Leave system on or power everything down?

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I know this is a frequent topic. But I'm looking for all of your expert advice on this. My HT system consists of:

Krell Foundation 4K - processor

Earthquake Cinenova Grande 5 channel power amp


4 SVS SB4000 subs

The wife and I only use our theater room Friday through Sunday. Monday through Thursday we just hang out in our living room. 

Since the HT system is off 4 days straight, I have recently started to turn all master power switches to off on the Krell, Earthquake, DENAFRIPS, and all 4 subs. The Earthquake only has the 1 power switch unlike other amps which have a "standby".

What do you think, should I leave everything on or in standby or better to power all off? And if standby is the consensus, what about the Earthquake amp? Leave that on or switch off?

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Just leave everything on.  Four days off isn’t that long and you’re not burning much electricity, and turning things on and off every week puts added stress on the equipment — if nothing else having the electronic components constantly cycling between warm and cool is not optimal.  Plus, everything’s already warmed up when you’re ready to listen.  FWIW.

Thanks @soix  appreciate the reply and that makes sense. And it’s never been about the energy cost, more about what’s best for the components. I know turning on and off does contribute to wear and tear but I wondered if leaving on or idle also contributed to wear and tear…appreciate you-thank you!

Send an email to the manufacturer and ask their opinion.  I run Hegel equipment with soft start circuitry.  Hegel recommends turning the eqipment off when not in use.  I've left it all powered on 24/7 for a week and it just heats the room up.  Since you know when you will be using the system,  just power it up a couple hours beforehand.   SS eqipment requires very little time to reach peak performance.  I know many believe always on is best, I'm just not in that camp.  But they may be right.   Do what makes you sleep easy at night.  Cheers. 

Thanks for the replies. I actually did reach out on the Grande and he said leave it on, but then changed and said turn it off when not in use “doesn’t really matter’. I can reach out to Krell and SVS as they’ve both always been very responsive. Same with DENAFRIPS. Was just hoping to get a consensus here rather than making 4 calls-LOL!


Always appreciate everyone’s help, time, and support!


Thank you!

Turn it OFF. Makes no difference to sound. Warm up 30 minutes before listening.

It is enviromentally irresponsible to leave it on................. meaning Period!

It's environmentally irresponsible to even own audio equipment. Sing to yourself.

I hold a traditional belief that electronic components are subject to wear and tear, potentially shortening their lifespan if left turned on continuously. However, frequent power cycling can also stress certain components like relays. My first integrated amp, Harmon Kardon avr25 ii, has served me well for 28 years and still performs admirably. However, the relay may need replacement in the future to eliminate the minor, yet annoying, pop noise it produces when initially powered on.

While I don’t believe this pop noise will harm anything, I’ve adopted a temporary solution to avoid it. I disconnect the negative terminals on both speakers and reconnect them after the amp is powered on.

I would recommend leaving the system on if you use it periodically throughout the day but consider turning it off when you’re done for the day.

I turn off all my equipment when I am not using it. I remember the phase, "I don't work for the electric company".


@kingbr Was just hoping to get a consensus here rather than making 4 calls.  Consensus?  This is Audiogon 🤣  Last thought.  We are talking about turning your equipment on/off once per day, not many times.  In that case, heat will do more dsmsge to you equipment over time when its lust left on.  IMHO  

Given some later responses I’ll share my experience with my McCormack amp I’ve owned for about 30 years.  Unless I was leaving for a week I left my amp on 24/7 and had no problems except one blown fuse over that time.  I recently had my amp upgraded at SMcAudio and they said I probably extended the life of my amp significantly by leaving it on — pretty sure Steve McCormack knows what he’s talking about.  I think they mentioned that the constant warming and cooling of electronic components is not desirable and can shorten their life over time and that it’s much better to leave them in a warm steady state.  They believe this so strongly that when they upgrade amps they basically disable the front power switch so that it’s just a dummy light to let others know the amp is on, and to turn the amp off you have to physically unplug it.  Thought my experience and the info from SMcAudio might be of interest, and hope this is helpful. 

@soix  Not to diminish or question your experience.  I'm sure Steve McCormack knows a lot.  But other manufacturers hold the exact opposite opinion and suggest turning equipment off when not in use.  Again, we are talking about on/off once per day and not repeated cycles every hour or two.  In the end, this question, like so many, falls into the "you are correct Sir" category.  That is to say, whatever opinion is given by an individual, the only appropriate response is "You are correct Sir"  😃

@bigtwin Not saying I’m right — just wanted to share the info so the OP can make his own decision.  That other manufacturers, who obviously know a helluva lot more than I do, advocate turning stuff off just shows there are likely pluses and minuses both ways.  The OP is looking for info so he can make a well-informed decision, and I think it’s great that he’s getting good info on both sides.  This is what this forum is all about IMHO.

If your amp is linear, turn it off when not in use. If it’s Class D it may take 2-3 days to sound it’s best.

The docs say the standby power of that amp is tiny so stand by mode seems correct.

Your subs are going to also be extremely low power when unused.

I decided to let always "on" my Sansui alpha 100 watts which serve only my headphone AKG K340... It stayed so for a year...

Recently I could not upgrade it successfully and replace it with an headphone amplifier...It seems the Sansui alpha is too good in this case to be upgraded even by one of the best tube amp on the market... 😁 It is called perfect synergy....

Now, happily, instead of listening every day to my Akg K340, i can listen to my speakers box which now reach with their 4 inches driver (modified by me) 50 hertz clear extension... Then i can enjoy my little box all day when reading and listening casually ... I reserved then sacred listenings for few hours on headphone but now only few days in a week not 7 day on seven...

I then switch "off" the Sansui alpha between listenings...Generally i turn it off once each day...

I am not an engineer at all... I only go first with soix experience and my own perhaps misinformed opinion that changing temperature and using the switch "on/off" too often is worst than a stable low almost cold and not very hot working all the time as it is the case with the Sansui ....

I think that the change in temperature and humidity is worst than the stable temperature, if this temperature do not increase a lot or is not too high when the amp stay "on" forever...But my amplifier is in a basement where the temperature and humidity are also very controlled ...

By the way my self powered speakers M-Audio become relatively hot after being "on" and become way more hotter than my Sansui alpha and have stayed "on" 12 hours on 24 for the last 12 years with no problem... Think about that.... 😊

i think that there is a threshold of temperature that implied some wear of the component , if this threshold is not reach, the changing of state do more damage that the stability of state...

Am i right ? I will trust atmasphere on this or any competent and experienced designer...


I turn off only equipment that gets hot to the touch, meaning currently my 500 watts amp, gustard dac which are known to run hot and the pretty warm schiitt loki max. All other 7 pieces are always on. I listen to my system almost daily and only turn it off at night when done listening for the day. 

You are all awesome! Thanks so much for taking the time to help!


it seems like almost a 50-50 split on this😂! You all make great points on both sides and it all makes sense…


@bigtwin thanks for the laugh, yeah maybe consensus wasn’t the right word😂!


It just feels weird leaving it all on for 4 days straight without even being in the room at all. And believe me it has NOTHING to do with green. Guess it’s more an automatic reflex to turn something off when you’re done?

The Earthquake only has the 1 power switch unlike other amps which have a "standby".

If you flip the front panel power switch to "OFF" position, it actually is in standby mode, you still can turn it on via 12V trigger. 

To completely power off the Earthquake, you need to turn off the rear panel power breaker.

Manufacturer provide a "ON / STANDBY" switch for a reason.

Mechanical components such as switches and relays require switching operations from time to time to keep their contacts clean, while electronic components such as chips, transistors, and electrolytic capacitors can extend their service life at lower operating temperatures.

Perhaps switching all devices to standby for four days and leaving them on over the weekend is the best compromise.



Turning things off and on doesn't hurt them one bit. I have amps and things that have lasted decades and been turned off and on thousands of times. Leave things on and a tiny cap fails and wham...too bad you weren't there.

I had a Krell FPB 600 amp. Sometimes I only listened to my system once every 2-3 weeks if I was very busy working etc. I never turned it off completely from the back breaker. It would always be in standby mode. Except if there was a bad thunder and lightning storm , then would breaker it off and unplug.  Now I have Audio Research Ref 750s mono blocks with 19 tubes in ea. I do turn them off when I’m completely finished listening for the day, even if I plan to listen the next day. Hope this helps. 

@imhififan  very interesting, I did not know that about the Earthquake. Thank you! I also have a Simaudio Titan 5 channel amp. I’d always wanted this from when they first came out back in like 2000, but I couldn’t afford one at that time. Had a chance to get one on EBay (obviously used) and jumped on it. That unit has the front panel power button along with the rear power switch. Always hit the front button when I was done but always left the rear panel switch on. 

Thanks to all again for taking the time to reply. Enjoying hearing everyone’s experiences, and yes it does help😊