Just a public call out

I want to thank two awesome sellers on this board who helped me buy a MA252 and a pair of SF Sonetto 8. The moderators with audiogon have been incredible as well. Posting it here as just a shout out.


Sometimes the system works. 👍
Great to hear and now time for you to enjoy.

All the best,

Nice job. I've looked at that unit long and hard. (Good thing you didn't listen to OCD Mikey, who would have told you that you were suckered into buying just pretty, not-real-audiophile stuff.)

Enjoy and glad it worked out. Sf Sonetto's are nice speakers and my son calls them Stilettos. He has the Sonetto V with a Simaudio 340i and love them.

Im excited for sure. These is going into an odd space. Small loft style apt with concrete ceilings, exposed ducts etc. Not in a position to test but I have have other MC SF combinations and this seemed like a safe bet for a low volume, good sound combo. Paring a Bluesound node streamer. Simple and easy i hope. Setting up Fri

And yes.. I'm living there. Just working through getting into a nee space. Nobody can actually move without music right? Chet Baker and Sonia Dada will get me through. 

Congrats on your new system telemarcer I've done many a transaction here over  the years with no problems glad it worked for you!

well I've heard OCD Mikey system and it doesn't sound that great, and his room is a mess.

Would be more helpful if you actually listed the vendors' names in your post (unless they were censored by the moderator).

This sounds like a great combination. I would be interested in a review in the future once you get familiar with the system. Happy listening!

160 W at 4 oh so im hoping its enough. Its definitely going to be better than the bose portable bluetooth speaker thats there now. :-)

i have never been asked to write a review before. Thats cool thanks. I will jot down some notes tonight when I listen to my current system and compare tomorrow night when this is set up with the same songs. Current set up is also a Mc integrated amp but solid state preamp. Getting my tube on tomorrow!!

From Alex here on Agon. Super responsive and perfect shipping. And believe me… if you need speakers talk to Will from Little Rock AR also on this site. My speakers were shipped on a pallet to protects them and he shipped the metal stands separately just to be sure nothing was scratched. Everything in original boxes with owners manuals etc. Both awesome sellers.

Thanks for posting this. Too often we hear more about problems and negativity; less about what went well. I joined agon in order to buy some speakers. The entire transaction start to finish was exemplary.  Stayed for the good info in these threads - occasional food fights not withstanding. 😎

So initial impressions are very positive. Tremendous detail and musicality even at lower volumes which is what i wanted. Also was much easier to find “the spot” than with my Venere 1.5. Not a surprise but a big positive i was hoping for. Really enjoying the effortless sound stage with live recordings. Can tell where everyone is on stage instantly and get a nice “ceiling hight” sense for indoor recordings but more experimenting will likely improve. I don't think the amp is underpowered for my needs but for higher volumes I could see it toping out for sure 


Been listening for several hours non stop and really notice the difference between my MAC6700 and the MA252. Tubes vs solid state preamp make a big difference. I might switch the amps as a test. Definitely have become accustomed to the precision of the solid state. Getting used to the warmer tube sound. 

I am sure you are sick of me by now but i have been playing with speaker positioning and its making a huge difference. The Sonettos are a very broad play and require only a degree or two of toe in. Improved precision tremendously! 

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Also major rookie mistake on my end. I did a manual bi wire and didnt take off the speaker jumpers until a smart bro n law threw that at out. A literal game changer



Really happy to hear your posts. When you get a set of speakers that really perform to your inner self, it is just amazing. I am on my third set of Sonus Faber. I started with Cremona. Then moved to Olympica, and now Amati Traditional. Each step has been breathtaking. Rest assured, if you want you can be very happy for a very long time, or if pulled… move up the product lines and be blown away if you choose to upgrade to the next level. 

I am mesmerized at each listening session… for which I now can spend three hours a day. I think I have decided to add a couple Sonus Faber Gravis sub woofers. Not because the sound needs it… but because I can’t believe the sound can possibly get any better… but my experience is… it does. And, they are sooooo beautiful.

@telemarcer Nobody gets sick of hearing of a happy camper. ;)

Enjoy nosing the drivers about, since the space is the place to accommodate now.

+1, J