klipshorn speakers

my son has a pair of klipshorn speakers. i don't know  the model name but they are pretty big. he's running a mcintosh mc7300 amp to power them.he's thinking of getting a mc602!! he likes to play his music loud! will he hear a difference with the mc602?? he found a mc602 on ebay for 7.2k! would it be worth the money to buy it???


Khorns are 104db@1meter sensitivity for 1 watt! They can play really loud with a 2 watt SET amp! How about a Yamamoto 45 SET connected to a First Watt F4, then to the Khorns? This will give 25wpc of pure Class A power - and sound way better than his Mc7300. No need to spend $7.2K! Finesse trumps brawn!

Why would you connect a tube amp to a SS amp? This needs some "splaining"...

I heard a big Mac solid state amp feeding high efficiency speakers and it was a terrible sounding combination.  At any reasonable listening level the sound was lifeless and unengaging.  With high efficiency speakers you don't need much power, you need something that delivers great sound at fractions of a watt output.  Look at low-powered tube amps, most of the best sounding amps I've heard have rated power output under 40 watts.  I don't think the tube Mac amp--275 is the answer either; I heard that in a high efficiency system and it was also pretty bad sounding (also lifeless).

I don't think you need 40 watts, but, the Synthesis A40 is a terrific sounding integrated amplifier (it includes a very good DAC) that would fit the bill.  

my son likes mcintosh! but will the sound be better with a mc602 is what i'm asking! 

No, it will not sound any better. The power advantage is meaningless as the MC7300 will easily drive the Khorns into utter distortion and burst both your son's ear drums. I think a Class A solid state amp would be the way to go. Anything more than 100 watts/ch  is a waste of money.

If your son is set on McIntosh I suggest he look for a properly refurbished MC225 (vintage tube power amp with approx. 25 watts/channel).

I've listened to it in 2 Khorn systems and it was a great match, though both systems used tube preamps as well.



@larryi  Has it 100% right. Mac makes great looking gear but other brands make great sounding music. 

Sir, I’m sad to say, you and his schools have done a lousy job of teaching your son how to think.

He ought to be able to figure out his existing 300wpc is far more power than those highly efficient speakers need, even in a very large space. And, he’s not smart enough YET to figure out he will spend MANY YEARS wishing he did NOT listen too LOUD!

He is probably damaging his hearing, as many of us regrettably did! ..........................

I agree, go TUBES. Want McIntosh, get a vintage McIntosh Tube Preamp and Tube Amp, I would chose the mx110z preamp tuner/preamp (like mine), and the slightly larger MC2275, 75wpc, more than needed, but in case he changes to less efficient speakers in the future.

Got a fetish for big blue meters, get over it.

best of luck,

While providing more headroom very little will be gained doubling the power.  The drivers have maxed out.  Even if they could move more air in the perfect situation a max of 3db is all that would be gained.

Using both amps and bi-amping would provide the ability to increase the bass for a perceived increase in volume.  

Instead of another amp an additional set of speakers would  provide the increased volume better simply more power

I presume the linestage portion of the 7300 would be used with the new amp, if that is the route your son would be going.  It is possible that the 602 is better than the power amplifier section of the 7300 such that there will be an improvement in sound.  But, I suspect that any such improvement will be extremely small.  The difference between ANY higher end solid state amps is quite small, and in this particular case, the difference in power is completely irrelevant because so little power will ever be used by that speaker.  If you want a substantial improvement in sound, look to getting a good tube amplifier.  If it must be a Mac, then consider the much older offerings of that company, such as the MC 225 mentioned above or an MC 240.  Neither looks as pretty as current Mac amps, but, they sound pretty good and will be appreciated by the hardcore Mac fans who know their favorite brand.

@larryi I have a synthesis A40 driving a pair of Klipsch fortes.  Great amp; great set up. I’ve heard the amp with klipschorns too at my local dealer. It also sounded amazing. 

We have contributed to each other's posts in the past, and this combination is one I know something about having owned several pairs of Klipsch speakers along with a variety of McIntosh tube and SS gear.

Comments regarding the less-than-desirable combination of solid state amplification with classic Klipsch speakers are essentially correct.  Presuming that your son has a pair of the (very) large Klipschhorn floor-standing speakers, they were designed back when 25 watts of amplifier power was substantial.  Accordingly and as stated by others, they are an extremely efficient configuration that can easily overwhelm many environments as well as much program nuance.

Solid state amps, even those in modest receivers of the late 60s, generally provide more power than that albeit with notable artifacts.  I'll leave it to others to argue about what those could mean in your son's world, but to me that means a blunt projection of sound rather than a faithful presentation of it.

An alternative power consideration for a Mc fan in this case might be the MC240 mentioned previously or the (perhaps more readily available) MC275.  Both will deliver enough SPL with Klipschorns to make your son's ears bleed, and will do so faithfully to the source material.  What your son's neighbors may think is another matter as both will be loud indeed.

Further, a tube pre-amp could also be called-for.  You didn't mention what your son has there, but the modern C2500 through C2700 have good DACs and will support just about any vinyl rig available, if that's his flavor.  Both amp and preamp are within the budget if he shops carefully and liquidates the MC7300.

Classic Klipsch designs like the Heresy, Cornwall, La Scala and Klipschorn were all magnificent concepts intended to be driven by tube power of 100 WPC or less.  Altec-Lansing and JBL started from a similar place.  Honoring that legacy would be appropriate.  Your son and others may disagree, but starting from a known reference is a great way to create happy listening in my experience.

My very best wishes to your son on his journey!

I drive my Heresy IIIs with a tube preamp into a recently acquired Pass XA-25...(my single ended tube power amp is on vacation). Note that when Klipsch designed a lot of this stuff the only choice was tube amps, so there's that...

Khorns and McIntosh--welcome to 1972!

My suggestion is you go to a REAL audio store and listen to your fav tunes on a somewhat more modern system and react accordingly.

And, there are still many who live in the 1970's and think these things are not only wonderful, but will pay you HUGE money for them.

I know; I drive a 1966 car, but have moved on a bit in my music listening habits.


my son likes mcintosh! but will the sound be better with a mc602 is what i’m asking!


I think a pair of McIntosh MC2301’s would sound better with Khorns.