Best sounding FM table radio ever made...

I am looking to pick up a great FM table radio.  Mono or stereo.  Sound quality is of prime importance and it need not be a current model.  I have had great tube console radios from mid-century, but this time I am looking for the best sounding table radio ever. 


That's easy! Henry Kloss's KLH table radio from the late 60's! We had one in my workplace then. I remember listening to a long track from Savoy Brown (Live from Hernando's Hideway) broadcast from WNEW FM in NYC! Yes, WNEW was a great free-form rock station during those years! 

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On both your comments. I sold the Koss back then, might be hard to find now. Second best was the Bose (honestly! They actually made some good stuff once in a while).

I miss WNEW, especially The Nightbird, her segue's were amazing. Vin Scully was another one. Wish I had kept tapes of some of the shows. 


While I cannot compare to the others mentioned, I own a ITT Schaub-Lorenz Touring International 103, and the sound is outstanding. It is a portable radio, but still worth a look. For a comprehensive review by (radio expert) Jay Allen, follow this link:

ITT 103

On FM the ITT really shines. Its audio is wide range, crisp and clean, with a solid bottom end that reveals the limitations of other radios one compares it with. I happen to be a big fan of the GE Superadios…primarily the I and II…they have great reception and sound, especially for the price, but  the ITT’s sound is much more powerful and awe-inspiring…at higher volume levels there simply is no comparison. The ITT is my reference portable radio for sound quality.

... I miss WNEW, especially The Nightbird, her segue's were amazing. Vin Scully was another one.

You're thinking of Vince Scelsa of "Me and Razoo Kelly" fame, @deadhead1000.

Most people, my older generation and certainly younger, have rarely if ever heard how good over the air fm radio can sound.

Sound quality is relative to signal strength. do yourself a favor, get a real fm antenna, give your equipment choice the help it needs to do a great job.

FM is between TV channel 6 and 7, so TV antennas can give very good FM signal. I have a dedicated TV antenna in the attic, above my music system. Aimed directly at WBGO’s antenna (a member here pointed out, not in Newark, where the station studio is, antenna is near Columbus Circle, NYC.

Not a table radio, but my McIntosh mx110z Tube Tuner/Preamp is awesome, ONLY IF given a strong signal. It goes thru my main music system’s speakers unlike a stand alone radio.

If you don’t have a good antenna try internet radio. You can pull in stations from everywhere:


I was lucky to find an Advent 400 that was upgraded/refurbished...use it with Minimus 7 with upgraded crossover as well as many other small spekers...great great also with 2 Minimus 7's...

My Sangean HD radio is right down incredible broadcasting the UT radio station here in Austin. Just as good as high quality streaming for under $200. No joke.

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Haven't owned a 'table radio' since....*mind fails*....home?  As in, 'ancient history'?


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This, the WFR 28, is terrific.

It's my second Sangean product. My brother has another. Their support is spectacular also. Who else do you know with a direct line to the service bench?

The price is embarrassingly small for the quality of the product.


Not all station FM radio reception is not guaranteed at one's place unless it is near.

No antenna will help, Only trial will tell. Use internet radio in eco dot instead.

That Tivoli radio bears a STRONG resemblance to the KLH radio mentioned earlier.  I agree that the KLH was an excellent item and if you can find one in good shape, worth the buy.

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I don't know anything about the TIVOLI, so others will have to comment on it compared to the KLH.  FYI, it was designed in 2000 by Henry Kloss, so might be a "better" update on his KLH.  The poster who used Minimus 7 speakers is right; they sound MUCH BETTER than they should, and always did.


To deahead1000 &mcleeds    Allison Steel, The night bird on WNEW radio in New York was unreal. She used to come on the Radio at about 11PM or Midnight. I was there almost every night listening. She was GREAT. Her sultry voice was mesmerizing. What her talent was the ability to draw you in with her music selections. She was able to link one song into the next that just fit perfectly. The mood and song selection just carried you through the night. For those of us in that era, and local, you'll understand. Robert TN

Proton 300 paired with powered slave 301 speaker hands down.  Schotz circuitry FM that was amazing.  Sometimes my medical travel contract kit with metal stands and DVD player as source.  This rocked and produced a viable sound stage.

Left it all in Austria with step-down transformer and former 5'10" Austrian girlfriend.  Yes, there is a story there.


celtic66.....and that story is.....  And yes, I have a few of those including a woman that modeled for Victoria's ...

FM Radio Shootout:

I picked up a Kenwood L-02T - described as "Most natural sound, good bass. Pinpoint imaging. Lifelike, three-dimensional sound"

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Desktop radios- brings back memories of my mom listening to the baseball games