Back to Basics with Magical Mini Monitors

Having spent more and more money on bigger and bigger speakers, a new apartment with smaller listening dimensions is forcing me back to basics.

I am trying to install a pair of mini monitors on stands to sit on either side of a projection screen and preferably function well against a wall.

I have very fond memories of a friends pair of Rogers LS35a's circa 1980. And one of the better demos I have ever heard in a New York audio shop was a tweaked out Linn turntable playing through a simple Naim Nait with the original Linn Kans on the original Linn stands.

I mention these designs because I think they were not ported in the rear and therefore could be pushed flush against the wall which will help me immensely.

Therefore, if anyone could update me on this style of speaker I would greatly appreciate a better understanding of what I might buy today.

Rolled off frequency extremes, limited bass, difficult to drive, euphonically coloured, overpriced etc etc no problem whatsoever.

Just please give me midrange that will make me cry.

Try the ATC line of monitors--I have the SCM-12's for home theater fronts and they are amazing. If the 12's are too big (they're standard size monitors), there is also a smaller version, I think the SCM-7's, which are quite small, like 6" x 9". Neither set of monitors has rear ports and can be placed next to/near a back wall. They are very dynamic and detailed and have a lovely midrange.
Hi Cwlondon

I have been extremely happy with my Harbeth ES7 II's. They have been the most satisfying speaker system I have ever owned, and I have owned many.

All the best.


Merlin TSM-M will fit the bill nicely.

Cheers, Spencer
Lots of choices. I second the Harbeths and don't forget Spendors, Epos (damn good deal on EL12s on Audio Advisor right now), Merlins, Silverlines, and the 'L' series by Quad like the 11 & 12.
SEHRING 700 Monitors!!!!! You will be floored by the new Sehring 700 monitors. Pricey, but stunning. They have the deepest soundstage, most transparent and best midrange I have ever heard. Period. (one caveat: I am a dealer for Sehring-but I speak the truth!)
Thanks everyone so far

Looking at the Harbeth's -- they strike me as the quirky midrange obsessed design that I want.

(At least according to their copywriter/PR office...)


Very tempting to consider the Epos as they are a lot cheaper and the cabinet looks pretty good, too.

However, would the rear port pose a problem against the wall?

Has anyone tried the Epos or have any idea how they would compare to the Harbeths?

More spine tingling midrange ideas please.
Yes, rear porting on the Epos would cause problems if too close to a wall. I have heard Harbeths twice (not in my system) and thought they sounded superbly musical, more so than Epos. I loved the look and feel of Harbeths, also, however, the Epos are damn well made and good looking. I think the Harbeth models I heard were music lovers speakers; midrange of purity and a natural presentation that just says, "Sit down and enjoy, forget everything except the music."

By the way, the ProAc Response 2 (not the 2.5) is a very nice speaker but out of production now for a few years.
The Epos are a very good speaker and a bargain at the current pricing. They do what english monitors are known for, PRAT. Midrange is spot on. They have a metal tweeter and can be a little bright though, they need to be paired accordingly. I would agree about the rear port issue, They do have great bass though.

I sold the Epos and now have the Europa's, and yes, they are more musical with much more refined highs.

OK I hope it's not a case of false economy, but comparing Harbeth vs Epos $$$ I just Fedexed the Epos from Audio Advisor.

They will have to live close to the wall, but perhaps I can angle them in a bit more so the port isnt facing the back wall directly.

Bright? I will use them temporarily with my normal ARC/Levinson/SCD-1 gear while wrapping up the Tympanis for storage.

At the risk of sounding self indulgent, they will be going the foot of my bed where I have mounted the projection screen.

Perhaps after I rewire my trusty old Naim Nait for US voltage, I will then use the integrated in the bedroom, move the big amps to the living room, and ask for opinions on yet another pair of speakers.

What fun!
I recently auditioned both Totem Model 1's and ProAc Tablette Reference 8's. These are both very impressive little speakers, although they are both rear-ported. Another great speaker from a lesser known company are the S2's, by Induction Dynamics. I heard these speakers crammed into a stuffed bookcase, flat up against the rear wall, and they sounded fantastic. According to the dealer (who also showed me the Totems), they are very tolerant of placement, and are not ported. Interestingly, most of their models have equivalent in-wall, on-wall, or corner models. They are really some very nice sounding speakers.

Of course, if the rear porting is not an issue, I'd also seriously consider ProAc and Totem. The ProAc's really had outstanding midrange, to my ears, at least.