Best Rock Album in 2011

This was my favorite thread from last year, so figured I would start it afresh.

I'll start:

Foo Fighters "Wasting Light"---best album by the Foos in years

TV on the Radio "Nine Types of Light"---bit more ambient than Dear Science, but the music is first rate
Well, 2011 is only a quarter done but these are my thoughts. I have Wasting Time by the Foo Fighters and it is a really strong album. I really like Collapse Into Now by REM from March of this year. In terms of CD's coming later in the year, I have high hopes for the new Stevie Nicks CD in May. Also, the Wooden Birds have a new one coming out in June. One of my favorite rock bands WILCO, have a new release in september. They are one of the more underated bands and Jeff Tweedy is a tremendus songwriter.
So far, my favorite is PJ Harvey's Shake England Shake. But it's early days ...

A friend at Warner Music told me that they are VERY high on the new Stevie Nicks record. That said......

Tonight is a big one for me. Lindsey Buckingham is premiering his soon to be released CD "Seeds We Sow" in Beverly Hills tonight and I just got an invite. In my book, it doesn't get much better than that - I'll report back on the new material tomorrow.

I also expect to receive the new Feelies CD in the next few days. Their first in +/- 20 years.


Thanks for the info on Stevie. I LOVE Stevie Nicks. I have seen her many times. One of the audio stores I owned many moons ago, sponsered a concert with her and she signed a lithograph poster for me backstage. She is a very special person and holds a special place in my heart.
There is still alot of time left in 2011, but so far I like albums from Adele, Decemberists and Social D.

To think that Stevie Nicks is either

a) "Rock" or
b) Top of mind in 2011

suggests the median age must be spiking up around here.

Those of you who are manufacturers should consider increasing the size of all buttons and controls, and updating owners' manuals to 14 point type.

INXS 2011 remasters. Try the album 'Kick' to start with. Brilliant rock album and amongst the very best recordings for the genre.

The Motion Man is a great album.

I have the CD version, even though a little bit compressed, is a fantastic piece of music.

It takes me back to the rhythm and blues from the 60s. Sam and Dave, Aretha Franklin with the fantastic Warren Haynes´s guitar playing and soulful singing.

Two tracks are worth the whole album: "River´s gonna rise" and "Sick of my shadow". The best part of those songs are the magic chords played by Warren.

Not to forget the soulful playing of guys like Ivan Neville and George Potter, Jr. (you know, The Meters).


The Kills "Blood Pressures"
Yuck "Yuck"
Cat's Eyes "Cats Eyes"

My far
>>06-14-11: Lenny_zwik
The title of the Warren Haynes record is "Man in Motion"<<

Yup, and it's excellent.

So is the latest from Hot Tuna "Steady As She Goes". Jorma just keeps getting better.

Thanks for that Jesusa0, I'm looking forward to it. Jorma! Already? Seems like I just bought his latest last week. :-)
>>06-15-11: Dan_ed
Jorma! Already? Seems like I just bought his latest last week. :-)<<

Not a solo album.

First Hot Tuna release in almost 20 years.

Guests include Larry Campbell, a very gifted musician IMO.
I purchased the Hot Tuna record at the same time as Man in Motion and I agree. Definitely a long standing talent, as is Jack Cassidy.
Thus Far:

Cave Singers - No Witch
Bill Callahan - Apocalypse
Destroyer - Kaputt
Paul Simon - So Beautiful or So What
Okkervil River - I Am Very Far
Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues

All on LP.
For me it's Steve Miller Band - Let your hair down, but I'm looking forward to getting Black Country Communion 2 which just came out this week
I´m sorry, my mistake. The correct title of the Warren Haynes album is "Man in Motion".


Keithr: It's amazing. I had posted a comment in the other Best Of '11 thread about it. Absolutely brilliant album. Different than the first and his EP. Not quite as dark and more sophisticated musically, still the same character. It has almost a chamber pop sound. Can't stop listening to it. I also came across a three song bonus disc on line which has a version of Peter Gabriel's "Come Talk To Me" that is crazy good. I guess it's his trade for PG doing "Flume" on his last. Justin Vernon was on Stephen Colbert yesterday and it was a really great performance of "Calgary", entertaining interview too. His band is giant which I did not expect. I'm sure you can find it on Youtube and it'd be worth a watch.
Saw the Colbert appearance and can't agree. Bon Iver is a slightly more elegant avant garde variation of Coldplay sentimentality.
Hmmm....Coldplay? I don't hear that in Bon Iver but I guess I see where you could. Not a big fan of Coldplay's music myself. Like the song goes "...some like KK Downing, some like Glenn Tipton...".
Earlier this week new releases by Robbie Robertson and Booker T. Jones arrived.

Both, IMO, are not particularly noteworthy.
Man In Motion arrived. I've only been able to get to the DVD, but really good stuff.

I'll never forget a Gov't Mule concert I attend on Halloween a few years back. The first set was all of their stuff as expected. The second set, they came out and played the entire Dark Side of the Moon. Really caught everyone pleasantly off guard. YOu can imagine the Halloween spirit was running pretty high that night. Warren is one of the true performers.
"So Beautiful Or So What".

If you're a Paul Simon fan, don't miss this album (includes free hi-res download).

One of the best songwriters of our time and his strongest effort since "Graceland" IMO.

However, it's a stretch calling this a rock album.

I agree with Audofeil that Simon's album not be missed and it sounds great on vinyl. I would instead classify the music as pop.
Time for an update:

I really, really like the new Wilco. That and Bon Iver (hard to say it's rock) are my favs this year.
Ditto Wilco's The Whole Love, excellent on LP and CD. It's probably their best album, and certainly surpasses the last one.

Also enjoying vinyl of Ry Cooder's Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down-- anti-banker depression ballads for the 2010s.
I'm a huge fan of Wilco and Bon Iver but the new FOO is almost a perfect rock album. Sounds great coming through my Creek and out my EPOS speakers. It's always a good sign of a great album when your wife keeps telling me to turn it down.
2011 has been a steller year for rock music!!

It's not over yet - here's what I've got so far:

1. JIM WARD - Quiet In The Valley, On The Shores, The End Begins (CD)
2. WILCO - The Whole Love (LP)
3. MY MORNING JACKET - Circuital (LP)
4. BUFFALO TOM - Skins (LP)
6. J. MASCIS - Several Shades Of Why (LP)
6. RICHMOND FONTAINE - The High Country (CD)
I got the Bon Iver on a whim while at the store based on a review I had read and remembered. It must be an acquired taste, or there is something wrong with my copy.
Notec...thanks for the Richmond Fontaine post. Longtime fan and was not aware of the new album. Another to add on my list!
>when your wife keeps telling me to turn it down.

You messing with my wife again? Why I oughtta....
Richard_stacy - lovely narrative concept album. It's been getting a lot of attention as of late during many late night sessions here in PDX...
Not really new, but the V-Roys just released a compilation CD from their 2 studio albums plus some previously unreleased tracks. For those that missed these guys the first time around, I highly recommend this.