DH Labs.

I just wanted to publicly extend my thanks to Greg Hovsepian owner of DH Labs.   I recently made a change to my system that included an Aurender N200 and a DH Labs D-750 cable.   

Right after putting my system together,  my Vault which moved to DAC input 2 no longer would lock on anything above 24/48k.  Weird.   But only under certain conditions.  It was intermittent like a bad cable.  In my course of troubleshooting the  DH cable was in the input that was intermittent more than it was not

 It of course was fine with another known good cable, but that was purely coincidence 

When I reached out to Greg,  he got right back to me .  Actually I am pretty certain most of our e-mails were off hours.   I told him I thought I had a bad cable. The next morning he sent a tracking number for a replacement!   Fortunately I continued troubleshooting and was able to prove it was the DAC.   I was able to get back to Greg before it shipped....

I couldn't believe how fast he stepped into action !   Awesome customer service.   Great cable, I will be buying some analog RCA soon!!!



This the kind of excellent small vendor that I really like, with reasonably priced products and great service.  There should be more like DH Labs.

I used to talk the the founder Darren. He was always generous with his time and knowledge. I am sure he was at home each talked with him. Yes, a great reason to work with a small shop. I have found their products excellent for the money.

Purchased 2 hdmi cables on Saturday and they were shipped on Sunday!  Look forward to giving them more of he business! 😎

@oddiofyl  Yes Dh is awesome there was a glitch with my order and Greg got right on it , excellent customer service. I was hopping you would weigh in on your new N200. Im currently using A100 with a Denafrips Pontus two.Im most definitely staying with Aurender ,I really like the unit and they’re App and unlike a few others on this site have had zero problems.It’s taken a few years for me to warm up to the fact that a streamer is not just supplying zeros and ones and was not a important piece of the puzzle.After much reading and then buying a Dac and quality cable Im convinced that the streamer matters. My question is did you experience a significant bump in SQ adding your N200? thats the direction Im leaning, Thx in advance!


I am loving the N200,  sound quality is much better with it as the source into my DAC.    I am using a LAB 12 DAC via coax and it sounds excellent.   I think it actually sounds better through Coax vs. USB.    I am going to try it with my RME DAC also and try some DSD material.   

The Aurender is actually my transport in a sense.   I rarely play physical media so this I think was crucial to great sound.   I traded a component that had a lot of trade in value toward it so it was only $850 out of pocket .   I'm glad I chose this unit, I will always use an outboard DAC .    I almost went with the A200 but aside from the DAC the N200 has more features .  Now if I do upgrade my DAC it will have a great digital source in front of it.  

The Lab 12 sounds great but it's inputs are buggy.  It can not cope with two active 24/88.2  legacy inputs at the same time.  It cuts out and has trouble selecting the correct input.   You have to turn the idle source off.  Its super annoying , so even though the DAC sounds great , I don't see myself owning it too much longer.  It's a shame , it sounds great.  

Build quality of the Aurender is really high end.  It is beautifully made , everything about it feels quality.    Truly a worthwhile upgrade in my system.   It can play all the files ripped in my Vault 2i , it can play or copy any files on NAS .   Its awesome 

@oddiofyl Great thanks for the review. Im with you. The Aurender build quality is top notch thats one of the reasons Im staying. I gotta confess Im a display geek also so the full color is icing on the cake.

As follow up, There was an ordering snafu, all on me. Greg did the exchange in eye watering time. The HDMI 2.1 cables are built like the proverbial brick SH, and perform incredibly. Many thanks to DH Labs in general and more specifically to Greg. No big box DNA to be found here!

I've dealt with Greg quite a few times. Always a pleasure. One of my purchases was an ethernet cable that was faulty. I had the replacement asap, I'd recommend them without reservation.


Just wanted to say I picked up a pair of Air Matrix Cryo RCA terminated cables and they are awesome.   Really high quality for the money. DH Labs are my go to guys from now on when I need cable products.  The value is high .   They replaced some Nordost Blue Heaven and they are much better 

Just picked up the Mirage USB cable.   Excellent cable for the money,  I see no need to spend more.