Don't do me any favors

Audiogon does not have to remove entire threads simply to protect me from reading others opinions. I'm a grown-up now and can decide for myself.


They don't care about you.  They remove threads that are contrary to their interests.

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I don’t want to sound like an Audiogon a** kisser but there is NOT a better audio site/blog/sales on the web! They have been very lenient with threads that stray into politics which I have no interest in.

I was wondering about the thread on the fake Chinese cables. It had over 5 pages of discussions. Now the entire thing is gone. I thought it was informative. Why has it been removed? I can't find it now. I think Carlsbad is correct.

@carlsbad Agree. A thread I started in "music" asking for suggestions of examples of songs which celebrate women’s rights was taken down. Apparently, the mention of women's rights triggers some as "too political." (Ironically, any number of posts wondering why there aren’t more women audiophiles are still up.)

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Whoopie, we need another political thread disguised as audio thread. Put on repeat.


I thought that was the thread that you were referring to. I think that it was a bit played out in some ways. There was the back and forth with some saying they would never buy counterfeit and myself and others with a different view. Finally, a few days ago I made a comment that I found the comments of the members who opposed the Chinese cables amusing, and a day later my post was removed, and the day after that the thread was taken down.

You’re correct, there really was some interesting information shared about Chinese cables that aren’t counterfeit, so it’s too bad in that way, but we can always start another thread about Chinese cables in general.

Hilde45 makes a good point too.

Yes, I don't know why the whole thing was removed. Maybe the cable advertisers on Audiogon were getting nervous. That's my "Black Helicopter" thinking.

I find the process of out-right deleting threads to be disrespectful to forum users. People invest time, often significant, into responding to threads. When a thread is summarily deleted, that time is essentially stolen from them. I don't consider that a customer friendly process.  I can certainly see closing threads for further comments when they get too far off track or deleting offensive posts, but deleting a whole thread punishes the users.  I would also suggest much clearer rules / guidelines on acceptable topics. People are more accepting of rules, even if they don't agree with them if they are clear, and consistent.

Your idea of simply closing the thread to further posts is good, but of course we have to remember that it's  a private enterprise and they can do what they like.

That said, i am much more concerned when PRIVATE communication is viewed, hosted by a private site or not ...


This appeared when I opened a PM, the first I received from that member. VERY VERY VERY NOT COOL!


There are no PM's on this forum. There are DM's. They're read to prevent those who would circumvent the buying and selling rules.

Their ball, their rules.

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Don't shoot the messenger!

Just calling it what it is. And I agree with you. That admin message should read 'direct' not 'private'.

No shooting. I was handing you the bullets :-)

I have no issues with automated filtering. That requires a breach of privacy. The reading of messages assumed private, that is a big no-no.

If I remember correctly Hilde45 thought it appropriate to celebrate women's rights on the day the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade.  Could be some misread his intent, or may be they understood exactly what he was saying?

If I remember correctly Hilde45 thought it appropriate to celebrate women’s rights on the day the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade. Could be some misread his intent, or may be they understood exactly what he was saying?

My post asked for songs celebrating women’s rights on the very day many of my friends and family were feeling quite distressed about the decision. That was my intent -- to get the names of some songs.

I can imagine people asking for songs about patriotism on the fourth of July or songs that celebrate Jesus on Christmas day, too. But I got the message loud and clear. It was too political to ask for songs celebrating women's rights...because women’s rights is something that’s too political.

It is distressing when audio related threads get deleted, but then its generally because they morph into political fighting and personal insults. Mention anything about Chinese equipment, inevitably will go down this path. Too bad some good information lost in the whole thing, could be some have intention to insert the political to get thread erased.

Yeah, we seem to now fully embrace the idea that individuals are not responsible for their own actions.  
“I don’t have any agency or choices.  Some external stimuli ‘made’ me feel and behave this way, so instead of taking responsibility for myself, I’m just going to demand said external stimuli be terminated.”

Hopefully you have all seen by now that the thread was reopened by the moderators, albeit with most all of the original responses deleted. I appreciate that.

Principle of simplicity - remove the whole thing and think nothing more of it.

Respect and consideration ? Rarely a priority. Still exists somewhere.

Colin Champman would have liked that. His philosophy was,
"Simplify, then add lightness."

All the best,

@nonoise , still wondering if Colin would appreciate where Lotus is going of late, but would have liked the Elise I'd hope. 🤞

Now, a small 'lectric Lotus.....would and could fit the phrase.... ;)

I kinda take getting 'tagged' by the overlords as a sign that Someone is paying attention, even if it's getting kicked in your keys...*L*

Well, Chapman's philosophy got some drivers killed, others injured.


The dead don't come back to life, but we do have reincarnation here at Audiogon meta physical world.

Well, Chapman's philosophy got some drivers killed, others injured.

You can say that of any racing team. It's an inherently dangerous sport. To wit, I've always wanted a t-shirt that read,

                                              Speed Kills
                                                   Try It

All the best,

Nonoise, a shirt seen decades ago was one that cut to it:

                                        Faster Faster
                                  Until the thrill of speed
                              Overcomes the fear of death

When I hear the howl of a superbike on one of the nearby roads. I can appreciate the rush involved but know that one randumb factor can flip the equation in under a heartbeat....

And there's...                      Life Begins @ 100

Ends there as well, potentially....

I've been told of incidents that ended well, and others not so much.

At least I've heard of no deaths from audio being played too fast....
Blisters on ones' fingers or being out of breath, however... ;)

Leave all threads up! I don’t see the daily recap until the next morning and would like to see those deleted threads. We are all grown ups (at least in age) here!