Any vets among the Audiophiles here?

With the anniversary of D-Day, and Flag day taking place recently there has been a lot of thought given to the people who fought and in many cases died to our freedom. I don't just mean in the US.

Keeping those things in mind I was wondering if we have any vets here. I know Slappy was in the service, and look what it did to him!!!: ) I don't know if you want to mention it here, but I want to take a moment to thank you for the service you provided to your country.

All of the freedoms we have including the chance to simply sit around and listen to music was won for all of us.

Thank You!
bought my first sound system in da nang vietnam...advent speakers...sansui amp....back in the mid was good stuff..didn't listen to it there but was able to order it and send it home..listen to it for a couple of years and graduated to mcintosh in those days with ads speakers...
I did my hitch in the 70's, I still miss the ol duece an a
half, 10 wheel drive and a ton of off road fun. I loved
watching the 102's (field artillery) shooting, and the way everything jumped up off the ground when they fired off a round. Wish I still had my grenade launcher too, that thing was a real kick in the pants, oh well, cant have everything.

I bought my first "stereo" then also, a Sears and Robuck all in one record player and receiver combo, boy, I dont miss that thing at all.
I'm a former Army officer and Vietman vet, with about 7 years of active duty service and 5 years in the Washington Army National Guard. My active duty service included 18 months in Vietnam (mostly in Long Binh and Qui Nhon), and about 4.5 years in Germany. In many respects, the years I had the privilege to serve our nation were the most meaningful of my life.

My family's military service includes:
1. my Dad, who retired after 24 years as a colonel in the Marine Corps (his WWII service included 4 campaigns with the 4th Marine Division on Saipan, Tinian, Roi-Namur, and Iwo Jima, and later service in the Korean War);
2. my uncle, who served as a doctor in the Army for 4 years immediately following WWII;
3. my younger brother and his wife, who both retired from the Navy after 25 years of service;
4. my first cousin, who graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point;
5. my niece, who spent 6 years in the Air Force;
6. my father-in-law (now deceased), a former Army officer who completed a 30-year career.
For those of you who do not know, The Absolute Sound senior reviewer Anthony Cordesman is a former NATO commander and was ABC's chief on-air military analyst during the first gulf war. He is now associated with a think tank and is a respected national security expert who is frequently quoted in national newspapers.

In short, the guy has a serious day job.
Served in the Navy in the late sixties. Was in Corondo, San Francisco, and the Phillipines. Didn't know what "high end" was in those days.
I was a jarhead on Okinawa in '68 when I got my first system - TEAC R2R, Dual table, Sansui receiver, Pioneer speakers. Still use TEAC R2Rs (different ones)...
I'm a 1960s vet who served in VN in '69. Started the tour near Pleiku and then moved south to a firebase near the South China Sea. Bought my second system over there that included an Akai reel to reel, a Pioneer receiver and speakers. Man, I thought I was in heaven! How times change, huh?
Yup. Total 8 years, 4 active and 4 in reserves in the USAF.

Long history of military in my family. My father retired from USAF as a Lt Col, my mother was a Captain in the USAF, several of my uncles were in the Navy, My grandfather on my mothers side was in the army during WWII working on an oil tanker, Grandfather on my Father's side was a soldier in WWII and was in many of the more brutal and bloody battles.

In fact, some of the battle scenes in "All quiet on the western front" were actualy footage of real battles, at one point in the movie you can see my grandfather shootin at people.

My hat off to any US service member, Every single person in the military is a hero, be it a cook in the coastguard, or a hardened navy seal.
I served 10 years in the US Air Force as a Combat Communicator. Trained with the US Army Rangers at Ft. Benning and completed US Army Air Assult School.

I was in:
Operation Just Cause
Operation Desert Storm
3 Tours fighting the drug war in Central & South America

I was asked to "stand up" the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) immeadiately after 9-11. I continue to serve here at TSA and serve my country for many more years!

My Grandfather, Father and two uncles also served in the US Air Force.

God Bless our Country and our Soldiers!
Air Force, 67 to 71. Vietnam 69 to 70. I first got into
stereo listening to my friend's Teac Reel to Reel. It had
an 8 Track player in the side!!! I bought Sonic Bookshelf
speakers on Okinawa in 70 and put them in the back of my
73 VW Bug. (Incredible Sound)
US Army. 5th Mechanized Infantry in VN. 7th Infantry in Korea. Made it home, largely in one piece, in 1970. Waiting for me at home, besides my fiance, was my first stereo system which I bought on RR in Japan...I was pretty excited by both.
Navy Hospital Corpsman 77-81
Stationed at Great Lakes Ill. for boot and HCM school.
Fort Sam- Academy Of Health Sciences in San Antonio,Tx. for advanced training in Neuro-psychiatry.
Finally, after 2 years of school, I did 2 years at the NRMC in Portsmouth,VA. in a pre Civil War hospital...does anyone know if that building is still in use as a Naval Hospital?
It had a dungeon and secret passageways!
It was also said to be haunted!
Hey Tunes! Where are you,you ol' grunt?!
USAF Microwave Communications Technician from 1973 to 1976. Stationed in the U.S. for 2 years and then England for 2 years.

Bought my first sound system overseas - Marantz 2275 Receiver, JBL 4311 Speakers, and a Marantz Turntable with a Stanto 681EEE Cartridge - sounded wonderful to me!
Leatherneck here...69-73....and all those "corpsman" are my buddies....right Dave?? LOL
I am an active duty Army Officer currently serving in Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan with the 25th ID(L). My one year tour ends in April '05...then back to Hawaii for a little while.
4 years active, 3 reserve U.S. navy from '81-'88. bought my first "real" stereo in my homeport of yokosuka, japan--denon integrated and tuner, sony CDP, polk speakers. don't miss that system one bit. did my part for my country protecting many of the bars (and the local girls inhabiting them) in a good number of ports in WESTPAC. god bless america!
To dwhitt,sdcambell,charliee,elmuncy,davebachmann,bookert2,slappy, tumbler,vman71,bobbybob,islandear,david99,slv,tunes4me,riggerlt, musicdoc, and all the other Veterans:


************GOD BLESS AMERICA********************

I wasn't in - but my father was West Point '49; USAF 1949-75; served in 'Nam (C-130 pilot)
Was an enlisted guy, Active Army 1971-74 1st Armored Div, Furth, Germany, Navy Reserve 1978-85 Green Bay, Wi & Wash DC. Bought my first system in Erlangen, a Pioneer SX 9000 (I think) with Bose 501s, and a Gerrard Turntable. Hated that turntable. Working in the Pentagon for the last 20 years along side some of the best of the best soldiers in the world. Thanks to all of our Vets and God bless all of our Men and Women in Uniform, they are America's best!! Dave
Riggerlt, April is coming up soon. Hope all is well for you there in Kandahar and welcome home next month!
Thanks Rja! I can't wait to treat myself to a new HT after the past year! I am getting sick of listening to movies via the "high-fidelity" sound of my computer.

...and I can't wait to go home!
Riggerlt, when you get back to the rock, say hello to Schofield Bks for me. Is Chee Hing's(?) still in Wahiawa? Watchyer topknot.
US Army Medical Corp - 7 years from beginning in 71.
Basic- Fort Campbell KY
AIT- Fort Sam where I had the best duty. They found out I was already a registered X-Ray tech. So ended up spending the mornings in the sick call clinic. Afternoons were mine to do anything I wanted and spent the evenings helping the other troops with their anatomy. I can still see many of the faces in my mind and wonder.
Will do on the hello to SB. Wahiawa is still the same, but I haven't seen a Chee Hing's...will have to do some research when I get back.
USN 1985-1992 Electronic Technician
Grand Father USMC WWII Pilot
Great Grandmother USArmy WWI Nurse
I joined the NAVY (or I meant tried to) in late 80's but got cut-off after ASVAB? for medical reasons, I guess they were right, at the time I was in what I thought was perfect health, now I am 100% dis-abled. anyway.......

US Army 70-74. First time to VN was with the 11th Cav. about 60 miles north of Saigon. Second trip was with Co P Rangers working out of Quan Tri. I was also stationed in Ft. Knox (Basic, AIT, and NCO schools), Ft. Riley (1/4 Air Cav. & 1st Inf. Div. honor guard), Ft. Benning (Ranger School), and Ft. Lewis (3/5 Cav.). In total, 3 years, 9 months and 16 days, but who was counting.

I try to keep nothing but good thoughts for the men and women doing the job now, while trying to hide my contempt for the pricks that put them there.
Well, I put in 7 years on active duty, the last 4 were in the USAF JAG at Travis AFB. Nothing very exciting. While I missed the Vietnam war, I just can't express how moved I was when I first visited The Wall in DC. What an incredible memorial! I tear up just thinking about it.

Then I read David Halberstam's "The Best and The Brightest" which covered the political scene in DC during the Kennedy and Johnson years. What a horrible waste of such valuable people!
Navy, '71-'76, USS Grant (SSBN 631). There are only two types of ships, submarines and targets.
Salute to Audiophile Vets! 22 years U.S. Navy. 1981-2003. 4 years general shipboard duties as a quad zero hospital corpsman, 4 as a Independent duty hospital corpsman and later 12 as a physician assistant. 17 permanent duty transfers, 3 ships, 5 years of school, and the countries visited on behalf of our military - Spain, France, Turkey, Austrialia, Japan carrier tour, PI, Korea, Thailand, Italy - Rome, Venice and Florence, Germany, Cuba, Diego Garcia tour, Africa, Azores, China, Singapore...INCONUS - Orland, Great Lakes, Camp Pendleton, Bethesda, Little Creek Amphib tour, San Diego, Mayport, FL, Bangor WA, Oklahoma City, Athens GA, and Kings Bay GA. So many details and unique stories. The best part? The Teammates and Teamwork. Like Vegas, what goes on during "liberty call" stays on the beach! This illusive diary will continue after the following messages from our sponsors...
USAF 1966-1968. I was drafted but was able to convert from the Army to the Air Force because I had majored in Aeronautics while in technical High School. Hated all my time in the military because I was anti VietNam war before being drafted and serving during the war only intensified my disgust for the Industrial-Corporate police operation presence we were dying for. I enjoyed my actual work on B-52s and made some wonderful friends but cannot remember waking up happy even one time during my stint.

I bought a lot of great vinyl at the BX and listened to it through headphones on my MagnaVox portable in my barracks. Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Canned Heat, Steppenwolf, Country Joe and the Rolling Stones helped me through a lot of tough down time.

God Bless our men and women in the military and the unbelievable work that they perform day in and out.
U.S. Navy 1963 - 1969 spending most of the time on the USS Midway and USS Ticonderoga. . . both aircraft carriers serving in the South China Sea during the Viet Nam war. I don't think of my service as anything special - thousands, if not millions, have gone before and since doing their duty and then assimilating back into society to continue on.
USS John S McCain DDG-36 based out of San Deigo.
Electricians Mate 3rd Class
WestPac 1974

Current System (currently rebuilding as funds permit):
Acoustat TNT200 Power Amplifier
PS Audio 6.2 Pre Amplifier
Rotel RCD1072
Vandersteen 2CE Signature
Bummer. I completely misinterpreted the heading. I was going to ask advice concerning my Akita.
He's wolfish. A spitz breed like Huskies, Malamutes, Samoyeds. More feral certainly than your basic boxer or spaniel. And much more dangerous, but no wolf. I'm sure they'd take him down in a short minute.

On the original topic, now that I realize what it is, I earned a 1-Y classification for having a blind eye. I still have it.
I was in the Air Force, on Okinawa, in 1968 when I bought my first system. Garrard SL95 turntable, Shure cartridge, Coral speakers and a Lux tubed integrated amp.
served in the U.S.Army 1974 thru 1986 as a Telecommunictions Operator, and then did the same thing as a civilian for the Navy for 4 more years GO FIGURE.
I bought alot of stereo gear while in the service.
The biggest baddest speakers I had were these monsterous JBL 4343 Monitors I bought special order in Germany in 1979.
Even back then they cost me almost 2K, Which was almost what I paid for my new car a FIAT 128.
Oh those were the days. I wish I would have kept the speakers. Just the drivers alone would sell for 2k today.
USAF 1987-2008. I bought a pair of Linn speakers during flight school in 1989 but ever had the front end to do them justice. Lately I'm putting together an all Linn system with Ninkas, a Trikan and the old Helixes.

I flew airplanes most of the time in the service. Started out on nuclear alert in SAC (in the B-1). Ended up deploying to the middle east flying over Afghanistan (in the B-1). Things sure have changed a lot in the last 20 years!
Dear Nrchy,
I am a 20-year Retired Navy Man myself. Spent most of my time deployed in the Pacific or West Coast. Used to shop in Worlds largest shopping Mall in Hong Kong, before it became part of China. Remember my ship visiting a U.S. Navy Base in the Phillipines, when there was still a Navy Base there. Remember being stationed on a Ship off of the coast of Somalia during, "Black Hawk Down". I was there in the Persian Gulf during the first Gulf War. I just wanted to thank everyone for the opportunity to serve this great Nation of ours. Every other place that I have been, is a very nice place to visit, but only makes me appreciate our own great Country even more!
Thank you, everyone of you for your service, this country owes you a debt of gratitude, and then some...
I too want to thank every man and woman who is serving, or has served our country. I wish our country took better care of you and yours that have sacrificed for all of us.