I like Steve Guttenberg.

I’ve known this guy’s name for years, but I only just started watching his You Tube stuff and I find it really entertaining. He’s a real quirky, NY, Woody Allen type who attempts to offer some sane, balanced advice, but aside from that, I just find the presentation fun to watch. He also broaches some common audio BS like "it’s all about the music" and stuff like that. Just take a look and have a good time.

Thanks. I have been getting him on my phone. I like him to chayro. He seems he likes being him and that is fun to watch.
@charyo  I get his videos pushed to me via Google and they are fun to watch and he is very likeable.
Usually fairly solid practical advice which shows he is able to adopt the perspective of other users. This is essential in a excellent reviewer as personal preference has no place in a review.

Of course his setup is at odds with many of his reviews and advice as his personal setup seems to be seeking fun flavourful sound rather than accuracy - which after all is a very worthwhile goal.
My post got cut short, the final word should be hair cut. He could give Peter Madnick (not sure of spelling) a run for his money with that hair.. I didn’t care for his uTube videos, they do not seem professional or polished in any way.

Let me get back to the hair thing, IMHO long hair on us older guys looks ridicules
He is a 70's type guy and a haircut to match.

I would not trust a bald or crewcut sort of guy on audio opinion!
Some of us are hair (challenged). I try to wear a cap at group audiophile listening sessions so as not to blind or distract other listeners..... :-)
I guess I am just old fashioned.  Being Armenian, I could never have long hair as it is way too curly and wirey.  For that reason, I have always kept my hair short.

I watched I think 3 of his u Tube videos and I didn't care for his style, but that is just 
I like his stuff and the style in which he presents it. Not sure why some of you are using this public forum to make judgmental comments about his person. He’s doing a great service to you and your hobby.
Ok stereo5, also being of Armenian descent (100%), hope all is well. but I did let my hair grow out a bit   
George,  I'm also 100% Armenian and very proud of it.  I could never have long or moderate length hair.  Good for you on letting it grow out.
I looked past his 70’s long hair and found a couple of his videos entertaining even if I don’t agree with some of what he has to say.

Steve G seems down to Earth and authentic. I like that he doesn’t put down affordable gear. 

American here with somewhat long hair and beard. Short for 30 years from the Navy and my career. 

I’m retired now and do what I want.

So, do you long-haired reviewer "haters" also hate long-haired musicians?! If you've seen clips of Classical orchestra conductors from the first half of the 20th Century, you know why Classical was at that time referred to as long-hair music.
uncle, I’m of Armenian descent, born in Montana. 

Talking long hair back in the Beatles days, way long ago.
Steve Gutenberg handles being in that 'difficult' zone between the manufacturers and the public better than just about anyone I know. Most of his contemporaries have little or no integrity left.

Michael Fremer and Ken Kessler are good too in a witty sardonic way.
I am also a fan.  I've run into him numerous times at audio shows.  He is friendly, humble and just a really nice guy.  I do read some of his posts on CNet.  I think he is one of the more trustworthy audio journalists working today.  I don't subscribe to his YouTube channel (no free time), but I might, based on the OP's comments.
Long hair these days usually means you’re a Tai Chi instructor or that you know karate.

Why did the long hair cross the road? Because someone told him not to.

Why did the short hair cross the road? Because someone told him to.
@bondmanp "I am also a fan. I've run into him numerous times at audio shows. He is friendly, humble and just a really nice guy."

Saw him bopping around the NYC show last year, had that same impression.  Lots of folks stopped him to chat a bit, and he was more than approachable and gracious despite having some actual "work" to do there.

I think we judge everyone and everything with the most critical eye these days.  In my book he belongs in that field as much as anyone else, and does a good job.  Just like us here in this forum, everyone brings a different perspective, experience, and strengths, and that makes it more interesting.

Given the amount of baldness at an audio show, you wonder how they can criticize anyone with some 

For the longest time, I thought he was the actor.  But this one is more than a foot shorter...
These videos seem like an honest attempt to express his opinion. He slanders no one. Don't like, don't watch, simple. BTW does it seem to you the hair part of this thread is just ludicrous? 
Wait... is this thread about hair length and the cultural norms of various ethnicities? Never mind.. I see now.  I think Steve Gutenberg’s videos can be informative at times, and other times annoying.  As someone said, a very Woody Allen type guy.  Sometimes Woody Allen is very annoying too. That being said I think it’s cool that he puts in the work and gives his honest opinion and raises good questions.
You guys are so stuffy and stiff.  I was trying to put a little humor into the subject, especially since when I watched his video's, I thought he seemed to be from a different time  Lighten up guys, this is supposed to be fun.  
“As someone said, a very Woody Allen type guy. Sometimes Woody Allen is very annoying too.”

>>>>>Actually, Woody Allen is always annoying.
Stereo5,  I was actually trying to be humorous too.  Didn’t mean to come off serious.  Geofkait, I’m dying 🤣
I like the way his eyes dart upward and to his right as though he accessing that area of his brain where he stores his audio knowledge! 
Roxy54, Yes! Michael Fremer is pretty entertaining.  Sometimes a bit long winded but fun to check out and knows a ton about records.  He also has a great tutorial on setting up turntables.
>>>>>Actually, Woody Allen is always annoying.
...Especially if you're one of his adopted daughters.
He has a nice enthusiasm, not jumping up and down, but it comes through. 

I saw Him at Axpona 2018, very simple guy, He looks good and younger on his long nice curly hair, I wonder if Sam Tellig who I really admire also has long hair, I also saw uncle Kevin at upscale audio, very well nicely dress...Peter Madnick hair is nice too...Andrew Jones most funny...Lyn Stanley and Anne Bisson both there too, extremely nice ladies...
I like his channel even though I pay zero attention to his (or others) subjective opinions. I like to use him as a filter to new technology that may be available.
What does hair have to do with anything? Come on you old guys have turned into your parents, and I don’t mean that in a good way.
I am almost 64 and letting my hair grow long, who cares?
BTW, I like Steve Guttenberg. He takes audio lightly
I never seem to get any useful information from any of his offerings, whether it be CNET or YouTube.
I used to be in the biz and Steve joined us one night for dinner after  THE show along with Fremer and a few other industry guys.   I thought Steve was a nice, interesting guy.....