Best audio racks

I am planning on buying some new audio racks, but most of this stuff is fairly plain looking to me. Does anybody have some cool manufacturers websites to share where I can find some racks that are a bit more exotic?
Look for the Sistrum rack. Not only is it cool looking, but it is the most effective rack I have tried.
take a look at racks, custom built, quality craftsmanship out of Vancouver B.C....Canadian dollars!
I personally like the Quardraspire's, they're very cool, come in numerous finishes, and are simple to use/build/upgrade.

They even make matching furniture!
I just added a second rack to my system last week and bought a Lovan. Go to for pictures and text. If you deceide to go with Lovan contact me and I will give you a e-mail address of a dealer that I found with the best prices. Good luck.
Depending on your taste and how handy you are, you may want to consider retrofitting a piece of "real" furniture to house your components. I prefer that the electronics be "out of site" so have used a 200 year old Tansu cabinet with sliding doors for this purpose the past year. I have seen many pie safes, liquor cabinets, freestanding wardrobes, etc. at the local rummage sales that would also suit this purpose and look good doing it. We recently added tube amplification to the system (which requires more space to operate in) so are in the process of relocating the electronics to a hallway closet. Because of this I will now be using a traditional equipment rack (ugly as sin) with Neuance shelving added as it will not be in open view. I expect the new setup to sound superior, but the Tansu did not sound bad at all and was somewhat immune to air born vibration. The furniture cabinets can be fitted with upturned spikes/Vibrapods/cones, etc. for custom shelving or anything else that fits your plans.
Try Spider stands...very cool!! Made in Germany, distributed by Immedia. The web page is:
SolidSteel is nice for me but little too small, go to > also look at Salamander Synergy are also great for me (I don't know thier web) Regards, Rute.
There was a company called Reference Stands that made VERY high quality stands during the early 90's. I have seen them at AudioPrism's Byron Coletts' home and FIM Cables Winston Mas' home. Maybe there are some out there on the used market? There were many models, all built over kill, with heavy wall aircraft aluminum pipe and large isolation cones top and bottom. I've heard that they were made by the same guy that makes the Record Research record cleaner. They're worth checking out.
The Salamander Synergy racks are very nice. You can search for their website, or go to and go to their product list and click on SalamanderDesigns under furniture. Reference Audio Video will give you a good deal and help choosing the right racks too.
For stunning original designs, that are very unique check
Delve audio a listed dealer at the audiogon browse page.
He carries a line called "Particular", these look like works of art in a museum. from Vancouver, Canada has the most stunning custom built racks on the market. Rick, the owner, is a welder and fine woodworker by trades. His racks are pricey, though ($2500C for his top-of-the-line "Hoodoo"), but well worth it. Colm
My vote is for Rix Rax, striking design, stunning craftsmanship, and focus on vibration damping capabilities. Hot!!!
please search the forums on "racks". This subject has been covered a few times and you may find some additional ideas.
settle down, drubin, I was not directing my comment to you personally. I was offering help to Arcmania that started this thread. There has been much advice and experience offered in other threads regarding Racks, in general.
Check out Billy Bags website. I just bought a standard B B rack-filled it with sand and it works great.If you got the spare change B B will build a custom rack to your specs in a variety of designs and materials.
Wow, both RixRax and Particular are amazing.Especially RixRax lovely "Sonata" model with a strong Japanese influence. Speaking of Japanese, Dekay, a Tansu cabinet is a wonderful tradition where a tree is planted when a daughter is born and harvested to create the cabinet upon the announcement of her wedding to hold the Japanese equivalent of a "trouseau". As I have three high maintenance daughters, I will be using the wood to build three ladders.
Nice info to have Kitch (I spent 15 years in the design industry and never bothered to research one of my favorite aquisitions). Mine is missing a few of the brass plates and shows pretty much normal wear for its age (however with some light damage) and has a lot of shrinkage to the back and drawer bottoms. It is not a show piece, but we love it. It will still store our CD collection amongst many other things for the time being.
If you want a inexpensive yet quite functional with tremendous strength to boot contact me on I.S.S. racking systems.
It's a (Industrial look)wire grid shelving system with posts notched in one inch increments.
With a wide range of finishes and any size shelf and post combination you in imagine.
I have my Amp, pre-amp, dvd/cd, a/c conditioner, tv and center channel on one eye catching rack system for around 100 dollars.
Each shelf can handle from 500 to 1,250 lbs.!
I get many compliments from my audiophile friends.
Feel free to contact me with any interest.
I think triphea racks, which are custom made in Germany
are one of the best made and looking stands available.
they're made out of precision steel tubing which is
brazed together, (three legs) and then powder coated.
The plates are available in MDF or three cm thick
granite. I purchased four segments about three years
ago, when I used to live in Europe. If your interested,
I can give you more info. It blends in very well with
Mark Levinson products.
Warning: it's not cheap.
Check these out you will love them or hate them, but they look gorgeous to me.
I'm leaning towards the Salamander Synergy racks. Not the last word in sonic performance, but these systems offer infinitely adjustable shelves plus drawer units as well as other useful accessories, and they are reasonably handsome and not terribly expensive. A good balance of virtues. But the RixRax stuff is very tempting.
The best looking rack that I have ever seen is Timbrestage in the U.K. Please see the website.

Grand Prix Audio is not only the nicest looking rack available, but it is used by more companys at CES than any other brand. Why? it's also the most functional. Take a look at the Grand Prix, that's the one that I own
Be careful with Grand Prix Audio if you are interested in it ($$$) and try it first with your components. I have tried GrandPrix with the very fast, detailed solid state electronics I own, and found that it produces an analytic, overly hi-fi sound. It also tended to amplify transformer hum and microphonics. YMMV

Not sure why you encountered that problem. I haven't had any similar expirience. Also, in the rooms at CES 2002 thta I heard using the GP Audio stands I heard no problems like you were describing. Have you talked to Alvin at GP Audio about this?
I would look into the Salamander Synergy units. Several
sizes and configurations to choose from; and real wood
finishes to boot.
I've had a Synergy Twin 30 System for the past two years
and like it a lot. Not the utmost in rigid support - but
if you have decent quality furniture in your home - from
companies like Baker, Ethan Allen, etc. - you probably
don't want something that looks like it belongs in a
recording studio.