Do You Clean Your Ears?

Now you can with the right tools! 😉

May be an image of text that says ’QMAX AUDIOPHILE EAR SWAB 14K Gold Static Adhesion Coupler 100% Micro-plastic free Organic Cotton Shielded Grip’


i just ran my suv through a car wash

i just opened the window and stuck my head out when going through the machine ..... i am a little wet now, but i can hear better 😂🤣

OK, just for those that don’t realize this, this is a joke.


You don’t want to stick a q-tip up your ear canal because it can pile up ear wax and create a big pile and close it off to hearing… also making natural processes of removing ear wax not work. In extreme cases damage your hearing.


You can use an ear wax softener and a warm shower or have your doctor use a warm ear wax removal tool. I guess there are some on the market like a water pick. But be careful, you are playing with a very delicate and possibly irreparable sensor.

Yea you don't wanna use any sort of Q-tip to clean your ears frequently. I actually have a problem with both of my ears as I type this, Left is minor, Right is major. I suspect that there's some sort of wax buildup. When people talk loud or kids yell, there's loud crackling sound in my ear. 

I'm planning to fix the issue by visiting a hair salon. Or an ENT doctor. 

I prefer the occ copper adhesive to gold….I also have heard dipping it in Discwasher fluid helps.

@dill really enjoyed this post. Thanks for the laugh.

No amount of ear cleaning will fix a bad speaker. Get rid of those boxes before you damage your ears

Cleaning ears will improve your listening experience for audio but may contribute to an increase in relationship difficulties.   Much harder to implement selective deafness with clean ears.😂

Periodically, I dip each ear in my Ultrasonic record cleaner bath and it is far superior to any audiophile Q-tip. Caution: do keep your ear in the U/S bath for any longer than 5 minutes at a time, and be sure to change the ultrasonic bath water before cleaning any records. (Ear wax in record grooves may prove problematic, both to your vinyl records and to your cartridge stylus.)

They need to invent a vacuum capable of sucking ear wax. Count me in as an investor.



Correction: Do not keep your ear in the U/S solution for more than 5 minutes at a time. (Any time longer than 5 minutes may damage the delicate hairs in the ear canal and may lead to ear canal baldness. Note: Rogaine is not approved for use in the ear canal.)

Baylinor, do not bother to look into investing.

I modified my VPI record cleaner with an ear adapter and it did not work. After using the VPI ear adapter I would, without explanation, skate toward the middle of my local skating arena in ever tightening concentric circles. The subsequent implementation of anti-skating devices proved fruitless. My amateur hockey career ended shortly after that.

I am 75. I have been cleaning my ears with Q-tips for 70 years. I can hear just fine. I do take the precaution to not run while using Q-tips. Or scissors.

I know @dill is having a good laugh with everyone.  But I guarantee if a certain California company marketed this (the company that "researches" how items work together, oh what is the name of the term...syn-something), they would be on backorder due to being sold out at $3,000 per pair.


What a sad little bunch that are controlled  by the PuppetMaster TD.....




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I wear aids daily, and was surprised by how much wax comes out with them....not every day, but enough to bug me...

Clean them off with a Qtip and a small tool sold for that sort of function...

QT the canals daily, 'cuz the aids make them 'itch' in some fashion that annoys Enough....

A co-worker ages ago commented that a Qtip sometimes felt as good as sex on occasion.....🤨🙄

",,,,'ve really got to get out more..."

Sad, really sad......*LOL*

Do Not Vac Your Ears

Having to have your brain stuffed back in.....?




pardon...😏 (damn, that was small....) ;).

So does that mean I shouldn't drink bleach for a covid cure? Trump suggestion


A co-worker ages ago commented that a Qtip sometimes felt as good as sex on occasion.....🤨🙄

Bwahaha … it’s a darn shame that perhaps (maybe, just maybe) he happened to be unaware of thee fantastic wonderful world a “toothpick tool” is capable of / in providing.

One word, pleasure.


"Ears as an error onus zoned....*huh*..."

Fiends, roam mens, counter-fried, bend me you fears....

...and other slight spooferies...  I've been up too long, and it shows...

Looking over @dill s' commercial suggestion, I could see various misperhaps that could occur....Tip loss, leading to the fibers acting like a FR tickler....

"Static build-up fried muh little brain....who can I sue?"

...obviously a North Korean 'reaming' of Western minds...

Que'd Tips:  You thought exploding cigars were funny?😆

Kant wait, but will anyway....

I enjoy long haul awareness (we won't / call it woke) finds the edge of one's logical loops..." just have to hold these wires, 'cuz if I don't.."

Ah, burn-out.....coming in 5ive  Fuuour   Thhhre  Tuh


The only thing you should stick in your ears is your elbow.

A good ENT specialist, especially one who loves music as much as you do, is a blessing. I spend more time talking about music with my guy here in D.C. than his receptionist would like.



Hope you weren’t dumb enough to believe what the MSM was doing, which is what they always do: prey on the ignorance of their audience using Trump hate to scare off their audience. Keep in mind the news READERS are intentionally dumb, and even IF they knew what DJT was referring to, they would get fired if they pointed out the INTENTIONAL error/LIE: The chemical is Chlorine Dioxide, which is a well known disinfectant. WebMd-"Overview Chlorine Dioxide is a gas used in very small quantities to disinfect water. It is a disinfectant similar to bleach and is unsafe when used in large amounts. Jim Humble discovered it cured malaria while working in Africa, then popularized it in USA. I used it when I had a VERY NASTY HEALTH CONDITION for 20+ years. I had 2 biopsies which they called ERYTHEMA MULTAEFORMA and prescribed prednisone. After decades of taking 20-30mg/day!!! a friend referred me to a holistic doctor who asked for my analysis over time. When he saw me he asked if I knew what ERYTHEMA MULTAEFORMA was, then told me it means A VIRUS OF NO KNOWN ORIGIN! I lost complete trust in pill pushers after that! I helped him develop a protocol (available on line) during which I passed about a 1/2" diameter head of a tapeworm (if you ever saw the movie DUNE, it looks exactly like the monsters head). BTW, the FDA came after JH who fled the country and a friend of his who took over in USA may still be in jail. Can’t have simple unpatentable over the counter cures cutting into their profits

You might ask yourself what else might the AMA/FDA/BIG PHARMA be lieing about?