Good Inexpensive Amp for Back Yard Speakers

Hi Y'all. 

Could use a bit of counsel. 

I need a decent, but quite inexpensive Amp to pump my circa 1990 Klipsch HS2 outdoor speakers on the back porch.  Need something with some decent wattage (not 20 watts!).  I'll run the amp out of one of the outputs from my pre-amp.  Given what I am running to it makes no sense to be spending much on an Amp.  I don't want to run it through my existing Amp for the living area because I need to be able to have separate volume controls for inside and outside.  When the house has quiet volume, I need to put some power behind the porch.  While I'm at it I will need the ability to hook up two speakers since I will run the in-walls in the dining room separately too.  I've been looking at used amps but just not finding much at a decent price.  I started looking at this Russound P75 amp for about $120 which looked good.  Then I started reading the reviews and they were quite uncomplimentary.  It tends to die or burn up after about 90 days.  Parasound looked like an option but the pricing was too high for what I will use it for.  Would appreciate some ideas from you Goners.

Thanks in advance.
Don't know your exact budget, but for two hs-2 outdoor speakers, a decent cheap receiver should do well. Something from Yamaha or Onkyo.
@Simao - I need something that connects to the Streaming system that I already have set up, which runs through my existing pre-amp.

@noromance -  I already have the speakers that are wired, and the back of the house was already wired to go - so I am just about set up.  Just need to disconnect them from the my in house sound system so I can play them with independent sound control.
I have a nice clean Adcom 5300 for my outdoor speakers...sounds great and these things are very inexpensive on Ebay. 
Your Klipsch speakers are pretty efficient, right? Seems like a great opportunity for a chip amp. You don’t have to worry much about it. Buy two so you have a spare. Prepare to be amazed by the SQ if it’s your first time.
I like the recommendation from @imhififan . In addition to that particular Dayton Amp,  I would go to the Parts Express website and choose whichever of their inexpensive amps has enough power for your needs and has the best reviews. They sell lots of different amps, most of them chip amps, that cost less than $150 and have warranty. Here's another interesting choice from Parts Express:

Look for a Rotel piece on Craigslist.  Always good buys on there.  USAudiomart has a few as well but the cheap ones are on craigs
Look no farther than the legenrary Adcom GFA-535. I run 4 speakers off one in my workshop. Plenty of power and great sound. Deals can be found all over the interwebs.
I agree with tpreaves...A good Adcom can be purchased for a few dollars.  I did a backyard setup using with an Onkyo M-5010. 
Rock on.

Sorry I mis read your question. This is what use to power the polks and I could not be happier

Yamaha R-S202BL Stereo Receiver
I'm happy to pass on a recommendation I got a few months ago on this board--Optoma Nuforce STA200. Dual mono 70wpc, precise and clean. Original price was $1,250 and a bargain. I bought new discounted at $450, and lately marked down again to $429. Hard to beat for your use. Plus, I'll offer mine on Audiogon next week for $300, with about 150 hours on it--just enough use to start delivering lovely low bass sounds.