I have a new refurbished Apple phone that I have spent quit a bit of time trying to contact somebody at Apple to fix it....Its one month old......I have to wonder how a person can call a Apple person without spending the rest of there life trying to contact someone in the communication business.....I have tried e-mail, of course no body has a phone number, but if your phone doesn;t work , how would you call them anyhow......Maybe I should just sell it and get another brand that works.............What do you think ?? 
why would you not go to the apple store and talk to someone there about getting your phone fixed ?               
I would say there's not a Apple Store with in a hundred miles of here.....I ordered it from the inter-net store.....
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I would say there’s not a Apple Store with in a hundred miles of here.....I ordered it from the inter-net store.....

just asking , but have you done a google search of the nearest apple store ?

can you return the phone from where you purchased it ?

I just spent over a hour on the phone with the good Apple people and I have not got any help what so ever, and the people are rued and hard to deal with.........I will sell this factory Refurbished phone , from Apple.....And hope I will not have to deal with Apple again.....The only reason I even bought it was for quality, which it does not have .....Its poor Chinese junk....
Try Xiaomi next time.

Equivalent hardware and a far less restrictive operating system to boot.

The sub £300 Redmi Pro Note 10 is an excellent phone and more than capable of holding its own against anything Apple can offer.

The last good phone Apple made was the iPhone 6s plus, the last one with a headphone jack.
It wouldn't have to be much better than the apple phone, the Apple phone is worth-less......The Apple service is worth-less.........My Kyocera phone is twice the phone at less than half the cost.......And I have used it for years..
Every experience I've had with Apple support (and I've had a few) has been a pleasure. Be it Mac or phone related, they've bent over backwards to work with and accommodate me, and they've done this long before it was a free service (and not charging me for being out of warranty when they used to charge).

Sounds like you've started this thread just to vent your frustration. I wonder if you were as patient dealing with them as you've been eager to denounce them.

All the best,
Buying anything Apple without an Apple store nearby is asking for what you got. I buy a new phone every year <$200.
find it interesting that the OP doesnt mention what kind of issue he is having with the phone ?

could it be user error ?

or is there really not a problem with the phone at all ?
Riley   Why would I waste this time trying to get some answers to my service issues if there wasn't a problem ???   The speaker phone doesn't work properly .....It is distorted to the listener......It would be very easy to return for service, but I can't get anyone to tell me where to send it.....I bought this phone from the Apple store on line on 7-12-21.....I have spent money to activate it which I will lose, I will have to do all this over again it I can ever get it repaired ......My attitude is getting bad because I'm not getting anywhere and I need this phone to work......All of this is simple if someone at Apple would tell me what to do with this worthless phone.....Apple doesn't care about you or me, its all about the money and nothing else.....I will probably throw this phone in the trash before I can get anyone to fix it and I'm not sure that won't be the best thing.......Thanks
what model phone did you get ? is it a new phone or an older model?       my iPhone 7 was great in the beginning but after having it for a while, phone calls were not good at all.       conversations would cut in / out all the time.  upgraded the phone and problem went away.      its like they force you to upgrade.     

i just find it odd that not one time in your post or replies did you mention what kind of issues you were having.....but instead just kept saying how the phone doesnt work.

i asked this question earlier and didnt get a reply on it....but can you return the phone to where you bought it from ?

Piss Poor customer Service is now the norm in the USA. They try to do everything with a computer, including the customer service itself. Some things need more explanation than the computer can deal with. Pitiful. I hate to call any place for customer service now. Purchasing is easy. Afterward nobody cares.So I feel your pain and disgust
I’m not sure why you are rantin here, but anyway.

If you want assistance, why not explain what happened, what you did etc.

  • 1. Any background info
  • 2. Who is your carrier?
  • 3. How did you activate it on their network?
  • 4. Did it ever work?
  • 5. If so, when did it stop and what might you have done around the same time?
from here you might get some useful answers.
BTW i have generally found the people at apple support quite helpful. They too will want the basics before moving forward.

Totally Fake. Why would anyone go to a audio blog to annoy people about their phone not working that they brought off the back of a truck? This whole thread should be deleted. Maybe if I mention Rap Music one of the admins will delete it like they do with every thread on Rap music. 
Autospec- I’m going to call bs on your threads about apple being rude and no help. You have to be working for the 2nd or 3rd rate vendor. I’ve had apple many decades since the apple II and never once had apple been rude/no help on any product. I have spent hours working on a problem a couple of times in almost 50 years and I have returned a product or 2 during these years for a replacement without apple batting an eye
If you are a real customer, I'm sure your arrogance and blatant lack of education has something to do with your not being taken seriously.  I don't like Apple, but I was forced to use an iPhone by my employer while my wife and daughter got a Samsung and an HTC.  Boy was I jealous.  Anyway, I'm sure Apple would not have garnered its cadre of lemmings if the product or the service were as bad as you say.
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Hey what type of apple phone is it if your telling the truth I will buy it from you
no 100 mile drive just a drop in the. Mail box
I waiting for this thread to dive into a flame fest. Just so you know, the OP isn't someone that would waste your time. He knows all about excellent products and service. Meet Will Vincent, tube amp builder and restorer.
Check him out:
I've used Apple products for over 15 years now (since the iNtel switch) and have never even come close to having an issue getting something repaired or replaced. 

Makes me wonder...
These forums seem to totally get off track , sometimes in a very short order.......And most of the comments are from people in big cities, with good problem solving.......I think we have said enough............W
If you bought a phone that doesn’t work send it back. If you bought it from someone with no returns…what did we learn?
Apple sucks, buy a Samsung Android phone....I've owned Apple iPhones, and they all have had issues. They are difficult to use with usb storage media without buying additiinal proprietary Apple gadgets to make it work. The battery life also sucks, and the screens constantly Crack and issues with the android phones I've had. 
All refurbished phones are like that, you never know what could be wrong with it and brand doesn’t matter. If you want cheaper buy demo or display iPhone better. Ones i had to replace a cracked screen on my daughters iPhone X and at Apple store they said that repair doesn’t worth for them instead they offered me completely new demo phone same price as repair. 
Short VERSION:  RETURN it and go to  They Never Fail you for perfect new used gear.
It seems that people can do what they want to do with anything they don't like....That is not true in the real world, we have to somewhat get along and try to work things out....If it was up to me I would return the phone for a full refund and start over....But I can't just put it in a box and return it....I must get someone the agree to that, which I haven't been able to do.....I could just throw it away and fix the problem quickly......But at this point I'm too cheap to do that....I could maybe get in my car and drive to a Apple store and maybe they would take it back and return my money, but that probably won't happen either....So I was looking for reasonable ways to get this to work and maybe someone would have it, but that didn't happen either....Some of the people even say I'm un-educated and just plain stupid....I maybe, for even thinking that intelligent people would come up with such idea's and think they know me well enough to call me un-educated......I'm ashamed of my fellow man kind to think that of some one they don't even know .....I will leave this to the people , to kick around............I will thank the person that said nice things about me and the amplifiers I build ..........GOOD DAY
"They are difficult to use with usb storage media without buying additiinal proprietary Apple gadgets to make it work."

"The battery life also sucks,"

All true. Every single iPhone user I know constantly frets about their battery dying out.

Just take a look at all the YouTube videos suggesting various ways to extend the battery life.

[Basically you are asked to turn virtually half of its features off!]

And then there’s the multiple issues with file transfer and running out of storage. 64GB is far too small for 2021 and there's no option of expansion. Only of renting iCloud space.

Not to mention the hassle of transferring / rescuing data in order to escape the Apple ecosystem.

Yet my 16 year old daughter, and most if not all of her friends won’t even consider using a different brand.

There must be something highly attractive about iPhones that eludes me.

Could it be the aspect ratio, or the apparent simplicity of the software, or just the brand name?

Whatever it is, and it doesn’t seem open to debate, it’s a problem we will have to address soon as my daughter’s 64GB 6s plus is getting a little long in the tooth and short of storage.

She’s a little annoyed with Apple at the moment as she wants the 13 pro max (the only one with a half practical battery).
Unfortunately it only comes in 3 colours, none of which strongly appeal to her.

Perhaps she’ll accept a well looked after used 11 pro max?

@autospec ,
If a factory reset didn’t help, and no other ways of getting help can be found, you may have to
dump it and move on.

You could sell it, but it would only be fair to state exactly what the problem was in your ad.

Some bright and extremely patient folks out there can still repair iPhones despite Apple’s best attempts to stop them.

You don’t want someone else to go through your experience.

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Sir:    They have to approve any return, and to that they have you do a dozen testes that I am not qualified to do......All I have a phone for is to call and receive calls.......I don't know much more than that......I have to use a speaker phone and that's the part that is hard to test, so untel someone approves a return I am stuck........Thanks
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TVAD:  I can see your more than willing to help with this, which is a lot more than most....One of the problems I have with phones is my server is a small company that has specialized requirements for phones on there system .....I would normally get a old style flip phone , but they won't work on there system....That's how I got stuck with a "Smart" phone and the problems that this one has just makes it worst......But I also build amplifiers and I have run out of time with all this for the moment...So I will have to cool it for a couple days and get my other stuff caught up..........Again I do thank you for your help.........W
I have given this Apple phone to someone who has more patients than me...........THANKS
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The only thing I have learned is, stay away from Apple products if you think you will ever need service............
Wow, I signed up on an audio website to read about classic Kyocera gear, and found someone whining about an Apple phone.  I feel like I stepped into the Twilight Zone.
Welcome, you get it all here. I have owned Kyocera cd players, and an integrated amp, all excellent performers, with great build quality.
Very under rated.

Well:  I have spent two-three months with my new Apple phone and my new Apple I pad and I can't beleave people will actually spend money on something this worth-less, Beteen pass-words, user-names and codes......A person could spend a good part of ones life just trying to call someone or like tonight, trying to download a "App"......It is a absolute joke to buy something like this so you can set your heat in your house, watch the people next door, operate your Streamer and maybe call someone.......Only if you have enough codes, pass-words, and pure luck...............Every time I see someone passing pictures around or looking at there house from afar, I get a real a big smile on my face............If someone told you that you had to have a Apple phone, you would fight them to the death.......WHAT A JOKE  ???

I’m definitely not a “techie”. I can mutter my way thru an Apple product. I do however agree that sometimes these devices are not very intuitive.  My wife usually steps in when she sees me yelling at my IPad or phone.  Don’t feel bad autospec, it took me a few years to figure out how to post a pic from a hosting site.  True story. 

I understand your frustration having only just escaped the Apple autocracy.

Even to escape it was a nightmare backing up my photos and transfering data off iCloud.

As of December 2021 there is no simple way of transferring WhatsApp chat from iPhone to android.

If it wasn’t for VLC media player I’d have given up with iPhones years ago.

The entire Apple ecosystem is geared up to users buying more iCloud storage. The meagre 5GB offered for free is more or less useless to back up anything like a normal iPhone. The endless reminders about getting booster jabs remind me of the endless reminders about buying more iCloud storage.

Income streams matter most.

It goes without saying that life on Android is infinitely easier.


Yes, the hardware is good, but the software is simply too inflexible. It’s geared up towards those who buy/stream everything online.


Anyway, having escaped the Apple ecosystem the next step would be to escape the Google ecosystem.

It’s bearable, for now at least.

I have given this Apple phone to someone who has more patients than me...........THANKS 

I don’t think it good give phone to busy doctor.

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