Full range speaker for rogue 90 or 100 wpc amp.

I need your suggestions for full range floorstanding or other that can be driven by my rogue magnum 90 easily. I have no dealer close-by to listen to any. I am using a baetis streamer with a Rogue rp-5 pre and the magnum 90. My room is 13' x 16'.  I listen to male and female jazz singers. Some classic rock. My budget is 1,000-2,000 bucks. I have even considered DIY.
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For small budget , you have to do DIY, This amount of money you have to spend just  for plywood , drivers etc,   You bought  good amp., Why you have so limited budget for speakers, Speakers  more important   
the newest pair of Vandy 2’s you can find, or VLR on Soundanchors, add subs later. The VLR coax is shockingly good foundation. 

the links you were provided by kind poster above are ALL excellent choices also.

best to you, you have a very nice system in work….
thanks so far. a vandersteen is not a very dynamic speaker. nor does the 1c have much bass to speak of. and I have owned them both. Not sure about the magnepan but I don't think they have the bass I'm looking for. I would love to try them though.
i would look at the websites of Rogue dealers to get some insights on what they pair with your gear, other than Vandy. Enjoy the search.
I drive Maggie 1.6s with a Cronus Magnum. Killer.
For singers and jazz, there is NOTHING like Maggies.
Thanks again for your help. Some diy speakers i have seen end up in this price range then they don't have much resale value.
There is Not one speaker even close to full range even at 5 x that price full range 20hz -20 khz ,  Svs is a competent speaker 
that will reach maybe close to 35 hz honest Bass .in the $2k range,
many specifications are totally skewed , continuous measured 
frequency response within +,- 3 db would be accurate and under 3% distortion .
I would try an efficient floorstander or a high quality two way and add a subwoofer. Tube amps like to see a high impedance of 8 ohms or more so choose wisely. I would try tekton or zu audio in your price range.
Look at the Klipsch line of speakers. They are very efficient.
maybe a used pair of Proac speakers. Not as efficient as the Klipsch’s.
look at used speaker at your price range. .
Legacy might be what you're looking for. Good sound and dynamics. Easy to drive.
The Sonus Faber Lumina for around $2k are a great buy and look 
excellent for the money.
Interestingly when Herb Reichert reviewed the Rogue Stereo 100 he paired the amp with Harberth M30.2, KEF LS50, and Maggie .7 and liked them all...perhaps the Harbeth's best.  He never once tried a higher impedance/high sensitivity speaker.  Perhaps the peppy 100 watts obviated the need for a "traditional" tube-friendly speaker although he noted that the amp didn't seem any more powerful than his Pass XA25....in fact the Rogue seemed less alive, open, and dynamic.  It would have been interesting if he had tried an 8 ohm/90+dB speaker to compare to the rest.  

i own a Rogue Stereo 100 power amplifier, with a KEF C658 streamer/DAC/pre-amp as a source. This is a second system in a small room 12' wide by 10' deep. I listened to small Maggies, but the small models need a subwoofer. I ended up buying a pair of Totem Acoustic Sky Towers. They are very small, two-way floor-standers that reach down to 36Hz. I listen in triode mode and have no problem driving these speakers, for which the manufacturer lists the efficiency as 88 dB. (I put more of my money in the speakers and amp, as I felt the technology in the world of streaming and DACs is moving quickly and suspected I will end up replacing the NAD unit in the next several years.)  

I listen almost exclusively to jazz and classical. The Totem speakers are excellent in my view for both, and the Sky Towers present good, reasonably tight bass for my small room, with excellent imaging. But because they use a 5.75" woofer, are not in the league of larger floor standing speakers which are likely outside your budget. A larger Totem floor stander may work better in your room, as it is more than 50% larger than mine. 

Your budget is workable if (1) you can find a pair of used or demo Totem Sky Towers or the larger Forest Towers, or (2) you purchase the Totem Sky stand-mount speakers and add a sub later. (The larger cabinet of the Sky Tower allows it to generate lower bass than the stand-mounters. Both Sky speakers are ported, but can be placed reasonably close to a rear wall if that is a consideration, which it was in my small room.) The Totem speakers are more revealing than Harbeths and most of the other brands recommended by others, so if you don't like that kind of sound, you should consider some of the other suggestions. Finding larger Harbeths or Spendors within your budget will be a challenge.

Good luck.   
thanks for the additional insight. I would really like to find a floorstander that is not too hard to drive that goes down around 28-30. Maybe I'm all wrong but 35  is not a lot of bass or deep bass. I am not a fan of speakers that have 5 or 6 little drivers. I guess I'm a traditionalist when I say I like a woofer, mid, tweet.
My favorite kit speakers are from Pi Speakers. I have built the Two tower and the Four. Outstanding value, even pre-built. Can be driven with low powered SET amps, so your Rogue will hardly be breathing hard.


I'm also a big Legacy fan but their entry level Studio HD monitors start at $2065 and don't go as low as you desire. You rarely see current production Legacy speakers for sale; folks tend to buy and keep this brand unless upgrading to another Legacy product.
For a well liked DIY project consider the Solstice from Parts Express. Quality Morel components, transmission line enclosure, not too big for your room. 
My 100 watt Rouge Audio Cronus Magnum II has no problem with Ohm Walsh 4s.  They aren’t the most efficient and they go plenty low.  I found a pair used that had the speakers redone.  The pairing seems synergistic.  They seem to be fuller with this amp than the 200 watt solid state amp I previously had.
thanks for the diy suggestions I will check them out. I also checked some out at speaker hardware. the only thing is I don't know if the dayton reference woofers are decent. Any thoughts.
FYI the Stereo 100 is a powerful yet sweet / open sounding amp- a killer sound.  
I should have kept mine.  
@dpm2340 The size of the woofer cone and its magnet and the cabinet design and quality are more important for getting deep bass than whether it has two drivers or three or more. There is a school of thought in speaker design that argues that it is easier to design a highly accurate two-way speaker with one simple crossover. Totem and several other brands follow that approach in designing speakers that fit your budget. And getting to 36 Hz is below the 41 Hz that is the lowest note on a typical acoustic bass. A pipe organ and some electric instruments will go lower. See this article. https://www.soundenvironment.com/what-frequencies-are-bass/.

If you want really deep bass either find a floor stander with a larger woofer and powerful magnet that can move more air or budget to add the right subwoofer. Not sure you can find the former in your budget. (Many excellent subs do not extend below the 30 Hz area or do so with a significant drop in sound level.)

Good luck!
I like ProAc speakers for $1800, Coincedent super Eclipse. I think they are rated at 14 ohms. I have heard them on a lot of Rogue gear. $1600 used. System Audio speakers. These three are great choices. My favorite is the Coincident super eclipse. These would cost $10k today. The ProAc are a little warm with the silk dome tweeter with tubes. 
maybe I wasn't clear enough when I stated my budget. It is for the used market. sorry
I have the same Rogue RP5 and the ST100.  Front speakers are Ascend Towers with RAAL.  Sound is outstanding. 

That said, the Towers with RAAL new are beyond your budget.  Sometimes they come available on the used market (I've seen them on usaudiomart).  Not a Tower, but the Ascend Sierra 2EX is a close second per user reviews - I've not heard these but am considering upgrading my S2's to the EX version).  
Listen, all I can say is I've owned and paired both. I have a Rogue Cronus Magnum II, and before I upgraded to Sonus faber Sonettos, I paired the Rogue with Sonus faber Venere 2.5. The sound is incredible, and that's not only my opinion, but audiophile friends that have listened to my set up as well. One of those has over $90,000.00 invested in his system. There are used 2.5's available for less than $2,000.00 and you can't go wrong. Again, I've owned and paired both so I know first hand - not a guess! Happy listening.
Agree with the SF recommendation, also Thiel CS 2.3s or 2.4 might work nicely for you.  Hard to drive but my 2.3s sound great with BAT VK55 (55 wpc, tube) and based on Herb's review and other Thiel users,  I have to think the Rogue is more than up to the task.  SF more smooth, Thiel more detailed to my ear.  I had the Maggies and liked high watt ss for these over the BAT tube amp, seemed more muscular and dynamic.


Re Thiel, lots of testimonials on the user group chat.  
If you don't mind the "Spaceballs" looks, Gallo 3.5s would be a good fit at ~$2K used. 
Maggie 1.7s
Totems are nice, but the bigger-woofered Forest probably over your price range. The smaller ones are great for their size, but they won't meet your expectation on the bottom end.
Proac older Response series are really great if you can find them. Cheers,
I have the Rogue Sphinx driving Martin Logan Motion 40's and the result is sublime.
Hi , I currently do not have a high powered tube amp . But I still have speakers from when I did . JBL 4312A’s  on 26” Sound Anchor 3 leg stands . It was definitely Old School fun . For a suggestion how about Crites Cornscalla’s ? They come in kit form or assembled. Not a refined speaker , but if you like the Klipsch sound . 
I will look into these suggestions. About the thiels are they harsh? Sometimes i hear them described that way. I couldn't imagine that with tube gear.
Re Thiels being harsh, I guess I'd counter with equipment matching is something you need to very much take into consideration with Thiels, and IMO the Rogue 100 wpc tubes will be a great start.  The upside is midrange tone and timber esp w/ tubes is superb, and PRAT, dynamics are excellent, bass is solid too.  Admittedly, I've also fussed about with room treatments and tweaks to help control sibilance and reediness caused I think partially by the speakers, partially by the room, and also moved to a warmer DAC.  I want to try a BIG amp and the user reviews for the new GaNs from W4S, LSA, and Peachtree have and will continue to be very interesting.   
Monitor Audio Silver speakers will be on budget and sound great with Rogue.  That would be my first choice.  
I will look into these suggestions. About the thiels are they harsh? Sometimes i hear them described that way. I couldn’t imagine that with tube gear.

thiels use high grade metal tweeters, and as always with those, if you have upstream gear that exhibit some treble grain or sizzle the metal tweeters will not smooth that over, you will hear it full force... as such, tube gear is often used to ameliorate that specific tendency in speakers with an excitable top end (thiels, kefs, focals and so on) ... the somewhat unique challenge with thiels is they are also exceptionally demanding on power amps, most tube amps just can’t handle them at any decent volume... so tubes are usually introduced further up the chain in thiel systems, feeding the tubey goodness into an iron fisted solid state power amp
With your musical taste I would think you'd be very happy with a gently used pair of Magnepan 1.7i speakers you can add a sub latter if you feel the need for deeper bass. Maggie's will bring the jazz to life in your room and do a good job on rock too.