I'm looking to add sub-woofers to my system...

I have speakers that are single-driver, very efficient and have terrific transient response.  My concern is finding reasonably priced smaller subs that have the ability to take input from the amp output and that have fast enough transient response to keep up with my main speakers.  I'm not looking for subterranean bass response.  Just looking to augment from ~50hz down to ~the lower 30hz range.  I have a rather small listening space so the need for physically smaller subs is important.  I'd appreciate anyone with experience, to help me with matching fast subs with fast response speakers...   Thanks !  


SVS 3000 minis. 

Small, fast, easily remote adjustable.

I find the latter to be the most important parameter.


There is a listing of pioneer sub modified here at Audiogon by Dave stereo and alternatives . I heard them atTeajay House , they are very good.He has good review on them. 

I have some experience, tried 3 subs, none worked really well. SVS, Klipsch and Polk, Klipsch was the worst. My budget was under $500. Maybe there is nothing in that price range that works with 2 monitors (by works I mean doesn't destroy the existing image. I could hear the bass for sure but I wish I didn't

I use an SVS sub in between two JBL L100 Classic speakers.  Made a world of difference for the better in every parameter.  It did not hurt the imaging in the least. You would need to hear it in your own room. SVS has an excellent return policy and they usually have “B stock” available for far less money 

Those two pioneer sub I heard were place correctly, they were good match for the Tekton ps 12  speakers that are being used. I like what I heard from those pioneers than the branded sub cost $2400 .

Buy 2 REL 5Ti's at $700 each new.

Not ported, fast, clean. 

All REL makes is Subs.

Love mine.

["liquidsound,,,,have the ability to take input from the amp output and that have fast enough transient response to keep up with my main speakers."]

Are you saying you don't have line level outputs?

Thanks for all of your inputs on this !  And yes I do have line level outputs for the sub's.  I'd just rather use the amp outputs as my preamp is a good distance from my amps and I don't really want to do another long parallel lead length nor add parallel impedance.  I will take a look at all these subs.  

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I have used REL subwoofers to accomplish the same goals with single drivers.

I agree with jeffseight +1.

Op Sean Scoggins told me the sub rca connections is the way to go.Sean number if you want to inquire 971 221 7317.Good Luck.

Reach out to Rythmik and get a recommendation from them.  Get at least 2 subs, preferably 4.  If space is your major consideration take a look at the new KEF subs.  They are surprisingly good for their size and price.

No long interconnects, sure. There seem to be number of wireless devises that would make a crawl tested location for a single sub very easy. You’d still need a nearby VAC receptacle.

Over years of home and pro subwoofer use I’ve never heard a sub slow to react to signal even with 100’ XLR. I have experienced poor subwoofer presentation.

Consider you’ll be subjecting the source signal the time it takes to pass through the additional amplifiers I/O stage as well as any of that amplifiers frequency limitations.

All the best with your search.

Thanks for all of your thoughtful recommendations and suggestions.  I am starting my search...  Any others I might consider from your experiences would be helpful !  




why are subwoofers so expensive? I mean you can buy 2 good, budget speakers for $500 and maybe the same category subwoofer costs the same.

I bought my first used REL, a Q150e, for just over 200 bucks some years ago (8 or 10?), and later a Q108MK2 also for around 200 bucks...they're still in my main system and sound perfect. I bought another Q150e (maybe $300) a couple of years ago and it's in my video rig...assemble my own cables...Even if they all blew up tomorrow they were worth it.

Big Greg the op is looking reasonable price sub. Yes I do have rhythmik they are good .

Big Greg the op is looking reasonable price sub.

"Reasonable" means different things to different people. To me, Rythmik subs fall in that category, especially when compared to Rel and other brands sold through dealer networks. An actual budget amount is helpful. 

@jayctoy  I'll be happy to let you all know what I end up getting.  Right now, I would like to buy 2 subs for stereo bass reproduction.  As for reasonable price, I'm thinking $700 - $1000 each in that range.  I'm sure it will take me some time to research these subs and choose.  I'm looking for good flexibility in adjustments to make the transition from mid-range to the subs as seamless as possible.