Anyone try a SUB THREE from Vandersteen yet?

Looks like finally put it on their site. Anyone order one yet? I would like to get an idea of how much better it is than the 2WQ. I have my eye on a used pair of 2WQs at the moment, but if the THREE is significantly better I may have to save up...

Here is the link to vandersteen:
I am a big Vandersteen fan and their 2wq is a great sub.  The three looks great, but at $2495 per, I think there are better choices.  For the same price, you could get a pair of Rythmik F12 subs and an antimode 8033.  If you are technically inclined you could use a mini dsp, which allows nearly unlimited subwoofer tuning for multiple subs.   
I don't think any other sub can integrate as well as the Vandersteen from all I've researched. The DSP sounds cool, but since my main listening is analog, I do not want to digitize the signal. Vandy fits the bill in this regard. The extra dough is worth that benefit IMO.
My equipment is likely too mid-fi for me to comment, but I have never understood the problem many have of integrating a sub into their system.  Maybe its because I have two SVS subs versus one?  Or just lucky? 
pretty much same amp and 11band EQ ( analog as you astutely point out ) as the highly regarded model 7 less the push pull aluminum the guts and engineering are all there for sure....

as team swarm may mention two subs will to some degree help smooth things vs a single model 3, so it is somewhat of a tough call...what is your room like ?

I know Rhythmic have fans w good ears, I have an ESL63 project going where I may build a set of the dipole subs but rest assured IF I do they will need to be better than sub3....

on the integration question...Vandersteen known for seamless years of messsing w subs, most people have them turned up to loud...home theater style...just my $.02
@bstatmeister I think you would be shocked at how low Treo personally, I would go there first.......

@jetter - Or maybe you haven’t heard one really well integrated. They are very very rare. :)

However, if you have 2 subs and may place them in ideal locations where one cancels the problems of the other, then you can do a lot more than those with just 1. 


" I don't think any other sub can integrate as well as the Vandersteen from all I've researched. The DSP sounds cool, but since my main listening is analog, I do not want to digitize the signal. Vandy fits the bill in this regard. The extra dough is worth that benefit IMO."

I share your concerns about taking analog to digital to back, but keep in mind, it is only the bass below 100 hz that this conversion is happening and it is after your main speakers.  Were it before, I wouldn't ever suggest it, as I believe it would be very audible there.  
Tom, believe me I would get the Treos in a heartbeat, but at 8400 dollars it's a tough pill to swallow. I have a pair of 2WQs from mid 2000s in my sight I can get for $1200 total, so I may opt for those first, unless the new THREE blows it away
I, too, own a pair of Treo's (non CT) with a pair of 2wq subs. 
I love this pairing and am reluctant to change it.
Though, I can see the temptation of getting a pair of Sub 3.
As I have been waiting for an Ayre KXR to come to the used market, and not finding any, I, too, have been considering using that money on a pair of Sub 3's. The Vandy website explains that the Sub 3 has upgraded parts in the amp as well as the drivers, so I can assume bass output is 'tighter' and more accurate-especially with the equalizer.
My listening is more casual, and I can't place my subs in the best positions in my room, so I think I will pass for the time being.

If you want a good opinion, contact Johnny Rutan at audioconnection (his Agon ID, too). He can give you the best information and will never pressure or sell you. He knows Vandersteen as well as Mr. V. and I trust his opinion implicitly.
I owned a pair of Quatro's that have the 11 band equilizer set up, and this actually is most important if you cannot move the speakers to optimal bass locations.  So, your situation might be well served by the new Sub 3...
@jbrrp1 ,
As I said, I have no issues with my system currently, so moving to up to the Sub 3 isn't high on my list, but I do agree that the equalizer would probably take things to another level.
I need to talk with Johnny R. and get some more info. In fact, I want to order some AQ Thunder power cables, and a pair of VLR's.
I have a pair of Sub 3 on order (with xcrossovers) to integrate with Magnepan 20.7. I am checking with my dealer if I really could use 2 more for the "final" solution. He is checking with Mr V.
@gdnrbob yes same M5-hp filters
you want as high quality as possible filter to not get in the way of the music....
@bstatmeister nope have not heard the 2’s. Just went with David at hifi buys suggestion and backed it up with some research into vandy subs. I did listen to the Vandy 7 mk2 with a pair of the sub 9. Very impressive but should be for 80k. Allen (hifi buys owner) spoke to RV and they agreed, said try a pair of sub 3 first the equalizer should do its job. 6 woofers total should work.
I would tend to believe the Sub 3's would be a vast improvement over the 2Wq's.
I have a pair of Sub 3's on order from JohnyR, as the recommendation of this forum.  They should be here soon.  I have not heard the Sub 2wq, so unable to compare.  My main speakers are Apogee Scintilla One Ohm ribbons, so I will get a good indication of how well the Sub 3's integrate.  Auditioned the Sub 3's in Verona and made the decision to go ahead.  Also getting the best xovers RV has.  I really liked the way he does this and the eq.  

I understand this is an old thread, but it is right in the middle of what I am considering.

I have an old Vandersteen 2W (over 25 years in my system) with a pair of Acoustat 1+1's.  I replaced my NAD 7600 with a Nakamichi PA 7Aii power amp and an NAD C165BEE pre-amp.  The bass disappeared.  Had to do with the capacitance of the amps.  

I just completed an A/B comparison of my 2W with the Sub 3 at my primary audio dealer.  I thought the 2W was a goner, but with a 2WX test crossover it is fine.  Comparing the 2W with the Sub 3 (both matched with the Vandersteen Treo's) was enlightening.  I really liked the Sub 3, but I was not blown away by it.  We used the high end crossover system Vandersteen promotes so it was apples to apples.  

While I was not blown away with the Sub 3 I am considering upgrading to it.  The room was fuller (same gain as measured by my personal SPL meter) with it and the analog EQ easily corrected for room frequency nodes.  However, if I do upgrade I will probably stick with the X2 crossovers rather the M5 or M7 crossover (essentially doubles the cost or more of the Sub 3).  I am concerned the performance will slip with the X2's. 

I am also considering a pair of Rythmik F12SE or the REL T/9x.  I would pair either set with an SPL analog Crossover (from Germany).

Looking for thoughts, observations, or just "are you insane" comments.