Jimmy Two-Times is Back!!!!!!!!!!!




I am going to hold my excitement for when he shows up the third time.







Something very weird on the Agon Site.

The day I posted Jimmy was back

there was a double posting again.

But when I went back to see it after

the post it was gone!! Or perhaps Gon.

I wanna double post without physically doing so.

What's the trick?

Is there a download/ap that I'm not privy to?

I do not own a smart phone and am getting screwed out of the weekly "Smart & Final" specials because of such, but my remedy for this is to stop shopping @ "Smart & Final".

I don't want to stop shopping here.

I also have not yet received a single "nasty" PM since my last/only request for them (others get them all the time from what I've read).

What's up with that?