Bluesound node + INNUOS PHOENIX USB? 

I have a Michi X3 with a Bluesound 2i and have been looking at a streamer update for a while.  In the narrow selection are : 

Auralic Aries g2.1 or 
Innuos Pulse (no remote control, not yet available?) 

From the features I'm excited about Bluesound, do I get the same quality as the above products with a new Bluesound + a USB Reclocker? 

Glad to hear your opinion, thanks. 


If you are using the Michi X3 dacs and a digital connection I would not see the benefit of changing streamers unless you don’t want to use bluos. If you want better SQ try upgrading your digital cable or your power cord for the Node.

This is from a review:

The headline features are a digital module powered by AKM’s AK4495SEQ DAC chip. There’s a good choice of inputs with a USB (type B) and a trio of optical and coax available. The USB will accept PCM signals up to 24-bit/384kHz and DSD128. The other digital inputs are all specified up to 24-bit/192kHz, which should be more than enough for most people.


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Seems like putting a $3K+ reclocker on a $300 streamer is a mismatch.

I would spend my money this way (I did):  Spend $3k+ on a quality streamer (I have the Innuou zenith Mk3) and use an audiophile switch to control clocking (I have the EtherRegen).  Of course if you want to go with both, the zenith plus the Phoenix would be a great $8k combo.

You're wasting resources pouring them into a "reclocker."

Unless you can:t get enough trophies.

I did the; optimized PC based streamer - Roon Nucleus - Aurender A10. and to be honest there's not much of a difference over all in sound quality if it was my money find a streamer you like the OS for and upgrade your DAC first. 

The Roon nucleus was a disappointment IMO sound quality was worse than my optimized PC based streamer (way overpriced considering you still need to buy the sub). The A10 streamer is nice if not harder to use then others, the DAC in it is ok. Not the upgrade i'd expect for $6k though and i would not do it again if i knew the sound quality would not improve significantly over my PC based streamer. 

Upgrade your DAC first then try a new streamer and see what you think. I found the DAC upgrade to be far more significant than the streamer which I found slight at best and unless you're looking for looks a waste of money. 

I went from a Bluesound to an Auralic Aries G1 and have been very happy with the sound quality upgrade.  

Glennewdick said a mouthful. Find a OS you like and upgrade the DAC. I have the Gustard X26 PRO. You can see details in my system. Love bluos for my android phone used as a remote and upgraded the NODE from there. No expensive reclocker, just added a LPS and optical isolation for ethernet, plus decent power cables. Willing to bet It would give a good run for the money for streaming systems costing more than 3 times as much. 

BTW, using UBS connection to Gustard so it uses the Gustard clock instead of the NODE's. No other connection does that. BIG difference.

I have the Auralic Altair G1.1 really like it. Pretty simple to use, sounds great by my ear and has caused me to have to work at listening to other music sources.

NAD C 658 is a streaming DAC that is getting some great press. Plus BluOS is more than able to satisfy an audiophiles need and it is modular so that helps to put it above the fray. Now if you have big bucks go Linn Majik entry level ($4,000), and never look back. This offering is one hell of a feature rich streamer that beats out auralic at least in my humble opinion.. And if you are fortunate enough to be loaded for bear there are the Hifi Rose 150 @ $5,000 or the more affordable 250 model @$2,500 i think.

On the Plus side of things to consider:                            Linn has an option for an upgradable power supply too i believe but the Rose150 also has the ability to add there CD Player-Ripper ($400 very specialized) and the 8-14" screen that plays 4K movies and acts as the menu is also easy to operate. I know this because i read about their history. The company started out making the touch screens used on  airport ticket kiosks for years.  So, enter Hifi Rose and the lovely screens were an easy adaptation. And, since it was always being improved upon while they were servicing the airport travelers need for tickets it was improved upon before adapting it to the HiFi Rose so it is top notch now i bet. So the NAD C268, Linn Majik, & Hifi Rose 250/150 are my top performers i would send to the audition.      

+1 @glennewdick reference upgrading the DAC, also you can upgrade the node with an outboard linear power supply. This will really elevate your streamer. 

C658 had too much under the hood ! Just ditched my NAD C658 after a week of ownership being it was so buggy requiring numerous factory resets to unfreeze the unit. Heck, spent more time fussing with the thing than listening. Until the Mfg’s stop trying to be more profitable by jamming all this stuff in to one chassis with the barest of power supply’s with app’s they expect you to be their beta tester on, these “all-in-ones” are just going to be commodity / mass market items fighting for retail space on the shelves of Best Buy and the likes..


No experience with your current equipment, but the following is working really well for me.

Network switch - Supra Cat-8 Ethernet cable - Bluesound Node (latest 130 version) - Supra Excalibur USB cable - Denafrips Iris DDC - Audioquest Vodka HDMI for I2S - Denafrips Pontus II DAC


The answer to your question is No you will not get better sound quality putting a $3k reclocker on a $500 streamer.  

The Bluesound with an upgraded power supply is very good.  It is about $150 from Pd Creative and easy to install.  Also an EMI/RF filter of some sort.  I  bought $50 ones and was amazed.  Network Acoustics Eno also gets great reviews. Several varieties available. Bluesound support is sketchy.  Lots of them out there, not enough people to support. The upgrade I have improved reliability.

I have a BlueSound Node 2i.  What difference would I hear in sound quality and what would I hear that I am not hearing with my BlueSound Node 2i.  If I did a blind test would the sound difference be a total game changer.

Thank you for your very valuable feedback!

Interesting that no one has tried it yet. According to the product description of the reclockers, the digital signal is completely rebuilt and also the 5V power routing is disposed of and recreated.

From my technical understanding, the problem with cheaper streamers is that there is too much noise and the timing is not accurate - but the data is ultimately there.

High quality DAC’s solve this problem themselves. I had the opportunity to test a Grimm MU1 at home with my Michi X3 DAC - that brings quite a bit of clarity and dynamics (price out of range).

Thank you!

PS. Upgrade with Sbooster PSU is already implemented and also brings quite a bit.