Does Formula 1 racing and high end audio go together for anyone else?

I don't think nearly as many in the US are into F1 racing, as a sport, as others around the world are. At least that's my understanding. I just turned onto it a couple of years ago but really enjoy it a lot. I turned onto it the season before the big rivalry came to a head last year between my man Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. 

My big system is actually in my bedroom b/c I live in a high rise in an urban community and the other big reason is b/c acoustically it appears to be pretty good.

I'm obviously not a hard core purist, because I've got my seventy five inch big screen between my ML Summits. Anyway, I'm curious if F1 racing is a thing with anyone else and more interested in what others think about the way things are looking for Mercedes and more specifically Mr. Hamilton. 

I've been enjoying alternating between listening sessions and the practice sessions and the qualifying laps yesterday and would love to hear what others have to say about the distance b/w Verstappen and Hamilton leading p to the race today.

I find it kind of hard to feel sorry for Hamilton, personally, b/c he has a tendency to come off with such an air about him. At the same time, I do feel a little bit sorry for him b/c he appears to've lost his confidence on the track. I don't think he can blame his performance this weekend on the car. 

I'm also loving the competition Ferrari is showing Verstappen on the track right out of the starting gate this season.

I've found that audiophiles tend to have some similar traits in common as far as things we appreciate about life and I'm curious if anyone else around here enjoys F1 like I do? And especially thoughts about the rivalry b/w Verstappen and Hamilton and the season so far in general.



It has something to do with the interest of "absolute" performance which is what F1 represents.

I follow F1,Moto GP and pro cycling in Europe.

I enjoy Nico Rosberg's YT channel.


Nice. I'm thinking you're not an isolated case : )  Would be great to have some race oriented threads going during this season!      

I used to ride (travel on) a Ducati ST and also used to follow GP racing. Valentino Rossi was my fav rider. At the time, nobody could catch him! I gave up riding, and watching GP. Had to because it made my heart ache that I couldn't ride ... I made a conscious choice to stop riding. Not the least out of fear, it was out of clarity.

I've heard I've heard Valentino Rossi's somehow connected to F1 nowadays, but haven't dug for information on that yet. Would be great to see him make it onto the grid in F1.

Valentino is running some kind of grassroots bike racing program.

You may have seen this one.


Absolutely. I'm a US motorsports manufacturer that makes F1, Indy, Grand Prix and other race performance parts.

I also enjoy audio and I make audio parts. 

We designed an audio rack based on a F1 suspension. Pretty dam cool. 

These teo hobbies could not be more different. One is object and the other subjective. 

I used to be a big auto racing fan, including Formula 1 (attended many races per year including the Indy 500 and Montreal F1 race)…..but… seems all the series I once enjoyed with an abundance and variety of manufacturers has turned into a glorified spec series, both formula and sports car racing. And some of the tracks they run on today, and the old European ones they hacked over the years is quite frankly depressing.

I finally stopped watching all of it about 8 years or so ago.

Following F1 since the mid-sixties, when drivers were fat and tires were skinny! 

You may be interested to know that Tag McLaren tried to enter the audiophile market 20 - 25 years or so ago.  I think they thought that if they can build formula 1 cars how hard could making audiophile gear be. 

Their audio gear never gained traction and I think the venture was short lived.  I still occasionally see used Tag McLaren gear for sale. 

Yes they do, but then I've long been an auto racing enthusiast, enjoy most forms of racing, ovals and road racing. Same with motorcycle racing, loving MotoGP these days, especially since purchase of my first Ducati last summer.

You’re not alone. I think coming from a hobby where we value equipment that is the pinnacle of audio tech, it’s easy to see the connection with a Motorsport that is the pinnacle of auto technology. That is F1. In fact, F1 has almost always lacked the excitement of close competition. F1 excites because the technology excites.

But, But… today’s Bahrain GP offered loads of excitement between Ferrari and Red Bull.

As @chetatkins brought up. F1 series on Netflix.  My wife actually loves the show. She said if she was a young girl,she would love to get into racing.  

Thanks for posting the question; yes it does!  I watch F1 on my AV system which is separate from my 2 channel.  Nothing like cranking it up at the start of the race!

I had the chance to finally get to the USGP at COTA last year in Austin TX; while there's nothing like the live experience of FI, I found the venue a bit challenging for good visuals and very challenging for negotiating 200k fans.  

We bought our tickets late and only had GA, there's lawn areas for ok views and a lawn chair, but I would definitely recommend investing in VIP access with video and food, otherwise you're at the mercy of the masses. 

Lastly parking is a nightmare! Many gridlocked hours to exit the venue and surrounding highways. 

I am a huge F1 fan and a profound love of music. I think I may be slightly (!) older than you - I’ve been following F1 since 1967 at the same time as I started my love affair with music. I have no idea, though, if there is some sort of psychological connection between the two other than I’m passionate about both. 

I am a huge F1 fan. Began in the early 70s. Right around the time I became a big Jazz and Led Zeppelin fan. I got to see Niki Lauda (Ferrari) win at Watkins Glen in 1977. It was pouring rain for most of the race. Walked around most of the track during the race. We drove down from my hometown at 3AM. Drove right through the gate. No one to take money for tickets. We got in for free. I live 40 miles from the track. The 6 wheeled Tyrells were a thing back then. I bought my first "real" stereo system that same year. I was a junior in HS. Kenwood receiver, Dual TT, and advent speakers. I was on my way to spending gobs of money on audio gear over the years and couldn't have been happier.

I am a fan of both F1 (and high performance machines in general) along with great sounding stereo. I think the link between all of them is the pursuit for perfection and ultimate performance.

Been following F1 since the early seventies  - originally through Motor Sport magazine as there was no F1 on TV in Ireland.

Post rules change, this season is the first time in years that we're seeing real racing.

F1 is cool but the experience of an 11,000 horsepower top fuel dragster is a must see! 

Happy listening! 


...I used to own some Grand Prix Audio amp stands ; does that count ? Otherwise ....ummmmm NO ! 

Having attended several F1 races, and having been an AMA Road Racing participant for 8 years, I stopped watching F1 several years ago.  Several reasons for doing so, to include the predictability of top tier team wins, and the presence of a couple of prima donna personalities.  I still follow almost every other form of racing.  

I drag raced for most of my adult life. I run the Lucas Oil Series in NHRA. My Class is called Super Stock. I can give you an in-car camera shot of one of my qualifying passes. Lets go for a ride .... 



That’s a really competitive class. Will you be at the Mile High Nationals in July ? 

No, we don’t get out past the Mississippi. We’re from Ohio. A year ago this Easter we had the fastest SS/JA pass in History in Adel Georgia @ South Georgia Motorsports Park with a 9.54 @ 138. A couple years before that we won the Sportnationals in Bowling Green Kentucky. Our bucket list was always to win the Us Nationals and we came oh so close several times, but could never kick the door in. Semi Finals 3 times.. Won Class Eliminations at the US Nationals several times though. On the way home from Adel we (my brother who is my crew chief) and I made the decision to sell our operation. Amazingly the entire operation sold in 6 hours !! I’m 66 and my loving wife has waited decades for me to finally move pass this money funnel. Racing is as bad as any drug ever created. It’s worse than audiophiles! LOL

Thanks for asking

Jeff Niceswanger

NHRA superstock 3740


@tablejockey  that's a cool video! I love Rossi's persona. The Ducati mechanic here in KC was a riding buddy of mine years ago when I used to ride, I can only imagine what it would be like to ride with Valentino casually. It would be so cool if he made it into the Formula one scene.

@chetatkins I tried to get into that netflix series about F1 last year when I started getting way into the sport as a hobby and I was kind of amused because when I tried to watch it I literally couldn't understand all the drama. I was like, what is this sh*t?lol My impression was that they were just trying to spin drama around racing to attract an audience. No racing? lol 

@sns which model Ducati did you get? I used to ride an ST2 years ago, which is the sport touring model. I used to love to travel on my bike. But retired from the hobby after a lil fall down go boom. I have some seriously cool memories, because I was about as avid about my interest in riding as my love of music.

Mario, the Ducati mechanic here in KC did a custom job for me and made a four valve motor from an ST4S, which is a much more powerful motor, fit in the ST2 frame. It was a really cool bike.

The two valve motor was actually more fun, in a sense, b/c it had so much low end torque. That made it really fun to ride on the twisties, especially with the sound of the dry clutch. The clatter of the dry clutch sounded so cool. I don't know how to post pictures here but it would be fun for some of us to share pictures of our old rides, 

Can anyone else get that ball rolling?

And is anybody willing to post some simple instructions to make it easier for others to share pictures of their sexy Italian motorcycles? 


A good woman indeed ! Congrats on your success on the track. More time now for listening to music with your lady! 



I do blend the two interests by watching F1 and playing the audio thru my high quality system however I prefer to see the two as complementary. No need to add another wrinkle to an already vibrant forum. 

F-1 Has become very boring the last few years. I have resorted to just watching qualifying as that will determine the winner 99% of the time. You say that Hamilton has an “air” around him. Yes he does as do all professional athletes in every sport. This is actually what allows them to be as good as they are. If you don’t have that you will never be an elite athlete and make it at this level. I will argue that  Max Verstappen is the biggest dick of all of them, but that works for him. Now look at the audio file circuit and start thanking about people with an “air” around them. Here it is just plane arrogance and snobbery not needed for survival like F-1. I would like to see them designate four races a year to reverse grid to add some competition and excitement to the sport.


Thanks. I’ll post one more. This is a Test Pass during one of our weekends. You will notice Bo Butner, the Driver of one of the NHRA Pro Stockers running the Christmas Tree for us during this hit .. The first 60 feet happens in 1.2 seconds, and as you can see all 60 feet is "in the air". Fun times !


Spent 11 years (90s) in Milan. Could not help but get into F1. Never made it to a race. I am in Las Vegas now. Maybe next year. 😊

My I begin by saying two of my passions in life are F1 racing and Hifi.  Part of the allure of Formula One is the sound.  If you want a graphic demonstration, find Sterophile Test CD3.  It contains a binaural recording made at the 1992 Canadian GP (I was in attendance).  1992 was probably the zenith of for the beautiful sounds a race car can produce.  Two of the cars recorded had the F1 Lamborgini V12, which many contend was the finest sounding engine ever built.  Those that don't buy the Lamborgini story prefer the F1 Ferrari of the era which is also recorded on that test disc. These engines are turning about 12K to 13K.  A turbocharger has the effect of acting somewhat like a muffler; that is why current F1 and Indy cars do not sound as incredible as the cars of the past. Two people above yearned for the day F1 cars would be electric powered. Obviously, that would produce a sound like someone vacuuming a rug.  If that day ever comes me and about half of the current F1 fans will be "labyby."  Me?  I race cars with SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) and pit crewed for a CanAm car all in the '70s.  When I stopped driving I took up aerobatic flying.

@tunefuldude I purchased 2021 Supersport S in silk white. Dreamed about owning a Panigale, but can no longer stand the discomfort of the race replica machines. I often ride with a buddy who owns Aprilia RSV4, have no issues with keeping up in street riding at sane levels. For track riding I get the added power of the V4 machines, but for street riding I'm fine with what I have, 0-100mph of 6.5 is plenty for street riding between johnny law and unforeseen circumstances. You're right about the 2 valve engines having torque advantage at lower rpm, the lower power of these engines also means one can use all available power which is more fun vs. perhaps too easily getting over your head with a more powerful bike. I only rode Japanese sport bikes prior to this Ducati, always yearned for a Ducati since 1990's when I'd see them at various motorcycle meets. Also, always enjoyed the company of Ducati and BMW riders, even joined a BMW riding club at the time I was riding a Yamaha FZR100 back in the day.


  While fast cars are fun, fast bikes are a more visceral experience, the bike and my stereo can both provide this. I like F1 for it's pushing of technological limits, very similar pursuit to extracting maximum performance from my audio systems.

Great sound doesn’t just make music better it makes movies sports TV gaming etc all more enjoyable. When you watch racing you want to hear it. One reason why I enjoy vintage racing is the sound. Give a listen to the Beast of Turin sometime.


I started watching F1 about 5 years ago when Merc won most races and Max was the underdog. Through the years I have developed an appreciation for the mid field and enjoy watching some of the dog fights for 11- 10 as much as 1-2.

Yesterdays battle for 1-2 between RB/Ferrari was epic and I think this year will be incredibly competitive. Once Merc figures it out there should be 3 teams fighting for #1 and another 3 - 4 fighting in the midfield. McLaren is the Merc of the midfield right now but they'll get there. Alfa looks better with Bottas. Being from the US I have to root for Haas too which has looked more competitive this year. 

Speaking of high tech, have you checked out Haas? They make some of the most advanced automated machining in the world. 

FWIW, I enjoy both audio and F1. I root for Max Verstappen. While I wish Hamilton and other athletes for that matter would keep politics out of sport, I have nothing but respect for Hamilton's driving skills. As for it becoming boring, I think there was a trend for that in the not-so-distant past, but very recently things have really started to improve in that regard. Yesterday's race was truly exciting! 

Listening to an engine or the muffler is like listening to a set of speakers-

i was a Lyme Rock groupie!

one year I was privileged to hear a Mercedes run the track that was not started since 1939! Music !


HiFi, all things motor sport (especially F1), and interesting wrist watches.

In that order. 

I haven't tried F1, but my surround processor does a damn impressive Dolby ATMOS impression with NHRA drag racing! 

Me and my 40K mile '93 900ss....that first F1 this year was super!  

Sorry I don't get why a simple .jpg won't post?


Didn't Black Diamond Racing (now just BDR) originally make carbon moldings for racing cars, yachts, etc., before turning their attention to cones and shelves?

My son and I have a lot of fun watching the Netflix series Drive to Survive.  It is really well done and it is fun seeing and knowing all the personalities involved.

Spent 88 - 94 stationed in Germany and went to many F1 races, also attended the Grand Prix in Montreal several times, love F1!

I like F1 and wish they'd come back to Long Beach. Saw a few races there and it was great. Also a fan of WRC and I wish it were back on TV. Now that's racing.

All the best,

Started to follow F-1 in the early 50's when it officially began. Our grandfather had access to both American and European Sportscars magazines, so we could read  the monthly race reports. In the 60's drove to MG Mitten in Pasadena to get Autoweek when it was in newspaper form and came out weekly. Nothing like precision engineering in both F-1 and audiophile equipment. 

Yes, I do follow and enjoy F1 and enjoy my more mid-fi than hi-fi music. We attended the F1 races in Indy until they moved to Austin. We would buy seats near the starting grid, watch the start (amazing sound and fury) and then wander the infield for the rest of the race, Pretty cool.

My dad started the love of the infernal combustion engine when he took us to Trenton (NJ) Speedway to see an Indy Car race when I was 12 or so. Eddie Sachs won (he was killed along with Sam McDonald at Indy two years later). Then it was dirt races in Northern Kentucky, Then it was crewing for a Formula Ford racer in SCCA. (We drove to Watkins Glenn for the F1 race one year.) Then it was Greenville/Pickens Speedway and Anderson Speedway in SC. (We moved a lot for my Dads job.) We were shopping for a Late Model for me to run at G/P when he died and that was the end of that for awhile.

At age 31 I bought my first motorcycle and some of the guys my brother and I rode with had dabbled in WERA road racing. So, a set of full leathers and a year later I took riders school at Nelson Ledges. 10 years, maybe 1/2 million highway miles later, and about $80K poorer I quit with 4 national titles as a rider and 12-13 more as team crew chief/part owner.

Now it's occasionally the drag strip down the street or Lawrenceburg Speedway for USAC Sprints or Midgets.

Once racing and/or music gets in your blood it's hard to let go.