filthy pigs

i swear just when i thought i'd seen it all,last year i bought a mcintosh mc7100 from ebay & put it in the closet till i got around to messin with it,i tested it but that was as far as i got,just today i opened the box & started messin with it gettin it ready for resale,i took the cover off to have a peek & discovered cigarette ashes inside,how & the hell can you be such a pig as to get ashes inside a peice of gear,i have a mental picture of some old hag stirrin a pot of slop with a cig hangin out of her mouth.

ive seen alot of nasty gear & im pretty sure one peice i had a few years back even had a booger on it but the ashes took the cake now its got me wondering about bugs & mice,im gonna start opening everything i buy on the front porch incase somthing leaps out at me.

whats the filthiest peice you've bought?

I haven't bought any "filty" gear, but I sat at my computer and laughed hard and long at your post. thanks Mike! :-D


A blonde in the Mediterranean port of Gulf Jann, France in March 1970 when I was in the US Navy.
I had a dead dung-beetle in........oh, just kidding!
But I bet there are gonna be some entertaining comments in this thread!
It's a tie between a fifteen dollar hooker and an interconnect that smelled like it had been around yer old pot stirring hag.

I kept both.
Gunbei,were did you manage to find a 15.00 hooker?Geez ,,im hanging out in the wrong places! Ive had good luck with all my used audio purchases,so far!
Dean knows all the good spots:)

Actually, 20.00 will still do it in some towns. Just don't ask to check gender!
hey dean,you know the best thing about those pesky $15 hookers is you dont have to worry about teeth gettin in the way.

If you want the biggest "bang" for your buck, you gotta go with the $20 hookers. That's where diminishing returns kick in. :>)
Sorry I don’t have any hooker, etc. jokes, but have a Mac joke as you’ll see. Maybe it is just Mac gear that gets filthy?

Purchased a MINT MR-78 McIntosh tuner on ebay. After the seller shipped the package, he emailed that the MINT tuner was on the way and that by the way, two of the feet underneath the chassis were broken off from the chassis.

The package arrived & when I opened the box, I swore someone was smoking inside due to the intense reeking of nicotine. The entire MIINT tuner, both the exterior and the interior circuit boards, were encased in stains from who knows how many years and how many cigarettes. Took me several hours to remove the exterior stains. Could not do anything about the interior stains or the smell.

The manual arrived later in the mail and wouldn’t you know it, someone was smoking inside the manila envelope that the instructions came in.

I contacted the seller indicating that the tuner was in lousy condition and not even close to MINT due to the stains and the broken feet and other problems. And that he should have asked if I wanted the MINT tuner prior to shipping when he realized the feet were broken. His response, “Oh, that’s my father, he’s a heavy smoker. A little smoke won’t hurt the tuner.” And although he took pictures of the MINT tuner, he was not aware that the feet were broken off and had “only discovered this when he was packaging” the tuner. And that it was such a minor issue, he sent the tuner without asking if it was OK with me. Obviously his definition of MINT differs from mine.
I'll never forget the post where the buyer said he found a human arm while unpacking his new amp.
Do a search,its in there.
Funniest thread I ever read!
One time I saw a mouse crawl into the port of my old B&W center speaker. I took it apart(speaker) and found a whole sh-tload of droppings. I cleaned it out. Later when I sold it to a friend, I did tell him about it. I blasted the speaker when the mouse was in it to see if he would ome out with a megaphone held up to his ear but it didn't happen.
I bought a Rotel 2100 tuner off Ebay (seems to be the recurring theme) and the seller charged me a "handling" fee for packing. Well, he used old empty plastic milk cartons and an old mens' suit as packing material. The box was from the supermarket. It was either a lettuce or chicken box, I can't specifically recall. No bubble-wrap or even a plastic bag to cover the tuner. It had a small nick on the handle but otherwise was ok. A request to refund the "handling" fee, resulted in exchanged incendiary emails to no avail except negative feedback, despite the fact that I paid him which is the only obligation a buyer has. Another Ebay near-disaster. Another reason NOT to buy from Ebay sellers. And another reason why Ebay feedback is of no consequence here on Audiogon.
The fifteen dollar ladies usually only have SOME of their teef, and that makes it even more challenging than if they were all-gums.

what is it with these idiots & the nasty supermarket boxes,i bought my son a intergrated a while back & the fool packed it in a grape box & he left a few smashed & rotting grapes in the bottom too,to make things worse the tightwad used wadded up newspapers for packing material,the only thing missing from his superior packing skills was tying a peice of string around the mushy box to keep it closed,needless to say that amp arrived smashed to bits.

gunbei,is teef singular or plural,hmmm,i think plural would be teefs or toofs.