Innuos: A Cautionary Tale.

This post is a cautionary one in buying a Zen Mini used. I bought a four-week-old unit from a reputable seller. Unfortunately, the unit failed the first week and thus began a long and unfortunate set of events. If and this is critical one is to buy a used or second-hand unit the only way is from a dealer. Innuos customer service was next to useless and was simply dismissive. The lead designer could not connect with the unit, remotely, as the Ethernet port was the source of the problem, to reach him took multiple emails and a phone call, International,  over several days. After the unit was determined to have failed, several more emails were required to find out the next step. I was instructed, “go to the dealer you bought it from.” Hence the crux of the problem, I had no dealer to go to. I asked more than once to inform me where the unit was bought from, no response.

The seller would also not provide where he bought it from, so much for reputation. I was in an endless, time-consuming, and expensive circle. I reached out again to the lead designer, again after a clear and detailed email, explaining my dilemma, the response was clear: “send it to the dealer.” Fortunately, I was able to go through PayPal dispute the charge and receive a refund minus shipping costs.  

The unit when it worked was musical and engaging. My decision to go with another manufacturer was not a difficult one. So if one is to buy an Innuos please only go with a dealer.   Mike at Tweek Geek is a man of integrity and willingness to help.

I learned this lesson years ago when I bought a boutique preamp and there was no support for it. I stick with mostly major companies now (with a few exceptions).
This seems to increasingly be a trend to avoid warranty claims. It is a direct result from a shift from dealers to direct sales by the OEMs. I think that warranties need to be transferable and this should be enforced by proper legislation.
This is an unfortunate risk one takes in buying a used piece of gear. Often these days, the discount offered from new doesn't seem to be enough, considering the lack of warranty coverage. I look for dealers' demo units sold with full warranty.

I agree that non-transferrable warranties do not serve the customer well. I've had good luck with PS Audio and Bryston as far as warranty after secondary sales. Most other audio brands, not so much.
Demos OR refurbs factory warranty.

Dunno Bryston bit PS Audio has easy registration page with date & S/N.
@fuzztone  Agreed.  I bought a second hand Mano and Magna dealt with my issue promptly and professionally.  
Sorry for your experience with used Innuos. I just purchased a used Innuos Statement, and was having some challenges connecting it to my NAS and transferring my existing Roon license over to it.
Sent an email to their support link on the web page, and received a wonderfully detailed helpful email back within 24 hours from the North American sales manager.
My unit booted up, and found my network, etc. Hopefully I'll be able to connect it to my system, and enjoy improved performance.
My initial experience with their customer service is outstanding.
I am glad to know that your experience did not reflect mine, especially given your investment.
I also bought a used Statement about a year ago.  I remember prompt responses from Innuos to questions.  Hardware is performing perfectly.  Had questions about set up, using iPeng and Roon.

Love my Statement.
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There are important lessons to be learned here.  If you’re buying something used, know if the warranty is transferable.  And even if it is, get proof that it was bought at an authorized dealer if that is required for warranty service.  You apparently didn’t do these things and stepped on a land mine, and Innuos did try to help despite likely not being required to do so, so I don’t think it’s fair to blame them for this unfortunate confluence of circumstances.  Frankly, if I’m you I’d be feeling very fortunate that PayPal largely bailed me out in learning what could’ve been a much more expensive valuable lesson.  Many situations like this don’t end nearly as well. 
I now buy mostly used components and I can’t agree more with buying from a reputable dealer, preferably one with a brick and mortar location. My only bad experience had to do with a failing DAC, not with the dealer. I bought a used Theta Gen V DAC from Music Lovers (in Berkeley) that failed the first night I brought it home. I brought it back the next day, and after hooking it up to test it, they returned my money without argument. This doesn’t really conform to the OP’s experience, but it does point out the value of having a trusted local dealer.
Let me clarify:
1.  Innuos has a transferrable warranty.
2.  Innuos confirmed that the unit at the time of failure was 4 weeks old.
3.  They would not tell me where it was bought from, and which dealer to send it to.
4.  The seller would not confirm where he bought it from.
5.  Innuos was very I am mean very unpleasant to deal with.
6.  I would never buy another product at this price point unless from a dealer, and in the case of Innuos I will never own anything of theirs again.
7. The intent of this post is not to bash the sonic qualities of their product, which are excellent, rather, ONLY buy from one of their dealers and clarify with the said dealer the warranty process.  
8.  I purchased a Roon Nucleus and use it at a streamer and core, it sounds wonderful.

Roon Nucleus doesn‘t even come close to Innuos SQ. Sounds like you bought from a very dodgy reseller and are now spreading sour grapes on Innuos which I think is pretty unfair

@antigrunge2 - How did you connect the Roon Nucleus to your DAC when you compared it to the Innuous? Which Roon Nucleus were you using? Which Innuous were you comparing it to?

I'm using Roon ROCK on a fanless NUC with LPS and the way I have it set up now sounds quite good to me, but I'm always curious what might be an improvement.

My current config is EtherRegen with LPS with NUC on clean side connected using Supra Cat8. NUC to Denafrips Gaia using AQ Diamond USB, Gaia to Denafrips Terminator using Tubulus Argentus i2s.
I would avoid Innuous too.  Just look at the quality of parts inside the units.  Vastly overpriced like most of the audio servers out there. 
There is an unfortunate tendency for those who have not owned, meaning, lived with a product to make judgements and comparisons.  The Zen Mini is a fine product, a considerable improvement over a Node 2i, which I owned and enjoyed.  In my system, listening to the music I enjoy, the Roon is vastly superior. 
I have the Nucleus connected via USB, Anti-Cables, to a Border Patrol DAC. 
The Innuos was authentic...
Audio is not a religion, yet in these forums, there is equal dogma to it.  

I compared the Nucleus+ and Zenith Mk3 on Usb via Intona isolator and cables connected to an Antelope Zodiac Platinum with 10M clock. As I said, it wasn‘t even close regarding localisation of individual instruments on the soundstage, solo piano rendition and rhythmic snap. The difference actually increased further when switching from Roon to the Innuos server via Ipeng.
Sorry to hear about your experience. I think I'm in a similar situation. I just bought a used Statement and the LAN port is DOA. No link / TX/RX LEDs lighting and as such no connectivity. However I can connect via the Streamer port. Curious if you had a similar experience with your network port problem.
I just bought a demo Zen Mk 3 from a reputable dealer and the warranty starts from date of purchase. The unit works flawlessly and the response from Innuos support was prompt with regard to update of the firmware and app.

My previous server from another manufacturer died within the first week and had to be shipped abroad for repairs. Just 2 weeks ago, the same thing happened and hence my switch to Innuos, which has turned out to be greatly superior in terms of SQ. 

Certainly, it is safer to purchase from a reputable dealer.

"Audio is not a religion, yet in these forums, there is equal dogma to it".  

Sad but true...

I also had a good result with an Innuos issue.  I purchased a Zen-Mini-Mk3 and LPSU from TweekGeek and had difficulty getting it configured on my network.  Tech support at TweekGeek was very responsive and talked me through multiple scenarios but to no result.  They then set up a call with the Innuos factory team for the following day and the issue was quickly resolved with them logging into the Zen remotely and TaDa good to go ever since.  Just FYI, if you have a Logitech music server on your network it makes the Innuos very unhappy.
Still love my Innuos, more so now they released the new Innuos Software 2.0. 

It is everything, and more than promised.

The new 2.0 software is free and frees me from the costs of Roon, not that it is that expensive but......

The new 2.0 software is free and sonically leagues better than Roon.  Its just crazy how much better it sounds.  It makes Roon sound like chalk on a chalkboard.  I get the heebie jeebies thinking I used to use Roon.

Feeling sorry for all the Roon users out there, good thing ignorance is bliss.

I know it sounds kinda mean, but it needs saying.


"The new 2.0 software is free and sonically leagues better than Roon. Its just crazy how much better it sounds. It makes Roon sound like chalk on a chalkboard. I get the heebie jeebies thinking I used to use Roon."

Thanks for the heads up.
I have been considering Roon for a while but no go now. 

+2 on the InnuosOS sound quality over Roon. I have never had any issues with Innuos. I had sent a couple odd questions to support about the software and their support was very quick and thorough on responding. 
Utterly bewildered as to why Innuos take a bashing here at all. If you buy from someone who is not an authorised dealer then caveat emptor. I don’t see why Innuos would be obliged to tell you anything legally or even morally nor, more importantly, what specific difference that would make. FWIW their customer service is both personal and outstanding. 
+3 for 2.05 on both sound quality and user interface. Incredibly, it’s free. As soon as other manufacturers realise the opportunity Roon will be a thing of the past.
Zen Mk3 owner here.  Great product, great service.  I feel like they  are on to something in their OS as music does sound noticeably better through the Zen then through my previous digital front end which was an "audio optimized" Windows 10 laptop.  I mean, much better through the Zen.  
Utterly bewildered as to why Innuos take a bashing here at all. If you buy from someone who is not an authorised dealer then caveat emptor. I don’t see why Innuos would be obliged to tell you anything legally or even morally nor, more importantly, what specific difference that would make.

You do realize that this website’s primary purpose is for individuals to buy and sell used audio equipment, don’t you?

If we are supposed to buy new equipment from authorized dealers and keep it the rest of our lives, after which the gear will be discarded, then there will be no high end audio.

I’m sure Innuous gives great service to those who buy new through authorized dealers while the gear is under warranty, but to me, the manufacturers who support their products for people who are not the first owner and are willing to give advice and repair gear after it changes hands, which most gear eventually does, are the people who I consider to offer great service. This type of manufacturer is the foundation on which high end audio is built and who make it possible for companies like Innuous to flourish.
Then you might want to get clued up on Innuos @tomcy6. They provide superb personalised service for anyone who owns one of their products regardless of how they came to it. I have heard numerous examples through my dealer; the dealer network and friends who have acquired them through all manner of routes. Kind of begs the question as to why exactly the “cautionary tale” of the OP stands in isolation. Why are there are no other stories of similar provenance? Why did the OP get immediate and very specific push back on here from customers who simply haven’t had that experience with Innuos? 
I agree with you that without buying/selling then high end audio would be on its knees but the likes of Innuos very much support rather than oppose that. 
In my experience Innuos has been great.  I started with the Zen Mini and LPSU and then upgraded to the Zenith MK3.  The sound quality has been fantastic, much better, though, with the Zenith.  I bought each of these units pre-owned from dealers.  In each case I had issues, but Innuos was extremely responsive and even had the head of the company remote into my system and resolve the issue with the Mini.  When that issue reappeared, Innuos replaced the Mini under warranty.  With the Zenith, the problem was strange, but, ultimately, de minimis. One day it wouldn't reboot, or turn on.  Turns out, the spring behind the on button popped out and had to be reattached or the button replaced.  Don't know which Innuos did, but all was fixed perfectly, politely and professionally.  The only delay was shipping -- what can you do? I wasn't going to spring for overnight DHL from NY to Portugal and back.  

I have the Uptone Audio Ether Regen, Supra cat-8 ethernet cables, cat-6 throughout the house, ifi no-noise wall warts powering my modem and ethernet switch and a dedicated cat-6 cable installed at least 12" away from all power lines directly from the switch to the Ether Regen. Currently using an AQ Ultraviolet 8 USB between the Zenith and my BMC Ultra DAC.  The SQ is fantastic.  I have a lifetime Roon subscription which I like very much, but from this thread, I will have to try the Innuos Software 2.0 to compare SQ.  BTW, I agree, Tweak Geek is great, as is Sunny Components and The Music Room.  I have used all three and have received excellent service and support from each.  I have also had very good experiences buying equipment through this forum.  There is always a risk buying pre-owned, hence the discount  -- this a risk the buyer considers and assumes, or not.
You can likely lose the Ether Regen and replace with an Innuos Phoenix ethernet. The difference is immediately obvious.

Unless you’re obsessed with the over curation of Roon you likely won’t need that after moving to 2.0.6. 
I bought a  pair of Bryston mono blocks from a local guy who purchased them used from a dealer several years ago.  I had problems with both of them during the summer.   Bryston didn't ask  any questions at all, (other than whats wrong with them) and gave me an RA# over the phone. I do have a copy of the dealers invoice, but Mike Pickett, the troubleshooter, didn't ask for that as stated on there webpage, Bryston is repairing them as we speak! 
Perhaps Innuos could've done that for him once he gives them the SN!