Cookies. Just another reason AGon sucks

I used to participate here regularly.  I got tired of the condescending jackasses who find it necessary to crap on every thread, whether they actually know something or not... usually not.  I'm sure any regulars here know who I mean.  And the shills who want to hawk ridiculous things like crystals, cable lifters and contact "enhancer".  Because of these poeple and AGon supporting and even encouraging them, I stopped participating.  But, I have continued to read stuff here occasionally.  

Even that is ending now due to the ridiculous cookie practice.  I log in, set my preferences, view the thread.  Later, when I return, the cookies are reset to the default, rather than the choices I made.  No, I don't want you to share my data with all of your advertisers.  Not now, not next time, not ever.  AGon is nothing without the community of users.  Respect them.  

AGon = IMGon.
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@soundermn  Contact me in support, at    Attention: Tammy and I'll address your concerns. 
I like Jewel fudge chocolate chip cookies myself.
At least we all know who you mean.
I’ve been on this site for a long time so I’m sure my cookies have been shared all over the place, and everything has been perfectly fine so not sure what you’re so afraid of.  Many sites seem to use cookies these days so good luck continuing to avoid them.  Anyway, whatever negative effects that might exist pale in comparison to the valuable info I get from this community.  Anyway, Bon Voyage!
Yes....what soix said. 
Sounds like you've had a lousy year and are nearing the bottom of that bottle so I can see why "cookies' would set you off.

All the best,
Man oh man, people can be ugly for no real reason.  I know, I'm gonna get slammed.  
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Cookies are an invasion of privacy and theft of storage real estate. And worst of all they take the lovely idea of little cakes and make them something ugly.
So the thread title is about cookies, but the OP goes on and goes about jackasses, so I'm confused.  Is this thread about jackasses or cookies?  On the jackass front, I have to say that it takes one to know one..

On the cookie front, I really could be the cookie monster, I love cookies that much.  In fact, the only food that I've eaten more than cookies is donuts.  I kid you not.  Donuts.

Must be the jackass cookies, hole new brand... :-)

OP had one to many... I had to!!

As I said, I USED to participate.  After all the nastiness in every thread, I participated less and less.  Too many regulars are condescending and rude, and it's too bad.  The forum has become less and less fun and informative while getting more and more nasty and combative.  The fact I can't set my own cookie preferences was the last straw for me.  

So easy to bait y'all and bring out the nasty comments.  Exactly the point I was making.  Note that most of the nasty comments above come from people with thousands of posts... as if they think they own this place and can say whatever they want.  

When haters hate on community members, people don't come back.  Then, there's no community.  Good luck, y'all.
The censorship parameters are sometimes a surprise.  Otherwise as long you keep things in context(it's an internet forum) there are members ready to engage with meaningful responses.

Sorry others who have opinions too, offend you somehow.. Skip over posts you don’t find useful or offending somehow..
lighten up Francis.. 
@soundermn , So you thought trolling the trollers would reduce trolling? Hmm?
@tonnesen , indeed the noise floor is elevated again with parrots and cockatiels chattering incessantly.  Signal is hard to find at times. 
@ebm I believe you meant you tossed your cookies. Not poped them. Whatever that is.