Happy Thanksgiving/ A peaceful holiday and hopeful message.

To all audiophiles out there. Happy and Peaceful Holiday season. Be thankful, be hopeful and enjoy your hi-fi system and music. Most importantly spread peace and joy and kindness to others. 


Love this. Thank you all for being such a great community and for the support you have provided to others and me over the years.

we should all be thankful to be able to post here, discuss this wonderful hobby

it is pleasure when like minded passionate folks share information and experiences, help each other achieve higher heights of musical enjoyment

happy thanksgiving to all, even the trolls  :)

Happy Turkey Day to one and all!
Just finished making my traditional contribution to the family get together, the dreaded sausage stuffing, which my grand nephews never seem to get enough of.

All the best,

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for so very many things but keeping things in perspective my top three are God, family and friends, and the freedom we have here in the USA.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

We have much to be thankful for.

List one thing you are thankful for.

 I am thankful for family, good health and being able to design and build audio gear for a living.