Class-D recommendation

Looking for a class-D recommendation for the base portion of a multi-amp system w/ active xover.  The amp will be powering a pair of 15" 4Ohm woofers from 30 - 600Hz.  Need at least 400W, very high damping, and clean into the midrange.  Everything above 600Hz is taken care of by a class-A amp.  I would prefer to spend <$2k used.
Crown XLS1502. 300wpc/8ohms, 600wpc/4ohms. $439 from Crutchfield, American Musical Supply and other online retailers. Free shipping! That's my hands-down choice for a high-power Class D amp! No need to spend money on a boutique amp!
@ roberjerman… good thought on the Crown.  In fact I have the XLS1502 and am looking for an upgrade from there.
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Looking for a class-D recommendation. The amp will be from 30 - 600Hz. Everything above 600Hz is taken care of by a class-A amp.

You’ve got the right amp there for the mids and highs, for the bass and lower mids a Class-D is a good cheap choice.

All Class-D’s do bass well between 8-4ohms, (most get current starved around 2ohms) so your ok with your bass units being 4ohm

I would even give a 3000w Behringer a trial for around $420 from major outlets, with those you can usually take them back for a small restocking fee. And with those Behringers they have input level controls so you can get the gains matched with the Class-A you have.

Cheers George
I just bought one of these for a 15" sealed box sub I am building to go with my Vandersteens (to complete my bass swarm with the two Velodyne subs I have already)

1,100 watts x 1 (4 ohms) several options. Solid bass control. Overbuilt is an understatement. Yes, I know. Small operation, etc. Not going to argue with anyone. Have two. Pleased. Buy them new and you will be well within your budget. Great support.
Currently I’m checking out a Class D amp. I have been reading some pretty impressive reviews on the Merrill Veritas Monoblocks.
I am using two Crown XLS 2502 as bridged to drive two Scaena 18 inch subwoofers.

You can use just one amp that will be good for most purpose.
+ on the crown!!
none better for what it will do for a sub!

 For class Dmtest the crown amp.
power, and it’s for a sub, so it is perfect for that installation”

 crown, inexpensive, and will blow ur doors off!

 Worth purchase!
Crown is a good choice for the price.  I use 2 XLi800 for side and rear SACD channels.  Found a great price at 210 each open box.  IMO a better and more expensive amp, any DAC Cherry or variant with the 60volt power supply.  The bass is just perfect for my taste.  They play loud or soft effortlessly.  They are totally black until the music erupts out of the speakers.  For two channel I use an older DAC4800 and two King Marischinos
I have been having great success with an ICE1200AS2 based amp from Nord Acoustics. 

 I initially paired it with my Kef LS50s and was astounded at how they came alive.  The soundstage expanded and there was more slam.  I spent hours playing back favorites from my music collection.

I moved to a bigger space and picked up a pair of Canton Vento 896.2s from Accessories4Less and it was instant audio nirvana.   Now, I'm tempted to grab another amp from Nord for my bedroom system.  I've been telling myself that it would be overkill but "upgradeitis" keeps chipping away at my resolve.


A bit over your price at $2500, I recommend the Arion Audio S-500. 500 x 2 at 8 ohms, super clean and reliable.  I run mine full range.
I was able to make every door, window, wall, subfloor, pictures, and cats vibrate/shake with a sub test with my Crown 1502 bridged. Impressive. 
Look at Apollon audio, I  have a 8 channel ice amp from them. Its great, no complaints.  Under 1k.  Excellent build and materials. 
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I have been using a Class D Audio SDS-470 class d amp for three years and been very happy.  My only complaint is that after listening for 6-10 hours continuously the amp will become very warm to the touch and start to distort/clip (depending on volume level). :)

Hear is a thread with a review of their entry level amp that you can read through. In the discussion that follows may point you towards some ideas to investigate and scramble your brain with more choices...

Have 3 class d amps from
Had them for 7 years. 
outstanding quality, performance, support.
best value in audio. 2 are bridged for mono - easy to do  
Very highly recommended. 

My friend has a 2 channel Cherry Amp powering his Aerial 7T's. Excellent smooth dynamic sound w/penty of bass. Built in the USA. The base Cherry Audio amps is $2400 new.
Surprised no one has given D-Sonics any love.  They get very good reviews. I run the 1500 monoblocks in a second Maggie rig and they are very good.
Thanks all... I'm starting to work my way through the recommendations.  Keep them coming.
+1 for the Cherry amp. Have one pushing a new pair Spatial M5s through a Mytek Brooklyn Bridge. A relatively new offering of theirs is called a 2 Cherry (King version or regular). Puts out 400 into 4 ohms with 1000 watt peak (200/8 ohm). Very controlled, clean and smooth. Right in your price range should check with Tommie O'Brien the owner for deals. All US made, his proprietary built in-house Class D modules. Been at it for over 25 years.. Liking mine a lot. Cheers
I picked up a Class D Audio SDS-470c from a fellow Agon member just for fun and added it in my showroom.  Paired with my Legacy Focus SE's it outclassed an extremely powerful Class AB amp in dynamics and extension.  While not the last word in detail and transparency, it is the first Class D amp that had enough warmth and musicality for me to enjoy for extended periods of time.  I actually love it.  Arguably the best amp you can buy under $1k.
Look into Digital Amplifier Company (DAC)! DAC has been mentioned a few times and here’s another strong recommendation. Tommy sometimes has demos and trade ins available at a discount. All of them are put on the bench and certified before they go out. Contact Tommy and he will help to figure your needs.

The real question is which one of the aforementioned Class D amps can approach reference Class A or a good push/pull without sounding overly dry.  Anyone who has directly A/B tested a lot of Class D amps against competing technologies will immediately notice how dry and brittle most class D amps sounds in comparison. Instruments can lack that sense of air and can sound smeared and congested.  Of course this is only revealed if you do a back to back test and swap gear.  Most people who are living with a Class D day in and day out probably won't notice it. But once you hear it and identify the dryness, you can't go back.
After much comparison I have decided to go Cherry MEGAschino  and yes I just blew my budget.

Thank you all for the input and in a couple cases allowing me to listen to your gear.

Megachino suppose to be very good. However, you can get a mono block pair of Ncore NC1200 based class D amps for $1700 (rated at 1200 watts a channel into 2 ohms) from VTV Amplifier. Would be killer up to 600hz. If you get the more tweaked out versions (discrete input stage, discrete regulators)...then it is super at all frequencies. Not too late. Way less money. This guy has 30 day trial.

Here is a review of mono block amps sold years ago using this module with the stock input stage. They sold for 9K back then and now the very same thing sells for $1700 today. This is the kind of sound you would get from the $1700 VTV version.