If the PS Audio Stellar 700M is as great as all the reviewers say....

...why are there so many used ones for sale?
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This question gets asked a lot and it all comes down to weird market timing.  There is no real reason why a certain product will have a lot of used "for sale".  That being said, I have heard this amp.  It's really not a bad amp for the money you are spending.  Good resolution and neutral sonic signature.  There are better amps, but of course much more expensive.
I had a pair and enjoyed them, but at the time Tweakaudio introduced their EVS1200, based on dual IcePowerAS1200 modules, which he highly tweaked. The price was about the same as the M700s, but with ~3Xs the power. A few months ago PS Audio introduced the M1200s, but at $5995
I have a Stellar S300, haven't heard the mono blocks yet.  I bought it about 6 months ago to replace a blown aged amp as a "temporary" measure until I could find something more permanent.

I was so pleased with it that I have no plans to replace it.  Maybe sometime in the future, but a new amp was moved to the bottom of my priority list.

I imagine the mono are similar, they're based on the same tech.
@jl35 I probably should have stated the question differently such as “why do you frequently see several for sale?” I have been looking since December and have seen a dozen or more since then. Right now there is one on Agon and a couple on US Audio Mart. Maybe that’s really not that much for such a popular amp but it’s only been around since what...2017?
why are there so many used ones for sale?

Because the market is where the rubber meets the road. Whole lot of stuff sounds just great until you get it home. That is why a big part of learning to read reviews is learning to read actual user comments. All the gear I have bought for something like a dozen years now has been based entirely on reading on-line. Almost never do I ask any questions like on here. It is pointless. All the questions have been asked and answered a million times over. Search around you will find your answer.

Even this one right now. The answer is when there are a lot for sale then they really aren't all that, never were, probably never will be. There's way more guys looking to make a deal than build a system. They talk otherwise but there's two ways to judge- by talk, and by actions. By their actions they demonstrate their unseriousness.

So one of the last clues after doing all your research is to look at the used market. When you come up empty you know you are on the right track. When you have to wait for delivery, even better! These things are telling you people by their actions have voted with their dollars that these are the truly good components.

This I can tell you these new ps audio monos do sound very respectable 
adding a12au7 tube per mono block ,but what’s missing  is the realism  depth and liquid realism , for example I heard them vs the pass labs 60 class a integrated , ,the pass labs doesnot have the power or the slam ,but is far more natural sounding much more on the warm side triode like ,The other the latest Coda CSib integrated amplifier with the 250-500 wpc  12 first watts in pure class A , which is very tubelike in many ways more pentode then the warmer triode usung jfet,Mosfets, and bipolar  transistors on the outputs. 
but the leading edge is more defined having a separate class A preamp section 
Was very surprising and the best balanced of the 3 ,from  what I heard or to my taste. Based on that I ordered the Coda ,and just came in after a 6 week wait.,I  wanted the lower power  one which has class A first watts  of 18 then              150-300wpc . 
I’ve had a Stellar 300.  Very transparent, great tight bass. Needed 100hrs burn in, sounded bad right out of box. For me it was a little edgy with my Cornwalls, but Klipsch can get edgy quickly without a very smooth amp. 700 is supposed to be a little “warmer”.  As far as there being a lot of anything on used market, I think you have to factor in scale of new sales. A large scale maker, like PS Audio sells a lot so they is likely to be more for sale used.  Also, upgrading is a real addiction in this hobby, not really an indication of poor performance, we just alway want something a little better! 
M700 is their least expensive mono blocks and they do sound good, but their bigger brothers like M1200 and BHK 300 are in a different league. People likes PS Audio products often do upgrades and they have generous upgrade program. Therefore many trade-in such as M700 ended up in the used market.
Because PS Audio markets much better and deeper than just about anyone. So people are attracted. More sold, more resold. TMR is their designated dumper for the trade-up people. 

If you do enough homework I think you will answer your own question.

Good luck!
This has been part of my homework.  Thanks to all. I think I have avoided a mistake.

If you’re not considering the ratio of total units sold to for sale used, then you still have more homework to do. It might be that this model is below average even though there are a lot for sale.
before PS went to manufacturer direct only sales last, many of their products were available from their large online dealers at 30-45% off...now it's all list price
I have a very high quality system, and the M700s sounded VERY GOOD here
Quite a bargain in the ~ $2000 range
Because it is a class d amplifier they read the amazing reviews of the product, tried to drive a real speaker with it, turned up the volume, and heard plasticky, unclear, tonally off, disappointing sound and sent it to the must sell pile.
That’s because it is not as good as described, being an ex dealer  paid reviews have a lot of politics involved. At audio shows I listened to horror stories from truly excellent products from small companies
magazines Like TAS ,and stereophile in the past ,know online magazine would say give us $50 k for a nice big page for a year you will get A1 treatment many 
could not and got average reviews.rule of thumb if I see 3-4/reviews all raves that holds some weight , 1 review just an opinion . If in doubt buy or audition with a return policy .
your 👂s are your best most reliable review.