Best DVD plyr for under 1000 new or used ?

Hi - Running Pioneer Elite Pro 520, Direct TV HD, Krell KAV 250a, and Krell KAV 500, Lexicon MC-1 with B&W N804, 805, HTM1. I gave my DVD plyr to my dad and need a new one, and would like to spend $1k or less given that I don't watch too many DVDs. Since I have the Pioneer TV, was favoring Pioneer DVD and looking at DV38a. Any new models or new stuff coming out? All advice appreciated... -Baz
Take a look at the Toshiba SD 9200 great build quality, DVD A, removeable powercord, copper chassis, etc. Retail is $1500 but they can be purchased for your price point.
My recomendation would be the Panasonic rp91k--on line price around 500/ less if you're lucky.I got one. Luv it. There is a firmware upgrade--I think 236--(last 3 digts)--Burn it and play the upgrade.--Got that also.
The new Pioneer 47 plays DVD-A and SACD along with regular DVD, CDR and CD's. It retails for 1200 but with discounts you can get them as low as 799.
You might want to try the Sony 9000es. Great DVD progressive and sacd -2ch-as well. Clearly below 1000 new as a new model is coming, used about 600 here.
If you can make an offer on one,there are some EAD theatervision dvd players on Audiogon. THE best video I have seen yet. I have had the 9200 and the 9000,and they are not in the same class. I saw the EAD for 1200 this week. That is an excellent price. The redbook cd playback won the Absolute Sound best cd player in 2000.
Tim Flemke
Sony 9000es supplying an hdtv is the best I've seen. Only downside is that I understand it has limited vcd and xvcd (the video cd's you make on your computer) support.
I currently own both Sony 9000ES and Toshiba SD-9200 and I love them both, you can't go wrong with either one. One thing that may help you decide is which do you prefer SACD or DVD-Audio?
sony doesn't play cd-r of which i make many... any other suggestions? is the ead one really good? i heard theirs is essentially the panasonic. any truth to that? thx again!

I second Ligi on his recommendation of the new Pioneer Elite DV-47A. But also, now with the DV-47A being available, if you don't have to have either SACD or DVD-A playback, and you want to save a few bucks, then I would try to find a discontinued DV-37. They ought to be available for around $500.00 or so now.

Good Luck.

what is better the dv38a or the 47a? can't figure out how pioneer labels their stuff... :l
from what i have read, the sonys will play CDRs if you use the right recording software and/or CDR media. the 9000es is a VERY good deal for $825. i would take it over the pioneers in a heartbeat...but that's just me.
i can just envision that my brand of cd recorder or my brand of cds or my software won't be correct for this player, and then what do i do? prob not a risk i'm willing to take... just a thought. any ideas about the ead unit? b
Most all DVD players will play CD-RW disks. I have 3 that do. Do some research and see what you find out about the EAD. Try secrets of home theater.
If you are susceptible to the chroma bug, the Pioneer, Toshiba, and Sony are all afflicted (pretty much in descending order of severity). Don't know if it's ok to say this, but there are two sets of progressive player shootouts over at Secrets of Home Theater That's the best treatise I have seen on all the pros and cons of various players. There are tons of issues and tradeoffs, and no perfect player at any price.

I found that Imation brand cdr disks work great on my dvp-s9000es. I try to burn at 2x or 4x speeds, which seems to help as well. Feel free to email me if i can be of further assistance.


There was a thread a while back about this. The 38A is an older player which supports CD, MP3, DVD-Video and DVD-Audio. The 47A is a newer player which also supports SACD. The build quality on the 38A is higher than the 47A. I would look up the old thread.
The Panasonic HD1000 which is the same as the new model except in dvd-a capability. Incredible redbook sound and nonprogressive picture. Can find for $800 used.
I would suggest that you consider the Kenwood Sovereign DV 5700. While the list on the 5700 is $1,200, you can find them within your price range. I have the Pioneer Pro 510 and am very, very pleased with the PQ and sound. I bought and returned the Sony 9000ES which, being a Sony DVD fan, was very hard for me to do. In my opinion, the Sony did not produce nearly as good of a picture as the EAD TVP. I am less concerned with DVD-A or SACD. I am most concerned with picture quality and the 5700 really delivers in that department. You also may wish to consider the new Philips 962 which incorporates the same chipset as the 5700 and retails for about $600. Based on several threads at, the sound quality seems to be pretty good as well.
I also bought and sold the 9000es after the EAD theatervision was hooked up with my mits 65907. I ended up going back and buying another 9000es. The 2channel Redbook has the type of sound I like. The new 9000es has been running for 1 week tonight. I will hold back for now but,I plan on having EVS do the mod. on the unit.
EVS is not ready to do the mods. yet,I think I'll wait untill fall
Tim, With the price drop on the 9000, I am thinking about buying another unit also. In my opinion, the technology will change a lot over the next 12-18 months. As a result, I am reluctant to spend $3,000+ on a DVD player and don't want to spend upwards of $5k for an external doubler. The 9000 has great build quality and I am more than a casual Sony DVD fan. Having said that, I have to reconcile not having a picture as good as the one I saw on my set using the TVP. However, the Kenwood comes very, very close to the TVP (and IMO betters the TVP in certain respects). The question of whether SACD or DVD-A will prevail is not one that I particularly concerned with, as my principle interest is getting the highest PQ.
I have also done a couple thing to my mits that really helped the piture. Dedicated 20amp. circuit and BP-2. Rock solid background. I have not had the set ISF'd yet.
I just bought the Pioneer DV47A and have been quite impressed. I upgraded from the DV05 so the transition to progressive scan is probably the most important factor. As I have posted earlier, if you want to take advantage of the multichannel SACD and DVD-A then make sure your receiver or pre-amp has multichannel inputs.

I paid $735 plus shipping at