweet Home Audio in Clearwater is your best (close) bet for auditioning anything worthwhile. Brian is very knowledgeable and has a decent inventory to choose from. 
Good sized room. I found ML waay to much treble energy. Maggies sounded really good at Axpona. At $10k used Revel salon2, Kef R207/2, and focal sopra2 are the obvious choices and after that it will probably take more effort to hear the smaller brands that compete at that price. I don't know where you're located but I saw a pair of VA 'The Music' go for $10k and I can't imagine anything else at that price being more musical, even the formidable salon2's which I own). 
@erik_squires gave you a ton of wisdom in a single sentence.   Consider your room first.  4 years ago, I was newly retired and moved.  A dedicated listening room was high on my list of must haves for the new house.  I ended up buying a house with a bonus room above the master bedroom that is virtually identical to yours in size.  It has carpeting over plywood sub flooring.  Everything was acceptable as long as I was using a pair of monitors with limited bass response.   About 3 years ago, I bought a pair of full range speakers.  It has taken a bit of work and a fair outlay of cash to get them to work reasonably well in that room.   This is not to discourage you from trying full range speakers, its just a reminder that you may have a bit of a project in front of you to fully benefit from your investment. 
Thanks @brownsfan 

A well treated room will host more speakers better. 

Also, sub integration is critical. Well done, a satellite + sub combination will outperform most floor standers at any price. However, floor standers with limited bass response are easier to integrate. Catch-22. 


Spatial Audio X2.  $9600 includes shipping.  Free trial.

If you go to their website, they link to a discussion group.  One thread is about where to audition, and I seem to remember someone in your area.
or you could get a pair of Vandersteen Quatro floorstanders with 11 bands of bass EQ and powered bass......

Thanks so much to all who have responded, very much appreciated. Much to digest here! I must say, open baffle speakers were not on my radar (or even in my scope of familiarity) but they sure are intriguing.
Vandersteen Quatro has long been on my dream list, I just wish I liked the way they look.
I recently demoed the Focal 1028 BE and the new Kanta 2. I had to go to two different dealers because each thought their speaker was better than the other one. I thought the Kanta was vastly better than the 1028 BE; and, the Kanta looks much better in person than it does in the photos.

While demoing the Kanta, I asked about the speaker that was sitting next to it, which was the Revel Performa 206 F. When I was told it retailed for $3500, I couldn't believe it. So, I listened to it and I was stunned at how good it was. It sounded about 90% as good as the Kanta for 33% of the price! 

While I wanted to demo the new Revel F228 BE, I saw no point because that speaker is too big for my room (which is only half the size of your room, plus it's in a condo).  If I were you, I'd demo both the Revel F208 ($5K) and their new F228BE version ($10K). If you happen to prefer the former, then you'll save yourself $5,000 to spend on something else!
Treo wood are IMO stunning....have a look at my condo system pictures in virtual systems.....but hey, to each his own....

the old Quattro cloth is a reflection of famous Vandersteen frugality....the pretty cabinet would have displaced powered bass at that price point, so he chose sonic virtue over aesthetics...then, now they come in wood, exotic wood and automotive finish.....My 7 are Audi Phantom Black Pearl......
I have never used room treatments. I have huge a couple of area rugs on a wall or two to eliminate the " clap " affect. With speaker that doesn't double in the bass you should be fine. Those Chapman's use a transmission line which really makes for an accurate and deep bass and should not be a problem. 
I am guessing the Spendor would be good and the ProAc. 

You should go hear the Nola KO.  Sounds like Sweet Home Audio carries the line so maybe you can have a listen there.  
A few to consider:
Used revel studio 2 or salon 2
totem wind
any of the upper line of usher: be-10, be-20, x-tower, 8871’s or 8571’s, any of those with the DMD teeeters

i used to own all totem speakers including the mani-2, but now own all usher. 

Imo, not sure why you use a Cambridge streamer when you have a DS unless you don’t have the bridge. I also use the DS with the bridge II and with Roon. Excellent sounding with any streaming function you might want 
I’ve had the Chapman T-7 model in use since 1997, and they are still a Remarkably well rounded, full range three way floor standing model.  Stuart Chapman Jones has designed and built some amazing speakers in his workshop in Washington state.  They are appropriately priced (maybe even underpriced), and will provide decades of enjoyment.  I’ve used them with Sim Audio Moon, Naim, and Sonic Frontiers, and Classe amplification..  Definitely give them a listen if you can.
The Nola KO is a great choice.  In fact I just took a pair out of my main system that I need to crate up.  Last time I talked to Carl there was no KO stocking dealer in Florida.  Mostly Boxers and Contenders with the rest of the line as special order.  Also put in a call to Mike Bovaird at Suncoast Audio in Sarasota.  He may not have anything you are interested in but can point you in the right direction.  He is also one of the principals behind the first Florida Audio Expo coming up in Tampa in February so a lot of contacts in the area. 
Thanks again to all who have take the time to respond. And once again the consensus is . . . no consensus! That's what I love about this hobby. I did e-mail Spatial Audio and got a call back next day from Clayton Shaw. I am very intrigued with their speakers, and owner comments are in line with what I am looking for in my next (last) speaker purchase.
Will look at room treatment as well.
I do have the Bridge II in the DSD, but no ethernet cable run in last home, hence the Cambridge CXN via wifi.

If Clayton will let you "test drive" the X2's it would be worth the effort.  I ordered the M3 Turbo S about two and a half years ago with the thought of hearing what was different about them.  After letting them break in a getting them properly placed in my FR they were here to stay.  I later had them updated to the Triode Masters a year later.  The X2's weren't announced for several months after my upgraded speakers came back or I might have just moved up the line.  One day I may still make the move.  I am in Tallahassee if you feel like making the drive to hear them.  Not sure if there is an owner closer or not but you might want to check on Audio Circle and see. 
Not sure where you live, but for 10k you should be able to audition the speakers in your new listening room - either working with a dealer or direct from a manufacturer.
Non-fatiguing with excellent imaging?  I would audition Magnaplanars and Harbeths.  They are different, but I suspect (if you are of a certain maturity, and can live with sensible bass levels) you might find them highly satisfying.  Pipe and slippers?  Maybe.  Engaging and musical?  Yes!

Of course, if you are the sentimental type, you may consider finding a pair of old Klipsch Corner Horns or Altec Lansing VOTT a7s.  You won't need all that juice, but you will seriously rock-out in your new man cave!

If you’re in the Tampa Bay area, check out the Suncoast Audiophile Society, where you can hear various member systems, and pick our brains for speaker recommendations.

Also, some club members are organizing the first annual Florida Audio Expo, which is slated for Feb 2019 (if you don’t mind waiting a few months to be able to audition tons more gear).
You have so many good possible choices non fatiguing is a measure of all of your components, cabling, source components, room acoustics, musical selection working together.

You need to determine a number of things:

1: How loud do you play
2: How much bass is satisfactory
3: Are the speakers visual looks important

Your room is a good size so bass response should be important.

A planer will not give particularly good bass response and ar very room dominating. 

Legacy makes the Focus which is one of the most musical loudspeakers at the $10k price point, they have very deep bass and can fill up a room with ease, their Heil AMT midrange and tweeter offer fantastic detail yet are very smooth. a great speaker and a great value.

You should check out all the major players at this price point which includes the Magico A3, the Focal Sopra 2 which is a bit more, and the Legacy Focus. Dynaudio speakers also tend to be warm so are the Vandys. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
You really need to check out the Zu Druid Mk VI.  I have a good friend who just got his and they are absolutely amazing.  The great thing about their speakers is that they are super high efficiency and you can run them with almost any amp.  It also opens up the ability to run SET tube amps that are much more musical than most solid state options in my opinion.  Skip the BS that shops try to sell you at huge mark ups and get your money's worth.  you won't be sorry!  
If you prefer warm sounding speakers why don't you move up the Wharfedale line? Wharfedale is known for their warm delicate tonal character. Or for your price range of $10k/pair I recommend the Sonus Faber Olympica 2 or 3, Vienna Acoustics Bach or Mozart Grand, Vandersteen, Dynaudio, ProAc, Harbeth, PSB, PMC, Spendor that was already recommend earlier. These speakers are on the warm side of neutral totally. 
What are your musical tastes?

Some speakers reveal everything, but cannot "boogie", so if "swing" music is your thing, you might not want that type of speaker. That's the first question that should be asked.
So, a bit more information might yield newer responses.
Thanks for the recent replies! Not sure why, but the Jades are really singing now. Maybe I just had to get the cerebral equipment to settle in. Depth and imaging have never sounded better. This speaker line seems to have came and went rather quickly.
Many good recommendations given. Went to the Zu site, not much info there.
Main listening is Ambient (Brian Eno, Steve Roach, Robert Rich) and rock done right IMHO (Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Humble Pie, Hendrix). Unfortunately most of the 80's music I grew up with is unlistenable on a highly resolving system (Psychedelic Furs, Pretenders).
Still intrigued by Spatial Audio and will most likely wait for new model before making a decision. Will try and audition others locally.
The Spatial X2 is very intriguing, but it's hard to audition short of buying it on the trial period.
Give Zu a call with any questions you might have.  They are extremely helpful.  The Druid Mk VI is the best speaker I have had the pleasure of listening to.  It goes lower than you can possibly imagine and it is extremely musical at lower frequencies.  The clarity and sound stage is second to none and you can sit in front of them for hours with no listening fatigue.  Most of the brands listed above will burn your ears out in less than hour.  My wife goes to every audio show I attend and she walks out of all those rooms shaking her head every time.  You need to look into their stuff and give it serious consideration.  
OP, We listen to a lot of the same music. I've been a quest for about 3 years starting with ancient recommended components gradually working my way up, staying in the used market so I can recover most of my investment when the speakers don't work out. In hindsight I would have bought my amp first, for me a hegel h360 made the speakers I had at the time sound natural and musical and tbh if I had that unit when I started this quest I would probably still be happy with the Revel f52's. Your room is also going to tell you a lot. My basement has the best bass reinforcement from rear ported speakers and many new speakers are ported at the bottom or front for ht duties. Start by asking your dealer to let you bring used or demo speakers home that will help you get an idea how your room imposes its will and will help you narrow your choices. Good Luck
I purchased a used pair of Focal Sopra 2's well under your budget. If your willing to settle for used, these are great speakers IMHO.

One more vote here from and old guy who loves Maggies.  Do yourself a favor and listen to a pair before you commit major $$$, think of it as due dilligence, and amile after the experience.