Marantz SA10 sacd player

I love this  player , after 3 yrs and 2 months I purchase it. It doesn’t read single layer sacd. It’s out of waaranty.So United Radio marantz authorize won’t repair it. Is this a common issue on this expensive sacd player?


I had a Marantz 8006 that I purchased in 2017 and was running fine when I sold it in December of 2023.  An independent may be able to repair it, but I don't know why the repair center can't do it.

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This along with the outrageous price of SACD players will finish SACD.


If I am not mistaken, the transport in the SA-10 is designed in-house by Marantz. Not sure about parts availability as far as laser pickup goes in this case. Hope you’re not completely out of luck. If it reads hybrid SACD and redbook, just use it. Laser and transport mechanism issues are common and that’s irrespective of price, to @tvad ’s point. Definitely sucks that Marantz refused to repair it.

It works on hybrid as cd player ..It is still sounding good on cd. But I miss the sacd sound. My SACD  player 8005 it’s more than 10 yrs no problem.I OWN THE Ruby as well.I hope it will remain reliable reading sacd.I agree regardless of price it happens.

So just to confirm Marantz refused to fix it or refused to cover it under warranty?

audphile1 t’s out of warranty so I understand that it’s not covered. Because it’s out of warranty United Radio repair won’t accept it .They only repair under warranty.Iam willing to pay on my own but they said no.Marantz owner and prospective buyer should be aware of this.$7000 sacd player to stop reading in 3 yrs and 2 months its not worth it.It looks like Marantz don’t have good support after the warranty.Or they don’t have their own repair center.

That’s actually incredible - they basically left you hanging. Marantz is too big to care. That’s sad. 

Audphile1 , my impression they have good technical support after warranty before I bought the SA 10 and the Ruby. My mistake I should have researched before I purchased their product.Yes it’s sad to leave me hanging and their prospective buyers.Leason learn. Hopefully i can find repair shop that Iam comfortable with.I got an approximate estimate between $800 to 1000.Its way out of my budget.maybe the parts is now rare why it cost that much.

Just for kicks…can you power it down and reboot it?
Not standby but a power cycle. Try it and see if it still behaves the same way. 


... United Radio marantz authorize won’t repair it ...

Marantz lists quite a few authorized service centers, including the widely respected George Meyer. Have you tried any of them?

I am quite sure you could pick up a replacement traverse assembly (transport) via Encompass (if that is the problem).  You just need to locate a competent technician to help out.  Please let us know how this turns out and don't give up on that great CD player.

new laser assembly

I have purchased about a dozen items from aliexpress, always a great price and successful.

any repair shop or even computer shop can replace the assembly.

They come with a small lump of solder that prevents static damage. upon receipt, that lump of solder needs to be separated, not hard for a repair person. I did it.


Have you tried one of these?

cd lens cleaner

simple cleaning has solved my friend’s as well as mine a few times


My experience: I took a few apart, including trying to adjust a low cost Marantz.

the lasers get old/weak. perhaps the cd layer works, but the sacd layer needs a spec more power.

the first to go is your problem, unable to read SACD.

A fine height adjustment is needed to position the laser so it’s beam focuses/finds the sacd and cd layers.

Adjusting for CD layer is easy, the very fine adjustment to read the SACD layer is hard.

They ship them all over the world, and they stay aligned.


Cleeds I did call some of them they redirected me to United Radio. They only repair within warranty. Corelli I agree I will do my best to find a place to repair it.

Finally I was able to talk to Alex from Marantz technical support, More likely they will have parts for SA 10.He ask me to send my receipt and they will look into it.I will hear from them in 48 hrs.Alex is super patience and helpful. They might give me a break , since SA10 is their flagship sacd player.


Nice score! on the SA-10 player. Keep me posted on your repair process.

As above, the Traverse Assembly (transport) is available from Encompass and Liberty Electronics. 


Happy Listening!

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Grant my guess is laser but a well known technician think is the mechanism.But who knows.

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He  has 30 yrs experience working on a reputable repair shop very nice guy. To your question it’s only base on what I told Him. I agree Tvad always better to open and examine by the technician.


There are a few other repair Operations for Marantz gear.


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Jafant do you know one? Some of their repair center redirecting me to United Radio in New York. My SA10 is out of warranty they only do in warranty.

Agoners how about using DBob by GeerBob ? Just to read SAcd layer? Will this work?I think SA10 has HDMI to connect it.

I hate to send this machine to a repair shop. I might just be happy playing cd.Even on non sacd it sound amazing with me turning the headphone volume off, dither off ,and using filter 2, and input multi. The sound is more open and more air,tonal balance still the same.

@jayctoy I have posted a lot about how good the D.Bob is. I have used it with the Benchmark DAC3B and the Schitt Yggi+ LIM DACs via the HDMI output from a $200 used Oppo. I got this unit after my amazing modded Sony SCD-1 died after 20+ years.

The D.Bob was better in some ways, but the Sony was a classic and better in others.  I have no intention of getting another SACD player because the D.Bob sounds great on DSD and PCM.



Yes, I will send you a few Repair shop locations in a few days.

Stay tuned.


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 I second the earlier recommendation of George Meyer. I picked up a used PM-KI Pearl from him and it was, and remains, flawless and exactly as advertised.

This is a bit of a strange thread in some ways. The Marantz SA-10 is a current production model and will definitely be serviced by an Authorized Marantz Service Center. The OP does seem to indicate that the only Marantz Service Center he has contacted seems to only do warranty repairs, which does not seem right, but could be so. If the player is out of warranty, then of course the owner will pay for repairs!!

But this player needs to go to a proper Marantz Service Center to be examined for the described issue. It is a quick 2 minute procedure to determine the laser output level, and if there is a deficiency with that. Of course it could be something else, though not likely.

The traverse assembly (laser assembly) is an in-stock part at Encompass, the Marantz parts house, and only costs $50. But by the time the technician replaces the part and certifies the player to be repaired, the total cost is a fair bit more as repairs take time and time costs money. But the repair should not be overly expensive.


Sharri I agree. According to marantz there is nothing they could do to force the authorize service center, The SA 10 is very expensive it need a good repair shop, who are familiar with SA10. It’s only 3yrs and 2 months old,

My advise don’t buy their product this expensive they don’t have good service after warranty.

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@jayctoy fix it then sell it. You can do a lot better. You can get a PS Audio DSD DAC and transport, connected via I2S and have a kick ass SACD front end. You can even stream if the DAC is fitted with a network bridge.

Hello Again,

Below is a link to the Authorized Marantz Service Centers as currently listed by Marantz.

Find a Service Center | Marantz

You have indicated that United Radio did not want to do your repair. Have you contacted the other 3 service centers in your general area? I find it difficult to believe that an authorized manufacturer repair center would refuse to repair a manufacturer's product, as that is the whole point of being a manufacturer service repair center.

However, if you have your SA-10 serviced at another repair shop, you might be wise to furnish the shop with the Service Manual for the SA-10. The Service Manual has complete diagnosis and repair instructions for the traverse assembly of the SA-10. 

Send me a personal message if you need or would like a copy of the Service Manual.

The Masimo sale has really changed the Marantz operations, especially in service, which was never known to be great in the past. Though to be fair, it tended to vary more by each repair shop than anything else.


Sharri most of the service listed I called they reroute me to United Radio who will not repair out of warranty.Hopefully Deltronics or Stereo Rehab will be able to fix it. I will try to inquire when Iam no longer busy.Thank you.

The standard Marantz US warranty is 3 years from date of purchase for original owner. So you are totally out of warranty and will pay for all repair costs. It does not matter where you take your player. Any repair shop that repairs cd players should be able to diagnose and repair your player. Failure to read sacd layer is usually a laser output issue. This takes about 1 minute to check, if the technician knows Marantz procedures. As mentioned earlier, the laser traverse unit for the SA-10 is currently in stock and available from the Marantz parts supplier, Encompass Parts. The cost is $51. Shop time should not be more than the standard charge plus one hour labor time. Replacing the laser in these players is a simple procedure for a knowledgeable technician.

From you above post it seems that you live in the Chicago area. You should have no trouble finding a repair shop. If the shop needs a Service Manual for your player, I might be able to help out. It does not seem to be currently available from online suppliers, but that could change at any time as they have been available quite recently.

All the best.....


2nd Note;

If you are close to Chicago-land area, Decibel Audio or Saturday Stereo Exchange may be of service as well. Let m know if Deltronics or Stereo Rehab helps.


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Elliottbnewcombjr maybe I will buy 3 or 4 laser assembly for my Sa10 and RUBY FOR FUTURE USED JUST IN CASE.thanks for the link

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Elliottbnewcombjr maybe I will buy 3 or 4 laser assembly for my Sa10 and RUBY FOR FUTURE USED JUST IN CASE.thanks for the link

In my opinion that would not be the wisest of moves. Explore other options.
I would rather rip all SACDs onto a good SSD, sell the SA-10 and buy a great streamer and DAC. It’s not very hard to beat the SA-10 sonically. 

@audphile1 ​It’s not very hard to beat the SA-10 sonically. 

I'm assuming​​​​​​ you have compared other options to the SA-10? Please elaborate.