Great Value in Used Phono Preamp’s?

Hey, Folks!I am looking to increase the quality of my phono stage. For many years, I have been using a Bottlehead Seduction that I assembled myself. It’s been great, but  having spent some time with a borrowed, integrated amp with a really wonderful phono stage built-in, I think I’m ready to upgrade.What would you be looking for, used, in the $500 range in a used phono preamp? Thanks in advance!
Precision Fidelity C7. All tube and designed by Bruce Moore (Paragon, MFA, Audible Illusions). I had one and regrettably sold it!
 Right now there’s a guy selling one of those right here. He wants $929 for a unit with leaking capacitors and a rusty transformer! 😬
Try a Dynavector P75 mk3
Now the mk4 is out the mk3 can be picked up for around 400 to 500 used and it is a very powerful and flexible little phono amp.
Not tube but does match very well with Dynavector carts if you happen to have one.
I used one quite happily for some time before spending even 
Too much money for that particular C7! I have seen them selling for $350 - 500 in very good to excellent condition. Wish I still had mine! Bruce Moore made a phono stage version of his Paragon 12 called the Paragon E. Might be worth pursuing!
Forget the Dynavector P75! Stick to tubes for the authentic musical sound! At the same time I had the C7 I also had the PS Audio PSIII phono stage. After comparing the two, I sold the PSIII. It sounded excellent but up against the cascode tube circuit of the C7 - no contest!
A nicely modded Dynaco PAS 3 is still competitive with today's pricier gear! I own one made by DKL Labs. Now rare - and a keeper!
And you have used a Dynavector p75 mk3?
Unless you have actual experience you might want to "tone down" your "absolute" statements.....
I had a Seduction, it was nice. very sweet sounding but I wanted more omph.

Went with a Hagerman Cornet II. there is one for sale on Audio Circle

I bought a temp phono stage last year and still have it because its so good for the money. IfI Iphono 2 at $499 is a great deal imo.

great reviews from many including Mr Fremmer

I’m selling a tube Jolida JD9 MKII phono preamp with an extra set of upgraded PsVane tubes. Low hours, mm/mc.
Another vote for Graham Slee. I purchased an Era Gold Reflex with PSUI. Lucky find for $650. If you search for Slee used items and find one that includes the Slee power supply, then that's a big plus. It really brings out the best in the Slee units. Slee makes several models so if you go for that brand look into what features each have and what you need. If you use a MM or MC cartridge then that also fits into the equation. The Slee phono stages are excellent considering the price.
If you're just looking for a SUT, Parks Audio Budgie is a really good one for the money. They use CineMag and are impressive.  
I am definitely going to be on the lookout for one of those Graham Slee units!
The Dynavector is great
the MK4 displaced in my system by a Musical Surroundings Nove II
but just barely

had a rare single chassis Croft RS but I needed a SS unit that could be left on 24/7


find a Croft if ya can.....


Bruce Moore made a phono stage version of his Paragon 12 called the Paragon E. Might be worth pursuing!

The Paragon System E was a full function preamp with a MM phono stage. I think it is very unlikely the OP will find one in his price range. I sold mine for quite a bit more than $500
What a great thread this has turned into! Thanks to all of you for your help!

 Also, any love here for the Musical Surroundings Phenomena phono stages? I’ve heard they’re good. Thanks. 
One of the best, sound for cost, values out there (IMO, but also many others), is the Grahasm Slee Reflex M.
With the proper outboard power supply (PSU1), it would probably cost you about 7 or 8 hundred used. But you could find one that has just the wall-wart PS for $500, and add the PSU1 when more funds become available.
You would definitely, eventually want the PSU1. 
You wouldn't require an upgrade for a long time, if ever.

The old Realistic 42-2101A is an excellent sounding MM preamp.I prefer it to an EAR 834P and the Dynavector P75.You can pick them up for around $50.They seem to sound best when warmed up for a while.
In fact probably never before in history could an audiophile have so many fantastic sounding phono stages under a grand $$$$
great time to be into music and Vinyl IMO

Wright Sound WPP100 B/C— weird little thing, weird, cheap tubes,
sounds as good as any and better than most
@russbutton Thanks a lot for that. I've never heard of those guys. I love building kits. My previous amp was an Audio Note Kits "Kit 1" 300B SET, and my current phono pre is a Bottlehead Seduction. The Bottlehead "Eros," their new flagship phono stage, runs $750. Audio Note Kits has a line of great looking phono stages, but prices start at around $2000 (although they're running a 20% off sale right now). So, yeah, I've thought of building another kit. :-)
Friend in Audio,
get yourself McCormack micro phono drive and add on a Schwegman power supply for the Rega tt. and you are good to go.  Amazing little secret one if u need available.

@adg101 and @boxer12 +1 On the Parks Audio Budgie and +1 on the Parks Audio SUT, if you can find them for sale. There’re so good, for the small amount of money they cost people who own them hold on to them and don’t sell them.

And the maker of the Budgie and the companion SUT as of about two weeks agao has stopped production of the Budgie and the companion SUT for another phono preamp called the Puffin.
+1 for Musical Surroundings used Pre's.

Consider the Lehmann Audio SE phono pre, probably more like $600 used, but is very good. I have used one for 4 years now. it has an outboard PSU, very clean, detailed, balanced, not rich but full sounding.

also, consider a used ClearAudio pre from Germany. I've had the "Basic", which retailed at $1000 but can get used for $600.

I had the Lehmann and the Basic at the same time, did A/B comparisons. I thought they sounded pretty similar to each other on a small but modest bedroom system. 
Another vote for Musical Surroundings. I have the Phonomena II. I got a bargain on a used one. It's very flexible and sounds great. When I was shopping, my short list also included the PS GCPH. They don't come up used often and are usually over $500; but once in a while....