Best 2channel amps for my speakers.

Hello everyone, 

I’m looking for advice on  amps that will bring out the best in my speakers for 2 channel listening. I would like to hear from  someone with the same speakers that I have but all suggestions are welcome. Separates or a good integrated will be considered. I have Focal Kanta 3 towers and 4 RELs-510 subs. 
I would love to hear from others as well. Also if the amp/s I choose only have 2 sub outputs what is the best way (wiring ) to incorporate the other 2 subs? Thanks 

Subs can be connected any of a number of ways. If you have two channels out you can run one to each sub. Regardless of where they are, because sub bass is all mono. L & R both the same. You can split them with a splitter. If one sub or amp has a bypass you can use that to go to another sub. If all else fails or you have no sub or pre-out you can use a line out converter to connect the subs to your speaker outs. There are so many options this is a total non-issue. Unless you want something with a sub out with a filter that allows you to select the rolloff for the mains, something like this 
Which by coincidence will make your speakers sing like you never heard before. You will NOT need more power, especially not if you use the sub filter with your subs.
@ millercarbon. Thank you for the input. Do you know of any amps that would pair well with the Kantas? 
Choose your 2-ohm capable amp WISELY for the Focal Katana 3 Towers.

Key statement:
re: "you’ll get best performance if you use an amplifier that’s happy driving 2Ω loads.".

Review, Test:

Photo (Impedance dip @100hz)

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Conrad Johnson,
Don Sachs -Kootenay 120
Bob Latino - ST 125 Mono Blocks

I now have the Sachs Kootenay and it is very good. Dual regulated Power supplies, top grade parts throughout. But usually a 6-8 week wait list. When they come up on used market they are gone in 2 days

Bob Latino’s amps are best bang for buck. His ST-70 replaced a $4500 amp to my surprise. These don’t come up often either.

CJ, "it just sound right" is on target. Haven’t seen one of their amps on the used market in well over a year.

All these have very good customer service. These are all tube and I can recommend without reservation. Just comes down to budget.

One caveat is the 3 ohm dip in your speakers. I'd confer with the mfgs  to confirm their ability with this speaker before you purchase. BTW, those Rel subs like to be connected to the high input via Speakon which you may already know.
@artemus_5 ,

Thank you for the tips. I’ve been reading good things about those amps. 
10k-15k. Would a tube pre / SS integrated amp keep the beryllium tweeters under control? Most of the time they sound good with the mc8207 with only an occasional bit of brightness. I’ve been reading the Macs are on the warmer side of neutral. 

With your budget, you should have no trouble getting a proper amp/preamp or and very good Integrated amp. BTW an integrated amp has both preamp & amp. So, if you get a tube pre, you only need an amp. But as I said before, check with the mfg on the 3 ohm dip of your speakers
another mfg  to consider is Raven Audio. I believe their philosophy is high current vs instead of high wattage.  They have a 45 day $ back warranty. You might get a taste of tubes and see if you like it. Just a thought Enjoy. You will have a nice system when done
I’d check out a Raven integrated you can demo at home.  Best of luck.