HELP!!!! Newbie looking for a decent 2 channel power amp in the $1,000 range

I am trying find a decent 2 channel power amp to replace my Sonos Amp connected to Kef R3's and RSL Speedwoofer MKII.

I was considering the Emotiva TA2 but based on the comments/reviews here I beleive I could do better going 2X on price over the Emo and be open to a used unit.  I prefer  warm to neutral with detail sound profile.I'd also like an amp that is north of 100 WPC becuase my listening space is midsized (open floor plan approx 600 SF).

Thanks to all in advance!


Pre-owned BRYSTON (Bryston analog audio products and loud speakers are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for twenty (20) years from the original date of manufacture. The warranty includes parts and labour.)

PS .Zeroing in on Stated Power Ratings

Watts per channel ( WPC) specs in isolation are meaningless …Don’t base an amplifier’s quality just on its published wattage output….you can’t take a manufacturer’s amplifier power rating statements at face value. You need to look closer at what they base their statements on.

(1) .When you see an amplifier wattage rating of 100 watts-per-channel at 1 kHz (which is considered the standard mid-frequency reference) with one channel driven, the real-world wattage output when all five or seven channels operate at the same time across all frequencies is lower, possibly as much as 30 to 40 percent lower.

it’s high current (amps) output that are the true measure of power. Being able to double the power output as the impedance drops from say, 8 ohms to 4 ohms, is an indicator of a good amp. Caution: current delivery is meaningless without knowing the speaker load being driven.

(2) As for amplifier power ratings...look for wattage to be stated as RMS (which = the maximum continuous output capability of the amp before clipping), measured at less that .5% THD, both channels driven, into a stated load (impedance), at a specified frequency or range of frequencies.

Continuous Power - Another factor to consider is whether a receiver or amplifier can output its full power continuously. Just because a receiver or amplifier is listed as being able to output 100 WPC doesn’t mean it can do so for any significant length of time. When checking amplifier specifications, see if the WPC output is measured in RMS or FTC terms and not in Peak or Maximum Power..

Odyssey Khartago new, or if lucky Khartago Extreme used, I had the Khartago and now the Extreme, both exceptional in part because of manufacturer direct pricing...same goes for Underwood's LSA Warp 1 which is a superb Class D amp, which I also have, though typically an AB guy...

Keep in mind, not only are  your speakers low efficiency (87), they say 8 ohms, but they dip to 3.2 ohms.

More Power, and an amp that can easily deal with low impedance.

Your budget, used I suspect.

starke sound fiera 4 great sonding flexibile and afordable


Daveand Troy

Audio intellect nj

Starke sound dealers

over budget


same unit, different seller



with shipping, slightly over


in budget


often the same unit will be listed for less on reverb, etc, where seller pays less fees


WOW you guys are awesome!

@J35 thank for the Odessey suggestion never heard of the brand but the specs and the warranty are outstanding.

@ AKG_ CA thank you for the what look for breakdown...

Keep the suggestions coming much appreciated! 

Khartago is a great amp.  I had the SE version.  I wouldn't call the Khartago warm, don't expect it to warm a bright system.  And the Odyssey Khartago needs to be left on all the time.  They don't sound their best until they've been on for 4-5  days.

Underwood HiFi LSA Warp One 150 wpc - excellent reviews. On sale $1199 delivered

+2 on parasound, esp. the older hca line. odyssey is also a very good choice, as is used acurus.

“a decent 2 channel power amp in the $1,000 range”

Dude, the options are nearly limitless. Especially when factoring in new and or used. Hafler, Acurus, Aragon, Van Alstine are but a few brands that provide rock solid performance for <1k. Musical Concepts rebuilds various brands and also has their own designs. You have many, many options. Good luck in your search! 

As previously mentioned above, Schiit, Odyssey and Parasound. Although personally I have zero experience with Parasound amps and cannot vouch for their prowess. 

Might consider a PS Audio S300 (class D).  You can pick those up for ~$1k used.    And +1 on The Rogue Suggestion and Parasound.

No preamp, just direct from a DAC?

I second your aversion to Emotiva. I tried one of their products and found it bright and just not what I would call hi-fi.

Van Alstine Vision SET 120 Power Amplifier, $1,199.00.
Have not heard it. But circling back to preamps, his Transcendence RB10 preamp is terrific - both musical and accurate.

Kept waiting for pre mention as well.

Some good stuff above.

LSA New-Chat with Walter. He loves to deal.

Van Alstine. More $ but next level for sure. Be respectful.

Parasound. Any JC gear may be your best bet. Talk to Phil.

Don't buy anything over 5 years old. 

+1 for the Schiit. If you get in in your set up and it does not fill the room (which it will) you can save up and for $600 over your top end you can run two as mono blocks. Just make sure you know your neighbors.

I was originally considering the LSA Warp 1, but ended up with a GoldNote PA 10. and I’m loving it. Sort of a quasi GaN Mosfet (sort of class D). I find it neutral to warm for the most part. It can handle dips no problem, and can be found on sale for a decent price (one at The Music Room for $1200 atm). Bridgeable, or can run as a mono block - would love to get another if we move to a bigger house (ever). Still might get an LSA Warp 1 to compare someday…


I’d give this Hegel H100 available here a strong look.  120Wpc into 8 Ohms and doubles into 4 Ohms and utilizes their Sound Engine technology employed in their top amps.  Here’s a nice review and the link to the ad here…

Best of luck. 


+1 Odyssey

Musical Fidelity. Was a 1k MF 1008 for sale which is just a great deal! Not sure if it’s still available or not but was 6k 12 years ago. Bested a Parasound A21 with tube integrated and a Micromega M100 which I believe was way overrated. It’s an integrated which from your initial post I’m thinking that’s what you want.

I'd suggest some Schiit in your future. You get a better amp than the typical at the same wpc because there's no distributor and retail markup. Just makes sense.

Outlaw Audio’s RR2160 MKII Stereo Receiver. $999. Plenty of power, a decent DAC, and a good phono stage. 110W/channel into 8 Ohms, 165W/channel into 4 Ohms.

I had 2 in running place before my purchase. 

The Outlaw RR2160 and the Yamaha A-S801.Ended up with that Yamaha because of the cheaper price tag, it looked sleek (well so soes the Outlaw) Almost exact power output on each. I've been loving everything about the Yamaha. 

Look into a pro amp, Yamaha, QSC, crown etc, lots power, good sound, reliable.


 Call odyssey, see what Klaus can build you for your budget


parasound, good call, great amp. 

keep eyes open on the Gon for a great used amp

also usmart, good stuff there also, be cautious on fleabay, lots Scheisters there. 

keep checking the used section here, always good stuff popping up.

or a better suggestion, save another 6mo-1yr, and get a much better amp for 1500-2000$


that’s what I did, I saved scraps for 4 years, ended up with an amazing mono pair. 

good luck

I guess by now a Sunfire 300 watt amp should be in your price range. It will drive just about anu load down to 2 ohms. And just for fun it has 2 different sets of speaker outlets, one a direct connect, high damping one like all solid state amps and one a low damping output like tube amps that will produce sound 'tilted' toward tub sound.

The Sunfire 300 is a great idea, great amp, for 1K you can buy one and send to Flannery for upgrades and a check over, that is a great idea!


they are great amps!

Given the sound qualities you’re looking for I’m gonna supplant my prior Hegel recommendation for this Yammy.  She’s right in your wheelhouse sonically, built like a tank, and looks awesome.  That you can get it at a $1400 discount at for what’s basically a new unit and likely full warranty — bonus!  You gonna be hard pressed to beat this…

Anyone have insight/experience with the Outlaw Model 2220 mono blocks?

Seems like a good deal on paper and good bang for the $$$

I would take a hard look at this. There are several for sale on the site all approximately $1K



If in NY I have a Outlaw 2200 and an Audiosource amp 300 that I am not using and willing to let go for a decent offer. 

@balooo2 I know you are a noob, but FYI I believe you are looking for an integrated amp, not a power amp.  You are getting recommendations for both but just wanted to clarify.  A power amp alone won't really help you.  

I'm with others on the Parasound or Hegel recommendations.  Hegel H190 for that kind of money is a bargain.  Good luck as you head down the rabbit hole!  

@mtbiker29 Actually I am looking for a quality 2 channel 100 WPC+ power amp as stated.

I'm a noob when it comes to lesser known mid-high quality power amps.

Btw,again you guys are awesome I'm getting the education I was looking for... Options and brands I've never heard of. I see the listings for non big brand names but have no insight into what is a good deal or someone trying unload their headache / disappointment on someone else. I'm truly greatful.

Someone else’s headache may be your blessing. Some units work in some systems. Others are total stinkers. Match the needed speakers load requirements to the amp and read as many reviews as possible. 

If mono amps are an item you have interest in, the Marantz MA-700’s may be something worth considering. The MA-500’s powered a set of my speakers for many years. Good amount of power for little cash. 

+2 Parasound A23+ used. Couple of them on usaudiomart around your budget.

Also, if you definitely want new model, consider Parasound NC 2125 v2 for $900 on Amazon.  I had it for one plus year with my 2nd system.  Love the solid bass and laid back treble.

@balooo2 OK so what are you going to put in the signal chain along with said power amp?  Others have asked above and seem confused also. 

Further,  the example you cited in your original post is in fact an integrated so you'd see why we might be asking.  

Just trying to help.  


PS Audio S300. 140 watts per channel into 8‎Ω and 300 watts per channel into 4‎Ω.  I'm using one with KEF LS50's & it sounds great for the money.  You can find these for $900 to $1000 used.  PS Audio also has a trade in allowance, so you may be able to trade in your current amp to get you closer to $1000 on a new unit. 

The PS A23 plus is a steal for the price show if still available. Nothing can marsh up for the money. Do not hesitate 

I'll second the Bryston recommendations. 

Also recommend the Anthem MCA or statement line. 

Currently own the Bryston and the Anthem MCA 20. Both excellent used choices.

So...I closed the deal on a Parasound A23+ it should meet my needs as I require a signal detect or trigger on function.

Sound output is important but I need the additional functionality of auto on and I must trade off here and there for ease of use for my family to enjoy the system also. I have a Sonos Port that will serve as a pre amp with a Schiit Modi in the chain, done. Easy breezy not the pinacle but will certainly be an improvement over my Sonos Amp (which will find a new use as my patio speaker back end).

Thanks to all!

And Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

You will lose the newby status immediately upon purchase of Khartago ... 

Get it:


nice amp!

anymshops near you, that can take a,look u dear the good?

wouldn’t hurt to have a tech,look,@nd maybe replace something’s,,,



are you near Rockford,il, probably,not.

we drive a few hours south to soundsclassic shop, great lil honest mom n pop shop, one of the last few around.


anyway, cheers on the Parasound! Great map!



I agree, that Parasound is a great find, and it handles low impedance very wel!

Another nod for Odyssey in that price range. I have a 20 y/o Stratos Plus still kicking ass driving Dynaudio 82s