I am just very happy with my system.

Just very happy and I'm just listening to old collection with a mix of discovering new ones. 

I think it's time to start saving money for some kef blade metas or some gorgeous Sonus faber or something 😁


Simply fine-tune things... speaker/listening position, vibration control, air/room improvement.  No need to spend big money or upset the apple cart.  Think of how many devotees would happily trade places with you!

Is there a “Catch 22” somewhere in the OP’s post?

I'm not here because I'm in a shopping frame of mind, either. I'm just obsessed with recorded music and how it might be best delivered into my home. In any case, I have a heck of a lot of fun here. I actually get a kick out of the occasional sharp elbow.

Cool. Congradulations. It is great having a system you really enjoy. Typically I am thrilled with my system for about seven to ten years until I start to realize I might have enough funds to start thinking about an upgrade cycle.


It would be great to see your system. There is a place under your UserID to create your virtual system. Easy to post some photos… do not have to be masterpieces. It is great for use to see what you have and where you put it.

Happy here…and giving a thumbs up to the idea of small refinements, including room reflection, speaker placement and, for me, considering the ROI of modest power conditioning on a mid-fi system with heritage model big baffle speakers.

PS Props to this forum for providing a wealth of “refinement” info. There is no doubt that my system has steadily gotten better through small dollar (or zero dollar) tweaks using technical info shared here…about everything from component gain optimization, to noise floors, cable effects, and digital compression.

PSS - If there’s one topic that never adds to the body of agreed info? Let’s start another thread about burn-in/break-in LOL

I hate everything about my system. The looks. The sound. And, my wife’s opinion? I’ll just say that I’m wildly enthusiastic about the system by comparison.

Lots of opportunities for upgrades. Any suggestions?


My vote is the OP is perfectly happy with his system and is joking about saving for new speakers.

I’m content as a cat currently as well but KEF meta blades……so tempting! Smaller mbls too.  

Unfortunately I grew up in Amish country and have a conscience so then I think……so I really need that?  Of course the answer is no.  Want and need…two different things.  Lots of needed things mostly for others could be done with that money. 

@roxy54 Very happy with my system indeed, but why upgrade? No, no upgrade. But some of the speakers in the 20-30k are so wildly gorgeous, as a lover of speakers I just gotta have it before I die. You know.... the curse. Or the blessing 😀


@tomcarr no, not joking, 1 look at the sonus faber and I get goosebumps, 10 years of savings is fine with me. 

Thanks for all your comments fellas. I am genuinely happy with my system. Listening to it at night as I type this. It is devoid of any flaws that I can hear and the vocals is simply nice 😎

I won't talk about my gears it might derail to something else unintentional, but I don't wanna hide anything, if you wanna know I'll gladly tell you in a pm. 

If you look at my temporary room, you'd laugh and cry, no room treatment, just a center rug, no good place to sit and listen either. But there's a level of finesse in the sound, and the total synergy of all the components, it makes me go "wow" a lot. 


The room is just temporary, I'll move it back into the music room once my feet recover. The weirdest thing happened to me, I had a 4 day fever and then both of my feet got so much inflammation and pain even the slightest movement would cause 10/10 pain. When it was at its worst, I tried to lift up my foot slightly and I almost passed out from the pain, fast heart beat, blurry vision. Ah sorry too much information.


Happy listening and cheers everyone 😀

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That's great OP! I know the feeling. I LOVE getting new gear.

Enjoy those new speakers!!!

Sorry OP, just read about your fever/pain/feet problem.

Hope you feel better soon.

I’m happy with my system but I feel I shouldn’t be. It’s in what’s supposed to be a temporary experimental setup that’s using a cheap Denon receiver and 3 cheap Sony bookshelf speakers, augmented by a bank of 8 corner loaded bass horns. I just wanted to try something unusual and now I’m having a great time listening to it and can’t seem to talk myself into developing the concept into something more properly balanced and "good." That’s going to take time, effort, and money. The good news is that I'm getting other home repairs and maintenance done instead of building new speaker components. 

When intense pain subsides the things that you love can really move you, that's for sure. Glad your getting better, but I have a concern that you may end up with arthritis. I sure hope not. Good luck. 

I’ve been happy with 20 systems for 38 years. Never stopped me from experimenting with different products. But now I’m done, mainly because I’m too old and too tired to sell and ship gear.