Ascend Sierra 1 vs Triangle Borea BR08

I decided to upgrade my current bookshelf speakers (Infinity R162s). I've settled on 2 options based on some reviews: 

  • Ascend Sierra 1 (on sale for 680/ pair) 
  • Triangle Borea BR08 (on sale for 800/ pair) 
I'm newer to audio stuff, but I felt it was a good time to upgrade. My current system and listening area: 

  • Denon AVR-X2600H (95WPC) 
  • HSU VTF2 MK5 
  • Fluance RT-85 (Nagaoka MP150) 
  • Art DJ Pre II (12V power supply upgrade) 
  • 24'x15' living/dining area with 9' ceilings
  • Not treated and can't be because WAF
  • Opening to kitchen and staircase 
  • Listening Position about 7-8 feet from speakers currently
Originally I thought the Triangle might fill the space better and I like that is 3-way. That said I've heard some middling reviews about response.

Sierra 1s are at a great price, and I would assume better quality. What I'm concerned about is achieving adequate volume in the space.

I value accuracy above volume, but I don't want it to sound anemic in space. I will probably end up just trying both and judging for myself, but curious as to your opinions. 

Thanks! This is my first post here. 
If you want to stretch it a bit and go the used route, Ascend Sierra2's come up at around $800 A pair.
A custom SEAS driver and RAAL ribbon tweeter, bamboo cabinet.
A true, terrific sounding bargain.
Having owned both Triangle and Ascend speakers, I would say the former are more detailed while the latter punch a bit heavier. Neither is better or worse - just a matter of taste.

However, the Sierras are harder to drive, measuring 86db compared to the Triangle's more current friendly 92db. Frankly, I'd be more comfortable with floorstanders.
Welcome to you.
I have a Sierra for a center channel. It works great with an AVR. Front level is set at -5 so it seems plenty efficient with Janszen’s front and Martin Logan’s in back.
If course trying both is the only way to know what’s better for your lifestyle.
Good luck finding happiness.


I am surprised to hear the Triangles are more detailed. My uneducated assumptions would think Ascend would be more focused on detail. 

And yes, floor standing is attractive, but I'm game either way. I did read some numbers about the impedance dropping into the 3s in the BR08S though.
Never heard the Triangles but had the Ascends which I recall being smooth, non-fatiguing, while providing pretty good imaging. Sometimes I wish I never sold them. Friendly owner, great company, too.

I can’t imagine you’ll have any issues filling your room with music on these speakers - don’t think they would sound anemic.

Ascend is local to me and that's attractive. I have heard great things about, Dave, the owner as well. 

Ascend also offers an upgrade kit that takes the 1s to the 2-EX and shaves a few hundred off the price. So that's also attractive. 

Truth be told, I ordered the Triangles a couple days ago because I figured the deal would be dead. Found them on Adorama thru slickdeals. Looks like back to 1200-1400/pair. 
Man, you scored.  I was strongly considering the Bro 3 a while back.  I don’t think you could have even done better buying used.  
Enjoy your new speakers!

I'll most likely purchase the Sierra 1 as well. Figure if I like them more than the Triangle, I can sell the BR08S for around what I paid and make someone happy with the deal. Saves me shipping. 
My bet is that the triangles will win.  The build quality won’t be as good but I bet they sound much fuller.  The mids and highs should be fine on the Triangles also.
If you use a high pass filter, you'll never run out of dynamic range with your sub.

Since you'll be using a sub, plug the ports. 

We shall see. 3-way, bigger cabinet, Chinese budget model vs. 2-way, smaller, bamboo, US made, and upgradeable to their high-end model.
True, but the drivers in the bro’s still look nice.  No cast baskets...stamped rather, but nice sized magnets and good venting.  The cabs are decently braced too. The Bros are going to be more dynamic in my guess.

I am curious to see what you prefer though!

That AVR needs to go!  Is this a surround set-up or...?  Im confused because you have a vinyl setup but no 2 channel amp.

The AVR is new. It struck a good balance for me right now. Decent power, lots of lossless streaming capability, good DAC, video inputs, room correction (I’ve EQd below 300hz and it’s pretty incredible). Of course separate audiophile components sounds appealing, but this works for my space right now. No integrated amplifier had all the things I wanted. Maybe one day I can afford a high end Anthem or something with Dirac.

I’ll report back when I’ve had a chance with both of them.
Got both pairs of speakers yesterday and hooked them up this morning. I'm no veteran, but my impressions so far: 

  • Sierra 1 - these are on a different level to what I've heard before. There is detail, clarity and an openness that is incredibly exciting. Instruments are very well defined and separated. I don't find these warm or bright, but just very easy to listen to. I ended up with a full toe-in with these. They are about 7 feet apart and 7 feet from me. 
  • Borea BR08 - these guys are bigger than I expected. Solid build, even if basic. They are more sensitive than the Sierras and create more of a "wall of sound" in my room. However, the sound quality seems more similar to my Infinity R162s, just bigger and more defined. 
I'll take more time with these, but I'm leaning towards the Sierra. The Triangles make for a more rocking speaker, but the Sierra seems to just be on a different level.
Your impression of the Sierra 1s being easy to listen to reminded me of why I enjoyed this speaker so much. When I had them I remember listening for hours without any listener fatigue. They were constantly playing in the background on the weekends or in the evening. I’d be curious to see where you land on your decision after some extended listening sessions between the two. Seems like there’s a lot of value from those Triangles - especially for the price.
I did some more testing last night and I’ve settled on the Sierras. Don’t get me wrong, the Triangles have a lot going on, but they just don’t have the clarity and detail the Sierras do. This was a case of quality vs quantity. Ultimately, I made the choice based on which I’d miss most. 

Edit: the Sierras can also be upgraded to their 2-EX model (RAAL ribbon tweeter, new crossover, and new woofer) with a kit they provide. Both use the same bamboo cabinet. That won't be for awhile, but the ability to jump up to another level is a nice plus to the Ascends.
The rational of quality over quantity combined with choosing based on which you’d miss most is sound. I think if we all followed this thought process we’d all make better decisions in this hobby.

Sierra’s with its upgrade options are hard to ignore. I can’t see this happening, but if you decide to sell them in the future, let me know, coolhand!!!