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Anybody interested in starting a club or discussion grp
I just want to add my thanks to Sang and the others who attended our get together Sunday. I really enjoyed listening to Sang's system, the big Maggies driven by the Joule tubes were really special. Luckily Sang has a big room as there were 8 of us enjoying the music, drinks and food. We also got to listen to Paul's sweet sounding modded Sony CD player and an impressive pair of Merlin monitors. It really got interesting when the Room Measurement equipment was set up and we were able to view room response plots, which indicated Sang 's space works pretty well.
Thanks to Mike for offering to host our next gathering, any dates in mind?

Wanted to add my thanks to Sang for hosting. This was a great afternoon, good food and drink for an army. Sang's system sounded fantastic. He was most gracious in letting us fool around a bit. Paul's, Paul Weitziel(SP?) modded Sony CPD was a wonderful surprise. The Merlins were a pleasure to listen to, and I would love to hear them after the are broken in. realRTA is a good tool and worth the $300 of so investment not counting the cost of the computer.
I'd also like to thank Sang for hosting a great Audio Meeting. The music, food, and hospitality were awesome!

For those that weren't able to make it or that left early, please email me through Audiogon as I have some additional meeting notes I'd like to share.

Yes, thanks Sang, your hospitality was wonderful, as was the sound and music. I'll host in February. How about the 17th or 24th?

I'll add my thanks to Sang for hosting a fun afternoon talking audio and tweaking his system. I hope we were able to help improve the system for you so you can derive greater musical satisfaction.

Thanks, guys. I had a lot of fun. I really appreciate you taking time out of a Sunday to do some 2 channel fellowship. The meeting was especially worthwhile for me since I was able to learn about my room as well as gain some valuable perspectives about my system.

I'd love some more information about the computer software and microphone that we were using. That was very enlightening.

I can't wait to listen to someone else's system.

Glad to see we have a nice group of interested people here, and I look forward to meeting you all.

If we are all going to try and stay in touch, any interested in maybe setting up a mailling list we can all message back and forth through for such events as I know we don't want to post addresses a public information here.

As I work in computers/internet for a living, it would take all of 10 minutes to create something like or maybe so we had in essence a home base for us to all use. From there we could create an opt-in maillist that interested parties could request to join, and send mail/info for the group to see so it would be redistributed.

Just a thought.. If any are interested I am happy to make it all happen...

I think Howard's suggestion has some merit. I especially like the fact that we could have a web presence that could be helpful to attract more members. In turn, maybe that could be beneficial in the sense that we could get a retailer or manufacturer every once in a while to demo products for us (maybe if they're passing through Maryland). Just my 2 cents.
It all depends on what we want to do as a club. As we discussed last Sunday I thought we were going to keep it small and not "Too Public" for now. That was the reason we agreed with Paul Stein to use a list service to communicate. Some audio clubs get quite big and require a lot of management.
Well my intention wasn't for any specific purpose or agenda, just trying to find ways to help keep communications open between everyone.

I don't think what I was talking about required some big organization or infrastructure to make happen, but guess that's cause I have done so much stuff like that over the years.

I just thought it might be nice to be able to email to to or and communicate with all interested people in the area (where xyz can be whatever). Then if we wanted to have a meeting, or to announce anything it could be done in a web page.

I talked a little to Paul in eMail, and what has been done to start is great. We can roll with that, or if there is enough interest/desire by the group I am happy to register a domain name for us to use as well. I mean we are only talking about a ten dollar investment..

I guess the bottom line is, it looks like the start of a nice group to start, and anything we can do to keep it going is great in my opinion..

I know I didn't attend the gathering, but I have posted interest in this group before. (Really sorry that I couldn't go because not only did I use to be a Magnepan 3.6 owner, but I now use the Merlin VSM-M, an older but bigger version of the monitors and I would have loved to have been there.) Anyway, has anyone considered using the Regional Circle section on The Regional section is where many audio clubs centralize their communications, announcements and plan meetings. There is already a Mid-Atlantic Audio club, but most, though not all, of them are in the DC and Northern VA area, so I don't think we would be treading on any other groups toes. I didn't read all the fine print, but it does require that someone be designated as a facilitator who would manage the site and you can loose the site if there's no activity for something like 30 days. Anyway, I'm just throwing the idea out there for discussion since following all the communications as a "club" seems much more cumbersome on Audiogon than it is on Audiocircle (no offense Audiogon). Just take a look at the Regional Circles over there and see what you guys think.
Congrats gents, we are now in second place on the number of posts for Audio Clubs surpassing Cleveland (Cleveland rocks?!?)

IMHO, posting on this thread works for me, although I have joined the Yahoo Group Paul set up so I don't miss anything. We can make this as formal as most of us want, but I prefer the informal approach that led us to a fine afternoon at Sang's. My personal goals for the Baltimore Audio Club are to meet other audiofools, hear other people's systems (and music), have the opportunity to swap equipment, cables, etc. in and out of systems (mine especially, but others' as well) to find out what works for my tastes...
Maybe if everyone chimes in with their goals, we can move as a group in the most desired direction.

Oh heck, whoever wants to come over, bring a six-pack and some vinyl and let's groove. ;)
Just to whet Hzrtwergerger's appetite that much more, the TSM,s were MMe's. They sounded great.

I didn't mean to open can of worms by supporting the website. I'm fine with a low keyed approach using the yahoo groups.

BTW, I'm a huge believer in power cords. I have some Fusion pc's that I'm playing with now. I'd like to shootout some power cords in the future.

Quoting Hartwerger:
Anyway, I'm just throwing the idea out there for discussion since following all the communications as a "club" seems much more cumbersome on Audiogon than it is on Audiocircle (no offense Audiogon).

Wow, I went and looked at AudioCircle, and that sure didn't look any less confusing to me. I have run a few forums, and it's all quite easy. Also looking at audiocircle, unless I was just lost and didn't find the right spot, I saw very little sign of any real activity.

I think it would be neat even as an informal group, to take and see if some of the local A/V shops would let others know of our arranged gatherings, and we might dig some other interested xphiles out of the woodwork. We should for sure stay vendor, and reseller neutral.

Anyway I have joined the Yahoo group, which is a good start. If any would like to register an official domain name for the group and venture down that path, I am happy to take care of that as well.

Great to see some interest.. :)

Quoting Wb3ffv:
"Wow, I went and looked at AudioCircle, and that sure didn't look any less confusing to me. I have run a few forums, and it's all quite easy."

No problem. Just use the Yahoo group or whatever everyone finds most convenient. On Audiocircle, once you form your club, you get an entire section for the club. For example, under Regional Circles, you would have an entire section for your club. It might be called the Baltimore Audio Society (BAS) for which when you open that section there would be a list of threads for any topic of interest only related to that particular club, eg., plans for next meeting, thoughts about the last meeting, latest purchases, etc. There are already many clubs listed under the Regional Circle, such as the Mid-Atlantic Audio Society or the Gateway Audio Society, etc. I'm not suggesting that Audiocircle is better than Yahoo or any other website host, but merely that it seemed easier than having one single thread here on Audiogon that will surely be many many pages long in a few months. Yahoo is fine with me if that's what everyone would like to use. I was also throwing the idea of Audiocircle out there for thought because its part of a broader audio community, like Audiogon.

Sang: Yeah, I had a feeling that you had the lead free version. From what I've read, I am jealous. There's a guy in Northern VA who has offered an open invitation to come here his lead free VSMs with a Music Reference RM-9SE. The RM-9 is a classic, but the SE version is supposed to be extra special. I've been told there were only 18 of them made and they cost somewhere around 3x as much as the standard version. Never hearing the lead free version of the Merlins or the SE version of the Music Reference amp, it could be a fun an interesting trip down there. If you have any interest, feel free to send me a PM or email. My problem is that my weekend schedule is sometimes more hectic than the weekday. Still, I gotta start getting out to hear more audio equipment and these club meetings. Just too much fun not to. By the way, I'm kind of a closet cable nut too. What are the fusions and how do you like them so far?

Join the yahoo group if you haven't done so already. I think we all have the same type of limitations, but hopefully we can work around them. I'd love to hear you Music Reference amp.

I'm interested in getting together with any local audio enthusiasts. If anyone knows of a nearby group please let me know. Thanks.

Hi, Happy holidays
We have moved our com to Yahoo Groups
Search Yahoo Groups for "Baltimore Audio Club"
go to Baltimore Audio club in Yahoo groups
things are a bit quite these days
we do have a member in columbia
there is also a Mid-Atlantic audio club. They meet in Columbia sometimes, but I think most events are in Northern VA (don't quote me on that since I've been out of the scene as of late). The Mid-Atlantic club can be found on
Dont forget to come to the Capital Audiofest on June 11-13 in Rockville. We have a good lineup!
Check out the Capital Audiofest 2011 updates. Hope to see you there.
I live in Mount Airy (30 miles west of Baltimore) and would participate in a Baltimore club, if there is one.
ej I am in NW Baltimore County, about halfway out to Mount Airy.   Maybe there will be some new interest.
There is a wonderful music and audio shop(s) movement in Baltimore-
hope you guys can get a club together.
After a dozen or so years involved in leadership of a thriving local audio club, I'd be happy to share some insights by phone with whomever is trying to get this group together. Perhaps some of our experiences will help you get on a good path. PM me if interested. Cheers,
President, Philadelphia Area Audio Group
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Hello all!

Reviving this thread..just to see who lives in Baltimore and the surrounding counties.  erhaps we can begin/continue with a simple meeting & greet at a pub, bar or restaurant just to get together any gauge any interest?

I live in the White Marsh area and usually free on the weekends. 

Hope you're all enjoying the music...


2005 the OP first posted this thread.
Wow. Old thread!
 Maybe I missed it, "As I was scrolling through real quick" but there is a well established "Audiophile" club in MD already. With a few hundred members!
Yet I saw no mention of it here.
 And with the region's borders and geography as it is?
It is really a club which covers the entire, "Delmarva" region/area fairly well. And this does include "D.C."!
 (Of course)...

But I believe that it is the, (Name) that throws many off.
It is  called the, "D.C. HiFi Group".
But it is actually based, "mainly" in the "centrally" located state of MD.

(Covid-19) threw us for a loop as it did everyone. But we are back meeting monthly again. And we also have a nice website with forums and etc. With more info of course. In case anyone is interested.
Check it out!
I am in that group so is Paul who started this thread great group to be a part of, contact John to come to a meeting and see if you like it, also see you at Capitol Audiofest

This is an invitation to attend SpeakerFest 2022 Saturday August 27th

10am-4pm At the Fountain Hills Community Center near Phoenix. for details.

Two new speaker models will be debuting there. One from Falcon Acoustics and

another from LSA. Dennis Murphy of Philharmonic and Leo of Orchard Audio will present their products.

About 20 different models to experience for $10 admission. DEAL!!

Hello, I am in Ellicott City and just checking to see if anything is active with this group!  Would love to have anyone over for listening or whatever.  Ken

Gromm Mu1 MM Tambaqui  Audionet Stern and Heisenbergs  YG Haileys

There is a group in DC area I believe.  Agoner @lancelock  might know more. 

I'm still kicking in NW Baltimore County and always interested in talking hifi and music.