Coherent speakers from Canada

Anybody here own speakers from coherent? Can you tell me about your experience with them in your room?
I think charles1dad has Coincident, not Coherent. 

I have a pair of Coherent 10's arriving in a week or so, I'll post back with my impressions.
My room is L-shaped, but the part of the L that my system is on is about 15' wide x 10' deep, with about another 8 x 10' space behind my couch.
I own and use a pair of Coherent 8s paired with my 45 monoblocks.  These are great speakers, comparable and different (not better or worse) than, say, Omega speakers.  I am currently running a side-by-side comparison with both speakers and am finding that some amps sound better on one vs. the other.

My Coherent 8s were custom made (not for me) and the cabinets are a little smaller than standard.  Great tone and presentation.  I use a pair of subs to fill in the music below 60 Hz.

17' x 26', but that's deceiving.  One long side is essentially a pathway to the back door.  I have the speakers placed on a long wall, on either side of a fireplace centered on that wall.  I would rather use the standard placement (narrow wall) but that just won't work in this room re: seating.

But this actually works out quite well.  I have the Coherents mounted on 26" high stands, 8' apart (center to center) and approx. 30" out from the wall behind the speakers.  When I received them the speakers were stuffed with polyfill fiber, which I removed.  The speakers sounded a little too "polite" when stuffed, at least with the 45 tube monoblocks.  If I were using a an EL84 or 6550 amp I would replace the fill if necessary.

I use two REL T5i subs.  These are small, downward firing units that work great.  I tried the larger T9s and prefer the T5s.  The T5s are well made and are quite reasonably priced.

I have a pair of GR12s paired to some Mcintosh MC2301s and cant say how impressed me and my friends are with these.These speakers are true GEMS worth every penny and then some.Google Coherent and see how many best of show awards they have been given.Nothing in this price range can touch them.


Received my Coherent Model 10's.  They do not seem to have any trouble integrating into my room.  I only have them pulled out a foot or so from the rear wall and bass does not seem overpowering or boomy at all.  

I've only played them a couple days, more to come...  
Hi every one, first off thanks for all the positive comments on my
line of Coherent speakers. I would like to mention a few things that
help the line work.
1 Coaxial driver Radian USA fantastic compression drivers/Wave guides.
2 My XD crossover, 1 - 10 mfd Mundorf cap, 1 custom multi wound coil, no resistors to pad down the compression driver despite it being 12 db hotter than the woofer,
3 Thin walled cabinets, 1/2 MDF with internal slats every 1.25 inches
no internal dampening ( don't want an acoustical capacitor effect to smear transients)
Customer showed up with his CD's mid 90's grunge, Cranberries
I was ready with the cotton balls. But low and behold some of those
recording were great and the 12's didn't dream at us. The point
is these guys are happy with any type of music but will show up
bad recordings.
Frank F
I guess I’ll chime in, I haven’t been on Audiogon in a decade or more(!). I’ve had some very positive experience with Coherent speakers, I’ve written about them on my website as well, and lately (very recently) I started a small retail shop, and I represent this line of speakers, among other things.

Anyways, they are pretty special, and each pair is really a labor of love. There’s some good information out on the web, but if anyone wants to know more, feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to oblige.


Lol. just noticed Frank's post. He's the man to ask. On second thought, bug me so he can focus on building great speakers. ;)
"Customer showed up with his CD's mid 90's grunge, Cranberries"

Dolores O'Riordan  (Cranberries) voice can melt you!
To update, I've had my Model 10's for about 3 weeks now and I'm thrilled with them.  Amazing clarity and detail, with a full, robust tone.  It's like an open window into recordings now, although as Frank mentions above I can play all types of music and it's not fatiguing.  
I just want to put in a plug for Noam (sarchi1) from Stereo Untypical in Ontario (the Great White North, not the Inland Empire in CA) - a great guy who is fair, honest and who provides really excellent customer service.  I recently purchased a pair of beautiful Triode Labs 45 monoblocks from Noam and can recommend him and his dealership without reservation.

It's not uncommon on Audiogon and other sites to read about customers complaining about their dealers and services provided.  Noam is NOT one of those dealers.  I should also add that, although Noam is located in Canada, this is a good thing.  Due to the favorable exchange rate for the U.S. dollar buying in Canada is a good thing.  Contrary to urban myth, shipping from Canada to the U.S. does not cost any more than shipping from any U.S. northern border state.

I remember hearing the Coherent Audio room at the last TAVES where a teeny speaker was demonstrated.  It put out a rather amazingly potent, punchy and clear sound for such a small speaker.  I was intrigued.  Never heard the big speakers, though.
This is an old topic, but I wanted to let folks know that the Coherent website has moved, you can now find it at

I just sold a pair to another Oregonian. :)